Black Friday? Cyber Monday? What about Small Business Saturday!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday. All the money going to a mega rich CEO. I bet the richest family in America, the Walton family, just got significantly richer this “Black Friday” and will get even more millions handed to them on Cyber Monday.

What about Shop Small Business Saturday? What about helping your neighbor with his/her struggling small business where profits actually stay local.

When did society become so greedy/selfish that everything became about deals? Money is a tool. Nothing more. A tool to get other things. People are worshiping money and things as though they were Gods. People are forgetting about other people.

No, I don’t own a small business, I am just tired of seeing people complain about the 1% then willingly hand them more wealth.

Support your local economy! NOT THE RICH 1%!



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  1. Yup agreed. Quantity over quality for most people these days. I try to support local as often as possible and would be glad to pay more for high quality. Everything is made to break today.

  2. Naji Crant Naji Crant says:

    MLM/Pyramid Scheme is not a small business

    • Cody Ryan Cody Ryan says:

      I think we need to shout this from the roof tops. I always get annoyed when someone slinging MLM crap puts statuses about the plight of a small business owner.

    • I always get conflicted about this because I know people who’s primary incomes are through MLM (Scentsy and Younique specifically), and my sister in law used to have most of her income through being a Jamberry rep. So, like, I get why people have that feeling (edit: “the plight of the small business owner”)? But also managing a non MLM indie business now it does grate on me tbh

  3. Hurry before boxing month starts

  4. I am low income and I try to avoid Walmart and other big box stores. It can be done

  5. Jaime Sharon Jaime Sharon says:

    $ is why. I can afford big box stores more. When i can…i do support small.

  6. For various reasons (ex. transportation, time required for transportation, etc) it honestly isn’t always possible. That said I do appreciate that individuals work hard to make ethical purchases whenever they can.

  7. Cody Ryan Cody Ryan says:

    If small businesses set up in the right locations, with competitive pricing and proper online distribution deals they can do just fine. Being a poor business person isn’t an excuse to blame big business. You wanna play the game you gotta stay on top of the market.

  8. Tricia Lyn Tricia Lyn says:

    How is wanting the deals considered greedy or selfish? I don’t make a lot of money so when there are sales on Black Friday, Boxing Day, etc… I take advantage of that but I also shop at local businesses if they have what I want, at the price I can afford. If not, big box stores it is. MLM is not considered a small business. I find certain small businesses are quite expensive, especially the ones downtown.

  9. I totally agree with supporting the local economy – I do and have for years. I also recommend those businesses with which I’ve had a great experience to others.

    I support those businessess that offer great services and product.and stand behind what they offer.

    I’ll try out a new business. But if they don’t offer what I’m looking for in terms of service, quality and value, I simply won’t be back. Money/price is not always my first consideration.

    A case in point; a local eatery we’ve been going to for YEARS recently changed hands. We tried it out, under their new management The food was shitty/substandard and the service was terrible. Theres plenty of other eateries, we won’t be going back. The power of the consumer.

    Businesses will only succeed in this economy when they are able to validate that the value of their product exceeds the value of money.

    When the value of a purchase (or decision) makes more sense than the value of the money the action to purchase will be made.

    Its not ‘just’ money. You’ve totally neglected to mention the other side of this equation. Ìt took someone alot of time and effort to earn that money. People expect value for the money they worked so hard to earn. Value might not even mean lower prices. It could mean a fabulous product or outstanding service.

    The businesses that maintain the attitude and arrogance that they’re doing the consumer a ‘favour’ by simply existing don’t last long. They will have one time customers but no return customers.

    I am a consumer but also a business owner. As I business, I know the value of integrity and of treating my clients well. To run a successful business, you have to know your clients/customers and what they expect from you. If a business can not offer that, people go elsewhere.

  10. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    That’s just the market, if you can’t stay competitive then people won’t spend their money there. It sucks but it’s reality. That being said there are local non-chain restaurants people like to eat at because they enjoy it more than the big players. Those are doing just fine. But for things like electronics and groceries people need a reason to buy from you instead of Bestbuy, Superstore, etc. From what I’ve seen the small businesses that succeed usually offer unique products/services that the larger ones do not – then people will pay. e.g. Most mechanics are too lazy to work on the weekends, so I happily take my car to a “small business” shop that does work for me on weekends. They swap tires for me for $80 too instead of 175-200. But looking for say a certain radar detector the local stores want too much for it and I may as well just get it online.

  11. Big corporations didn’t start that way.

  12. Betty Jean Betty Jean says:

    Of course people want deals. Why would they support local when local charges more then the deals they can get elsewhere. I no longer to to Craft shows and markets because they are outrageous want to see greedy go there during Dec. Many people lost their jobs..many are struggling..why would they and everyone else turn down a deal. That is not selfish or greedy..that is wise shopping.

  13. I always try to support local but if I see a deal in something I need, I’ll take it.
    In all honesty, I hate crowds so I don’t tend to shop !!

  14. The Walton family is a very nice family and allice Walton is one of the nicest people out there ya she has billions but I’m sure every small company wants to be the next Wal-Mart so what if these small businesses got big you not gonna support them anymore don’t bash a family you don’t know

  15. not sure if commenters are or have ever been a crafter or indie market vendor or small business owner. Yes, stuff is more expensive. Bur for the most part it is unique, and a lot of creative energy and hard work go into those items. Supplies are not cheap for independent vendors, but they do it for the love of the craft/art as well as to make a little extra cash, or even as a livelihood. Small business works the same way. I get that $$ don’t stretch as far as they used to, but don’t bash the “little guy” because their stuff is more expensive. Sometimes it’s not about the deal. I think that is the point the OP is making. And when you support small business as well, the economy grows. People working at big box stores aren’t losing their jobs because of small business, the jobs are going to self – serve cashiers that supposedly cost less (until they have to start maintaining the electronics, etc, then they cost more than they are worth). Spend a little time a a small business, even a small purchase helps. No one is saying NEVER shop at a bigger store or online, that’s going too far, but to say NEVER shop at a small business because they charge more is just as silly.


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