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Black face scandal

When I was high school (class of 2000) I went as Oprah Winfrey for Halloween . I wore thick frame glasses and a short black wig. And I darkened my face and hands with black and brown makeup.

I won the most creative costume award. No one accused me of being racist. Because I’m not!

But Trudeau dressing up as Aladdin and darkening his skin is? It’s a costume. Not degrading or making fun of. Lighten up.



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  1. I had a friend in high school go as jimmy hemdrix we thought is was an awesome idea and we definitely weren’t racist and most certainly never even thought about it like that

  2. Idk… How to make you understand… That a lack of consequence isn’t the same thing as a lack of racism

  3. Andrew Gregg Andrew Gregg says:

    Then explain the video of Trudeau riding around in a convertible, in black face, street clothes, dancing and hamming it up for the camera……

  4. I’m not sticking up for blackface because I don’t wanna open that can of worms but I will make this personal observational point: I’d say 90% of the time I see someone doing a race altering costume, it’s usually as an homage or as a way to honor someone with that perceived authenticity. Very rarely do I actually associate the act as being one of racist hatred or mockery. I mean… the movie White Chicks is more blatantly offensive than some of the race altering costumes I’ve seen on Halloween. I mean is a little white girl dressing as Pocahontas really that bad??

  5. I think it’s more about the hypocrisy for most
    I honestly dont care he did that I dont see how make up in that fashion is offensive cause it’s not done to hurt anyone. But if yours gonna dig up decade plus old dirt on your opponents, be ready to have that done. And if your gonna call out people on their history, make sure yours is clean……that’s all…

    I don’t think hes a racist. I think hes an entitled moron being led by higher powers and should not be our PM.

  6. I am a black person and I think this whole debate about costumes is ridiculous. I do not feel offended or marginalized by someone trying to be an authentic character/costume. I understand that historically it may have been used to degrade black people but I think if someone wants to dress up as a well known person of colour, it shouldn’t be taken personally. Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

  7. Alexis Musik Alexis Musik says:

    Black people are offended, times have change. I guess you’ll have to think of something else to dress up as.

  8. Charity Reid Charity Reid says:


  9. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    Back then people weren’t such babies and wimps.

  10. Jason Ellard Jason Ellard says:

    It wouldn’t, or shouldn’t, be such a big deal if he wasn’t holding other people to a standard that he himself cannot meet. He deserves everything he gets.

  11. the moment you have to darken your skin tone to be another skin tone without really having to live with day to day experiences of having that skin tone is the day you show privilege mentality. Thinking you have a right over the person who lives with the reality is foundation of racism.

  12. Joanne Marie Joanne Marie says:

    Just because nobody wanted to start a fight with you about your idiotic costume, doesnt mean they aren’t laughing at your dumb ass

  13. Soooo…just wondering…when former Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson (of Asian descent) was active in office under Harper’s run, and it was exposed that she had spent $900,000 of taxpayers’ money for an authentic Oriental Rug for under her feet and desk in her parliamentary office, was that her culturally appropriating…her office…with her own culture and culturally appropriating the money from our wallets at the same time? Oh the fucking travesty…is that no conservative ever remembers that one. They’d like to just…brush it under a $900,000 racist rug apparently!

  14. Irene Bakker Irene Bakker says:

    Agreed it’s not racist

  15. first, it was a black tie gala…..not a freakin’ costume party.
    second, not a single person at that gala wanted to address the issue simply because of his poncy name.
    third, as a person who was supposedly “woke” hiding behind an level of ignorance is the height of ignorant behavior.
    As for the fact that he is being raked over the coals…..he has told all and sundry from here to hell and back that “Canadians are racist”….
    Lets see a show of hands on how many here other than the OP have done any sort of black makeup……….
    I’ll start with both my hands down……

  16. Nicola Robak Nicola Robak says:

    he is an arrogant ass his whole cabinet has been calling Canadians that don’t agree with their screwed up policies Neanderthals nazis white supremacists that on top of this being the most corrupt pm and party EVER the fact he purposely shut down pipelines the fact he opened Canada’s borders and has overwhelmed every social system in the country I could go on this ass is a traitor and should be charged with treason if a PPC or conservative member had done this people like you would be up in arms

  17. Research blackface and come back when you have something intelligent to say.

  18. Today’s youth are bum hurt little bit—‘s

  19. Only racist white people don’t understand why black/brown face isn’t okay

  20. What I don’t understand is
    Outta everything he promised and claimed he’s gonna do before getting elected the last time……..we are concerned with something from 20 years ago….
    I’m more concerned with what he’s done in power then what he did growing up -.-
    PS to all those mentally dented humans this is not me saying it’s not racist
    This is my saying

  21. If you have actually been following the news, people including myself, people aren’t convinced he is as much as a racist, but more a hypocrite. And we are absolutely SICK TO DEATH of Trudeau’s hypocrisy. What is good for the goose is NEVER good enough for the gander. He is a liar, a cheat, borderline criminal (Man do I wish he’d end up in jail over the SNC Lavalin thing), and the largest embarrassment to this country. Had the Conservatives done this, he would have demanded their heads on a platter. He is not in a position to govern any longer. I really hope he is kicked out by a majority gov’t.

  22. If you honestly believe you did nothing wrong by darkening your skin there is something wrong with you.

  23. Obviously you still don’t understand the impact of black face. Atleast Trudeau accepted it and understands now why it isn’t appropriate

  24. Only people who are offended are white people

  25. Hes still an idiot and needs to disappear

  26. I believe when he did it , 3 times it wasn’t for Halloween . Also did you go as thin or thicker Oprah? Cause that can open up a different can of beans !

  27. Amanda Kamps Amanda Kamps says:

    There’s ignorance in privilege. Being white you don’t know the things minorities face on a day to day basis solely because their skin produces more melanin than yours.
    The problem with black face is that you’re making a costume out of something that’s genuinely caused people hardships.
    There’s a picture going around of some little white boys dressed up as ‘Cowboys and Indians’. Headdresses, bows and arrows, face paint. Then on the other half of that picture is native kids sitting in a residential school. So they aren’t allowed to have culture and have faced a lot for it, but some white boys can dress up in their traditional stuff.
    I know people that have foreign sounding names and they’ve changed their names or put a whiter name on resumes because they won’t get job interviews with a black or brown sounding name.
    You don’t get to use someone’s culture as a costume then think differently of them because of it.
    And you don’t get to decide what is and isn’t racist or hurtful. As a white person you’ve had the privilege of not experiencing that. And with that comes ignorance.
    I’ve assumed you’ve changed since then and wouldn’t go as a black Oprah again. That’s fine. Didn’t mean you were a racist back then. Just means you were ignorant because of your privilege. People can make mistakes. People can change. If someone were to continue dressing in black face for funsies in this day and age it would absolutely be racist. But you don’t get to decide what has or hasn’t been hurtful for someone.

  28. Lisa Watkins Lisa Watkins says:

    Why the hell are we still talking about this? Out off all the other shit he did…this is what is blowing up news feeds…seriously. He did it, we know this. He lied about how many other times. We know this. He has no respect for ethics or the law. We know this. He hates the west and favors the east. We know this. He lies on the daily. We know this. Stop giving him the fucking attention and just vote. Geesh.

  29. Cody Ryan Cody Ryan says:

    Blackface has been universally condemned by everyone. Has been for quite some time. If you understand that or not really doesn’t matter. If you understood that at the time or not really does not matter. You should reflect on your actions and see how they affect others and then be held accountable for those actions and move forward. That’s it. Regardless of which side of the political landscape you reside on, everyone should be treated equally. If it’s scheer and his views of the LGBTQ community or Trudeau and this Blackface scandal, accountability matters.

  30. You know Aladdin was white right

  31. Rules for Radicals #4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

    The left wants to smear everyone who they disagree with by calling literally everything racist? then they can live up to those same rules when the perpetrator is one of their own.

  32. Blackface is universally racist. Not being called on it doesn’t make it non-racist, and Trudeau is an idiot for doing it in the first place (he had to have known it was offensive and would hurt his political career).

  33. Ashley Cragg Ashley Cragg says:

    I agree. I know it’s politically incorrect but I feel like it’s only racist if done to mock or make a joke out of a race or culture or like in Hollywood where white people were painted as other races to avoid hiring minorities for movies. Not to dress up as a character. Someone dressing as Oprah is awesome and I would think a sign of respect to her. 10 years ago I bet Oprah herself would have loved that. Kids dressing up as Pochahantas or jasmine. Or even wearing jewelry or clothing from another culture because it’s beautiful I think should be a sign of respect and love for their culture. Not appropriation. But I guess we live in different times. Where does the line get drawn? Can kids of color not dress like their favourite white characters for Halloween? If I buy an aboriginal bracelet from an aboriginal artist or get henna at a festival is it appropriation or supporting and artist? The line gets more and more blurry every day.

  34. Blackface is wrong. People know that now.

  35. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    Way to miss the point. It’s not that he did blackface, it’s the hypocrisy.

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