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Does anyone know of a good Bible Study group preferably in South Edmonton?

I’m interested in studying the full Bible, not just focusing in on the book of Revelation or the New Testament as many Evangelical Christians seem to focus on. I am interested in the anthropology and archaeology of the Bible.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!



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  1. If you’re home Saturday morning, I think they will come to you….

  2. Matthew William Hillyard

  3. Sherwood Park Heartland Alliance Church is doing an Alpha Course which is essentially a back to basics bible study. Its an excellent introduction as to who Jesus is and the bible. A meal is included and its a group teaching so you learn along with other folks on the same journey. The church is about 20 minutes from the city of Edmonton.

  4. Just don’t go with Jehovah’s Witnesses. Watch W5 on the 17th to find out why.

  5. Ned Sanchez Ned Sanchez says:

    Most Bible Study Groups will be ignoring any anthro/archaeological perspectives because, you know, it wrecks the scam. You sound like you want a course in the history of Judeo-Christianity, which many secular institutions teach.

  6. I suggest that deep study of the bible is often attributed to lack of faith. Keep it closed if you want to be a Christian.

  7. Rain says:

    We have a bible study every week. Kindly text 780-809-5942 if you need a ride, just let me know. We have dinner too after fellowship.


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