Birthday Cake

I’m looking for somebody to make a cake for my son birthday in February. For about 50 people. Please let me know any recommendations as well a price, I have provided a picture of the cake. Thank you


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  1. Cakes by Colleen best I’ve eaten

  2. Judy Shaw Judy Shaw says:

    Costco makes really good cakes if you’re not looking to spend a lot

  3. Twylla Beer Twylla Beer says:

    Tami Hemminger can you help this person?

  4. Thanks ladies!!! My page is Italia’s Delightful Creations. I’d love to quote you on this cake, pm me and we can chat!

  5. Kailah Judith Frances Larocque she makes the best cakes ever

  6. Cheryl Ogilvie is your lady. She did an amazing Secret of Life Pets cake for my kid a couple of years ago. Very creative.

  7. We would love to be considered Triple L cakes

  8. Italias delightful creations is a friend that does amazing work check her page out on Facebook. She can do almost anything … Italia Miranda

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