Boardwalk is Ridiculous

I’ve been renting a boardwalk suit in St.Albert and it has been a complete nightmare. After 6 months we realized we have bed bugs, probly for a couple moths now cause I have bites all over my body that I thought were mosquito bites.

I called them to tell them and I’m currently on week 5 of waiting for any treatment. The first 10 days after I called them I was sleeping on the floor on a coushion placed on top of garbage bags to detour the bugs. I then bought two cots for my partner and I costing a couple hundred dollars. About three weeks later that coushion and the cots have bed bugs now.

We have been storing our cloths in garbage bags this whole time as an effort to not spread them and are constantly washing and drying everything several times a week, costing $4 per load. We are moving out and are paying to get all our stuff heat treated which is over $400. We bought a brand new bed when we moved in here and we’re not told about the bugs. At about week 4 after reporting the bugs, someone came to set up a monitoring system in which they put in the living room and office , not in our bedroom where there was a stripped bed and about 10 garbage bags filled with clothes. I don’t know how they didn’t realize that that is where the infestation is.

At this point I called customer service and told them everything and they basically said “are you done now, have a nice day”. So five weeks later I get a letter saying they will be here in a week from now making it 6.5 weeks since I reported the bugs to getting treatment.

By the time the treatment plan would be done it will be 2.5 months since reported. Also when I called customer service she told me that the reason the didn’t treat the whole area (my neighbours got treated the same day I got the monitors) is because it’s cheaper just to treat one suit then a whole floor. That to me sounds extremely shady and bad moral practices. The doors to this building are never locked or shut properly. There is also a ton of red ants everywhere and have been here since the day we moved in.

We have reported them and nothing has ever been done. Not to mention the bunch of small worms crawling out of my plant that I have had for years at two different places and have never seen this phenomenon before. Our fridge broke and we got it fixed fairly quickly but then went on to having two more “notice to enter” letters after it had already been repaired. That was in the same time frame as this bed bug reporting.

Me and my partner both work physically demanding jobs and it’s exhausting to not have had a good nights sleep in 5 weeks. We’ve stayed in a hotel two separate nights out of desperation . I strongly advise anyone to never rent with Boardwalk in St.Albert, I have only lost money,time and my sanity here.



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  1. Nadine Kostek says:

    Give Mike a call. He can help you to get out of your lease and get an abatement of rent for you. (Money back).

    Tenant Defence Services Inc. 780-298-8237

  2. Boardwalk is the shits. Period

  3. My experience with them has been awful. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

  4. Rob Elger Rob Elger says:

    Boardwalk, if you see that sign, stay away.

  5. Ruth Beter Ruth Beter says:

    Boardwalk sounds like a horrible place, advice noted, will tell all my friends

  6. Ina MacLeod Ina MacLeod says:

    Take them to RTDS NOW.

  7. When you let them know you have talked to the health board and lawyers they jump

  8. Worst rental company, sorry your going through this

  9. Ange Freer Ange Freer says:

    All the more reason to AVOID huge rental agencies, and go privately owned if you cannot afford to buy!

    • Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

      I know someone who moved to a privately owned house and less than three months later they found the house had a massive bed bug infestation, after many treatments, throwing out most of their furniture, it was the heat treatment that finally got them. So really, shoddy landlords are out there.

  10. Leona Aquin Leona Aquin says:

    I am a Manager in a apartment building, we had bedbugs in here a couple suites, i phoned a pest control to get rid of them like really they tried NOT. We took action by buying the spray and chalking ourselves. (from Amre supplies) We did the treatments the right way and yes we are clear, don’t have any for now. We now do a check every 3 months to make sure we don’t so far good. With the treatments we also ask the tenant’s to put baby powder under their bed legs, google it it really works. See i house the program ppl from the streets and yes it’s just not them bringing them in, you can get them off the buses, shopping, rubbing against someone. And i really hate these slumlords it makes the rest of us bad. I do my job with the bugs and any Maintenance that needs to be done…My boss is the best she gets on it and says do what you need to do. And yes boardwalk wow i have tenant’s in here from there and they said never again. good luck

  11. Collect a bunch of the live bugs and go “visit” the boardwalk offices. Let them see what it’s like

  12. Call the health inspector. That’s what I did in Spruce Grove when I discovered bed bugs. He came and looked around…too some samples. And within a week he had contacted bwalk and had them come and do treatment. After two treatments they were gone. It’s sad so many people have problems with bwalk and I have been renting at various properties for the last 8 years with no.serious issues.

  13. I live in a boardwalk apartment right now and thought I found a roach the other day and am absolutely livid with the way it was handled. Customer service told me one thing that the people downstairs in the office said was wrong. Then, I’m super concerned because we can’t find any more in our suite and we are on the 11th floor so the building must have a problem somewhere else but they’re apparently just going to spray our apartment right off the bat and be done with it (I was told we get an inspection and then decide between one of the two treatments. Apparently they pick what they’re doing before they even come see the suite) any treatment would have been useless though because our apartment was not the “source”. Anyways it turned out to be a type of fly that mimics the appearance. But I was still aghast at how it was handled and how badly my concerns were shrugged off. I can’t wait for my lease to be over.

    So what I’m saying is I feel you and my condolences. I hope everything gets better soon and they get their comeuppance.

  14. Karina Lim Karina Lim says:

    Boardwalk are lowlife rental company. I worked there for 4 years and left! Boardwalk is o my there to make money they don’t care for any tenants

  15. Lisa Wood Lisa Wood says:

    Diatomaceous Earth will kill the bedbugs and its not toxic to people or pets (it’s safe to eat, in fact). If you’re looking for a safer alternative to sprays. Just spread the powder on the floor, mattress, etc. Just don’t inhale it, as it will cause lung irritation.

  16. you can take them to the RTDRS to ensure you can get out of your lease, get your damage deposit back and perhaps get some compensation. Also I would store items in plastic bins after washing as opposed to bags.
    I would definitely NOT take your bed to a new place, even with heat treatment. It will have their fecal matter track marks all over it. Also get rid of your pillows and put bed bug cases on the new ones.
    I’m sorry you’re experiencing this, it is definitely hard on the emotional health.

  17. Jing Dohina Jing Dohina says:

    Call Public Health – 780-735-1819, they will take action right away.

  18. Is it the place at the bottom of the hill behind the McDonald’s on the river?

  19. Boardwalk, hands down are the worst places I’ve ever seen. They’re poorly managed & are always screwing tenants over.

    • Crazy ive never had any bad issues. They are slow but when it came to bed bugs man it was taken care of fast! It all depends on whose managing the complex too. But in all the years in bwalk weve never had crazy problems gettin shit done. Just gotta remind them and they get on it. I still havent told them the cleaning lady is a lazy cunt tho hahahahahaha

  20. Cassie Cenek show Anthony this

  21. If they are a large company and have multiple properties, can you imagine what the other properties are like! I’m reading posts about this company at least 3-4 times a month…I feel so sad for the people that have no choice but the live in these places 🙁

  22. You’re an ass for taking your bed bugs to a hotel.

    • Leanne that makes no sense. That’s like saying “sure, send your kid with lice to school because someone else there has it already”. Or “send your sick contagious kid to school because that’s probably where they got sick in the first place. They have sick kids there already, why not one more”.

    • Leanne that makes no sense. That’s like saying “sure, send your kid with lice to school because someone else there has it already”. Or “send your sick contagious kid to school because that’s probably where they got sick in the first place. They have sick kids there already, why not one more”.

    • Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

      and the award for “the most oblivious comment” goes to… Leanne Davies! COME ON DOWN! TAKE A BOW!

    • Leanne Davies hotels spend a ridiculous amount of money preventing and treating bed bugs. Anyone will knowingly spreads bed bugs is an ass

  23. I lived there 10 years ago and there was bugs then! run! lol

  24. The only problem I have with boardwalk is that they are too big. So if you’re unhappy with them and move chances are they run the next building too. Don’t screw up because you may never get into another building. That’s my problem with them

  25. Chelsea Noel Chelsea Noel says:

    Boardwalk is terrible. That company is SHADY.

  26. During my exit walk through I was trying to fix “deficiencies” (stains I didn’t fully clean prior) I was told that I was threatening the employee. Boardwalk is an absolute joke of an organization. I’ll live in a cardboard box under an overpass before i consider renting from them again.

  27. Do what is mentioned above. Especially calling the health board. In the meantime… grab a spray bottle and some rubbing alcohol (at least 70%) and start spraying yourself and bedding and beds. Kills the little bastids on contact. When we had them, also sprayed ourselves nightly before bed and managed to escape with only a few bites.
    Best of luck.

  28. Amanda Nic Amanda Nic says:

    Look up landlord minimum housing standards it will give you the information you nees

  29. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    I can’t imagine how horrible that would be. I have heard so much about infestation in apartments, seniors residences and condos I would be terrified to rent anything but a house. You can at least control your environment in a single home but have no control in a multi unit building. … but then who can afford to rent a house?

  30. Amanda Nic Amanda Nic says:

    Please contact the health board

  31. Leslie Berg Leslie Berg says:

    Call 311 they will direct u to the correct place and once th4y get involved treatment isn’t an option

  32. If you were going to spend your own money I would have gotten a company to come spray rather than buy cots etc. Then get on them to reimburse you. At the very least buy the chemicals yourself and spray. Bed bugs spread rapidly if not contained.

  33. Go to Poulins and buy a couple cans of spray. Spray bomb your place before work and it will be fine when you get home. We use to live in Winnipeg and had to do it a few place we lived at. There is also traps you put under the your bed, it’s like an ant trap.

  34. We rented there in 2010 a week after we moved in they told us we needed treatment for bedbugs. We got two treatments done I then put bug killer along all doors and wall edges. We never seemed to get them back but renting was horrible. They would post notices after 7am dated day before claiming to have given 24 hour notice to enter. Would just unlock and walk in with no notice. During the bed bug treatment the guys doing it stole expensive military gear from my husband’s work stuff. We had a horrible experience there also reminded us why we had never rented and never will again.

  35. Joan Warren Joan Warren says:

    Too many places get away with bullshit . You pay rent to live in a clean bug free place. Their responsibility to keep it that way. Dept health has to step in and boardwalk needs it all looked after at same time . Not waiting 5 weeks yuck. Dept health would have people in every place at boardwalks expense . Call and report no one deserve s that . best of luck

  36. Get the health board involved.

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