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Beware of the crazy Karen in St.Albert

I live in St.Albert and I just have to warn people about a completely crazy woman in the community. Her name is REMOVED, asked the neighbours about her. I followed her one day to Braeside after she road raged on me and made the movement to side swipe me. I waved and held back and watch her push through traffic, honking at people, riding their asses.

From what people in the neighbourhood have told me, this women has a real habit at screaming at people, freaking out at people, raging on people, even trespassing onto people’s properties and screaming at them. She is a full blown Karen! She and her husband REMOVED also belong to some weird church group that meets in church basement at wierd hours like 8pm.

Watch out for REMOVED in St.Albert driving a silver SUV, I think a land rover. This thing is CRAAAAAAAZY! And reminds why I need to move out of St.Albert, far too much crazy in St.Albert!

(Admin’s Addition: OP, no names please. To everyone else reading this, Karen isn’t her real name.)



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  1. Олег says:

    It did not immediately occur to me that there might be specific help given our situation. From Winnipeg, there had to a way to handle my elderly mother’s move within an Edmonton care home. Karen and her team were absolutely fantastic and handled literally everything while keeping mom very happy. We did not know at that time Karen would help us again in the near future.

  2. OP says:

    Natalie and Dan

    • FindABetterContractor. says:

      Natalie and Dan Visscher. Stereotypical rednecks living their fat, white and entitled dream in lowlife St.Albert. I worked with fat, dumb Dan at DeFord. His wife is also a piece of work.

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