Blood Donors!!!

I recently had surgery and almost died. I needed several blood transfusions to keep me alive.

I want to thank anyone and everyone who has donated blood. Your contributions saved my life. I’m a wife and a mother.

I also want to encourage people to go donate blood. It’s a very easy, yet important thing to do.

I was going in for a minor surgery and it turned into a disaster. You just never know what is gonna happen. Never in a million years did I think I’d have to fight for my life. But I’m so very thankful to the folks who donated blood to help me fight for my life. I know once I’m healed and have the OK from the doctors I’ll be donating blood on a regular basis.

And I have to give a shout out to the doctors and especially the nurses at the RAH. Absolutely an amazing bunch of folks. I



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  1. Great news. I Would love to be able to donate, but living in Grande Prairie proves to be disappointing as they do Not collect blood donations. Truly disheartening, for some of us who are universal doners who want to contribute and help yet they chose Not to accommodate.

  2. Blood is the best gift anyone can give. My brother had an operation 9 years ago and ended up needing almost 100 units of blood over 7 weeks. Sadly it didn’t turn out as well as your story and he passed away but from then on I decided to donate every chance I could. It’s sad that women can’t donate as often as men anymore but every donation helps.
    So glad your story had a happy ending and that you made the decision to donate.

  3. Isn’t there a mobile Blood donor clinic that goes to rural areas ?

  4. Warren G says:

    Yo, if anyone needs my blood, I can meet you at the Jasper Place bus terminal any time between 9 and 11 pm tonight.

  5. Vanna Brule Vanna Brule says:

    Yes! A blood transfusion (plus amazing doctors and nurses) saved my life a little over a year ago.

    If not for those people I would likely not be here right now. I was an advocate of blood donation before but now it’s super personal.

    Please donate of you can!

  6. Lisa Fedirko Lisa Fedirko says:

    Stacey knows how much I thank people who can donate blood.
    My husband has had heart surgery three times,
    My oldest has had heart surgery once at three years old, and my youngest has had heart surgery once at 5 months old.
    To have heart surgery they need to use a heart-lung machine. They use donor blood to run it.
    Thank you to everyone who’s ever donated (or wanted to, or wants to)
    You’ve saved the lives of three people I love, more than once.


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