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Hello Everyone!

I am writing in to make everyone aware of a Company that doesn’t pay his employees.

I have come across 3 people(young men’s) between the ages of 18-21 that have fall victim of a work scam basically. These 3 people unfortunately did not know each other’s to prevent one another of employment fraud. The company named Cabriolet Custom Drywall that is owned and operated by Christopher, is posting many jobs ads on Facebook and Kijiji and hiring mens with the promise of paying them so much an hour. Once the job is completed, he then fired who he has hired to help him with the job, stating they are not good workers and that he’s not paying them any money whatsoever. Just last week, his current victim, had put 9 long days in with Christopher, doing drywalling on a huge house and a garage. He first claimed he was going to pay $18/hour because of lack of experience. A week later, Christopher told this young man that he was dropping him down to $14/hour which the young man said he didn’t agree with.. The last few days, Christopher was begging him to help find a worker with a drivers license so he has someone to drive them around for other job sites. Christopher right now has a suspended license do to drunk driving. He was caught drunk driving 8 times and this is known because 2 of the young men’s were in Christopher’s truck, heading to Ft Mac, when the police started chasing Christopher, which he tried to get one of the guys to get in the driver’s side but it failed due to no license they had, so Christopher jumps out and starts running. Should of been a huge RED FLAG but one of the young men gave him a chance and worked on a job with him. Now, this young man is out of a job and out of pay as Christopher told him, he wasn’t paying him anything and for his Mommy and Daddy to suck it up and pay him the money. He even went as far as sending a silly YouTube video saying he’s fired.
As of right now, the young mens are going to see what the Labour Board can do as there’s evidence of all claims. We are all hoping we can find other victims of Christopher from working with him to come forward. I believe this man (30 yrs old), should be held accountable for his actions. It isn’t right or fair to use young men’s to get a job done that he was hired to do and not pay them.

I uploaded a picture of his FB page (company)

Right now he has ads on kijiji requesting workers with a license and vehicle as his Dad can no longer drive him around since he just left for vacation for 3 months so he has ways to get to work. So not only will these new workers of him lose pay but also waste their own money on gas and time.


PLEASE DO NOT FALL VICTIM of this company/Man

Please share this everywhere so the ones who see his job ads, don’t fall for the scam

Yes you work but you won’t get paid!!!

Again anyone who has fall victim of this, please comment as we are trying to get as many possible victims involved and go to the Labour Board.

Maybe even shut him down or at least have him lose money not being able to find workers or drives instead of the other way around.

Thank you for your time and have a great day



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  1. I read this the other day terrible situation. I also hit the laugh emoji instead of wow honest mistake but Josh Kuzi had to message me and was a asshole may be next time your response should be something different than telling me to go fuck myself , people do make simple mistakes sometimes. Have a peaceful day Josh relax not everyone is out to get you……


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