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My 3 kids & I moved into a northeast apartment 4 months ago owned by Boardwalk Living. they put us on the 3rd floor, the people who lived below us were constantly complaining about my children fooling around, one of them came up to my apartment and told me to take my children outside if they are gonna fool around, his wife told me to control my fucking kids..blah blah blah…

Long story short Boardwalk is terminating my tenancy due to the noise of my children and I have til the 31st to move out. They knew I had 3 kids when they put me on the 3rd floor!!!

This is too much stress to have to deal with, especially being pregnant with my 4th & still in my first trimester.

I hate the situation I’m in right now 😭



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  1. You can kinda hear the kids upstairs at the end of the video there elephants but my phone isnt good enough to pick up how it really sounds for me. You dont hear me complaining and I hear there kids swing goung back and fourth

  2. Tammy Dmitruik exactly they shouldnt be setting families up to fail. I agree they should not be putting families on the 2nd or higher floors and then turning around and saying sorry you have to move.

  3. Tyler Vezina Tyler Vezina says:

    Boardwalk is a joke I can say this cuz I’ve rented from them 3 times and nothing but issues all they want is their money and a free paycheck the employees will kick people out without full story’s and like your situation they will set you up to fail I strongly tell people to not rent from them as they support the homeless to free shelter in our hallways year round and every week we see someone cooking their junk up in the hallway..

  4. Asheley Rose Asheley Rose says:

    Maybe people that complain about the noise of others shouldn’t live in a apartment, no one has the right to tell a mother with kids her kids are to loud , if they have a problem maybe they should live in a house makes me laugh people that complain about noise that was their choice to live in a building with many different people I’d be calling the Tenants act and the news let them know that they Discriminate against mothers in a family building !!!

  5. Maybe you should look into renting a house..if it’s affordable for you with a yard and also the entire home so you have no one below you.

  6. Gina Fedyck Gina Fedyck says:

    I so totally agree with you. It’s the parents responsibilty to control and discipline their children. EVERYONE deserves to have some peace and quiet in the place they call their home.

  7. Honestly, with four children I’d be looking at a townhouse or a basement suite. At least they have backyards for your kids to play in. No wonder your kids are making noise. They need to be able to play. 

  8. Dont move, write them back a notice of rejection. Make them take you to court, that will at least give you time to find appropriate housing.

    • I agree. There are laws for this. Call landlord and tenant and ask them how to file with RMS. They can not evict you for living in your home. The tenant below may be suing them under the ground of peaceful enjoyment of their home. If that is the case they should move them not you.

    • Shawna Janvier if they have her notice, they have not broken any law. She could ignore it and make them sue her but she can also come home to the locks changed.

    • Melanie Olechow they have to take her to court to get a marshal to come in and change the locks. They will not allow for a family to be homeless in the winter

    • Crystal Kootenay-thompson no they don’t. They can have that accomplished within hours. If they want her out bad enough, they can be at court for 9 am, get an order, and have a sheriff witness the changing of the locks before dinner time. My sister works at the courthouse and it is unbelievably fast, I also have friends who work for Boardwalk. It’s not winter so they can push to have them removed. A judge will tell her to find other accommodations. Winter is also defined as being in the -20s with excessive snow etc. Unless we get into blizzard conditions within the next week, she’s SOL.

  9. Control your crotch goblins and stop breeding already if you can only afford an apartment. Should’ve fucked a guy with a house.

  10. Hey how about putting yourself in somebody else’s place for once can you imagine being a toddler growing up in an apartment on the third floor of a boardwalk building what a life

    • Laureen Rae Hanlon yup I did and you knw what I am.doing great I lived at greentree village for 15 yrs and you know what I loved that place was close to my school wem parks they gymnastics place in thorncliff so yeah it was great as a kid growing up on the third floor and the best benifit was the pool and tennis court there

  11. Shawna Pj Shawna Pj says:

    Fight them. They know kids run. Boardwalk is a really scammy company.

  12. Get a life people, kids will be kids, move if you dont like it!!!! sad a mother of 3has to move in 2 weeks cause of some winey ass neighbour…..Get a house if ya dont like noise!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I understand that kids will be kids. If the woman wanted to let you know nicely and explain her concerns I could understand.

    Having said that my sympathy lies with the people that have to listen to the noise. I live in an apartment condo with one small child above and sometimes that child is running around (sounds like an elephant) at 11:30 P.m. My GF in the same building has 3 small children above her and they are either roller skating or operating remote control vehicles or something and sometimes very early in the morning. Believe me it sounds pretty bad from below and can be nerve racking and frustrating.

    I believe the laws changed a while back making illegal to have adult only buildings.

  14. Laurietta Lynne Lenny exactly

  15. Natalie A Chesser right some kids have disabilities and cant be quite ppl need to realize it isnt just bad parenting there could be other issues and like I’ve said before why cant us lolwith kids move into adult buildings but ppl without kids can move into buildings for families.

  16. Brad Rose Brad Rose says:

    “Kids will be kids” is the #1 go to excuse of shitty parents these days. Control your offspring and stop trying to deny your personal accountability for their bad behaviour. Something tells me this poster is telling us HALF the story and you can tell by the immediate excuse given of “they knew i had three kids…” well guess what, having kids isn’t an open license to violate building noise restrictions and the fact you’ve had multiple complaints and done nothing gives the manager grounds to terminate your tenancy. Instead of complaining and blaming why don’t you take a look at WHY this happened and try to correct it in your future tenancy elsewhere.

  17. Have more kids that should help LOL

  18. Avenue living is great if it’s a family building they tell you yes you will hear kids yes they will make noise its children! Unless its after 11pm they will not do anything.

  19. I dont blame them at all. I’ve lived under children and it sucks.

  20. Far as I’m concerned, you want peace and quiet, go buy a fucking house, if you can’t. Deal with it. No one has to accustom their life to suit your needs.

    • Jonathon Thorne wouldnt dealing with round the clock noise be adapting to someone elses life?

      It’s called respect. And reasonable limits.

      And sorry buying a house is a little hard for some, so saying you dont deserve a quiet place to live because you rent is absurd.

      And ps, even in a house you can lodge noise.clmllaints if the neighbours are being unreasonable so……

    • Around the clock noise? You’re saying theses kids never sleep at night? And you’re right. Not everyone can buy a house, clearly, that’s why they’re in said building, that being said, understand you’re in a building with other people, and not everyone gives a shit wether or not you like hearing kids running around before bed. I wouldn’t. If you feel the need to butch and complain about kids, move to an adult only building. Problem solved.

    • Jonathon Thorne I just will never understand why adults go to a family building of they dont like kid noises. I think some of these adults are being way too cheap and take a family building cuz there cheaper then a adult building

    • Jonathon Thorne there is a city bylaw that states apartment building management cannot discriminate against renting to families with children. Your comment is therefore largely invalid.

    • Nikki funny….I don’t recall asking for validation….

    • get bent.
      “As far as I’m concerned” how in gods name is that spreading incorrect information??
      It was an opinion, my opinion. And I give zero fucks as to what you think of my opinion.
      Learn how to read for fuck sakes

    • Nikki Rushton can’t but they do quite often and get away with it. I live in an adult only building. The old landlord moved because he had just had a baby.

    • Cory Anton Teers I lived in an adult only building before I bought my house and midway through the bylaw passed because of moaning families and then within 3 months there were families with toddlers moved on & the parents let them thunder down the hallways screaming like banshees. Like it’s a really fucking simple concept – when you’re in a communal living situation you absolutely need to control your kids! Or expect to be reported!!!

    • Jonathon Thorne I don’t care if you did or not. You are spreading incorrect information. Stop it.

    • Jonathon Thorne I can see why you’re single.

    • Shawna Pj Shawna Pj says:

      Nikki Rushton, if he has kids I hope CPS takes them. That guy is vile.

    • My ban hammer is getting itchy. Everyone in this thread needs to shut it down.

  21. Angie Ransom yes but some ppl overdue it with the complaining like way overdue it ay least my last place they did and that why I won they even lied I had to video tape my child everyday and show the landlord and prove a point turns out they had no sound proofing between the floors and that is why i won floors werent properly built only had one inch of cement and no insulation only wood and cement.

  22. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    We don’t know how loud your kids have been. Some kids can play very loudly. some neighbours are ridiculous about any kind of noise coming from a child , especially after they’ve been disturbed . but I don’t know I think you should see if you can work it out with your landlord and or the neighbour. Kids got to have some place to live , and make reasonable noise. Maybe where you are now just isn’t it. but of course you should call the landlord tenant advisory board and see what they have to say.

  23. Personally I think they build buildings shitty. You shouldn’t be able to hear people walking around yet you can. Kids make noise. Especially when you have 3…… I’ve never been evicted but I feel for you mama. Moving is not fun when you want to move, being forced to move I can’t even imagine. Hugs

    • Natalie A Chesser of course kids make noise, but its what’s acceptable and when. This is where parents come in to ensure their kids know when loud play time is appropriate and when it’s not

    • Charlene Piche and how do you know mom hasn’t???

    • It’s either you hear the kids or hear mom screaming at the kids to stop…. been there many times…… next they will complain about mom yelling. But that’s the only way her kids will listen….. you want her kids to stop? Well ya gotta let her gain control. Stop friggin judging

    • Natalie A Chesser yup they do complain about mom yelling next like what do you want us to do tie our children to a chair and not let them be kids I said this to my last landlord and he said yeah true. My kid was only playing running to her room and back to the livingroom to come see us and they complained about that they also complained about us walking quietly around our unit the floors squeaking too much. Not my problem I said tell the manager about the shitty building. Funny in the end like I said after all the complaints I fought it and won just do your best prove your shit and show your not a menace to society and all the whiners can stop complaining

  24. Kimmy Love Kimmy Love says:

    Umm keep your legs closed ffs

  25. The other tenants were rude but not everything is someone else’s fault. Did you know you had 3 kids when you accepted the suite? Doesn’t excuse the neighbors but you’re someone’s parent, they depend on you to decide wisely.

  26. I guess it’s a matter of respecting your neighbour’s and not being so entitled and letting your kids run around like they have no manners or maybe you need to teach your kids how to behave and save everyone around you the headache of dealing with you

  27. Midwest did the same to us put us on a second floor I beat the argument bcuz they put us above 2 adults who have no kids and live in a family building. Honestly if you move to a family building I dont think single or couples with no kids should be living in a family building bcuz they are the ones who always complain and yet have no kids but it’s a family building does that make any sense

    • Gina Fedyck Gina Fedyck says:

      Some single adults may not have as much a choice as you think, as where they live and with what apartment. Cost of rent usually dictates that.
      Properties SHOULD keep families on ground floors. Everyone deserves to have some peace and quit in a place they call home!

    • Gina Fedyck there are reasonable adult buildings with decent rent out here in Edmonton I’ve lived in them before I had kids

  28. Or place with boardwalk that is more suitable for your needs

  29. Get them to move you to a different unit

  30. More to this story. I have lived in Boardwalk properties before where kids were breaking trees and throwing balls in the parking lot and hitting vehicles and nothing happened.

  31. Carrie Lynn Carrie Lynn says:

    Is there any chance of moving to the ground floor if there is a vacant suite or could they transfer you to another building they own with a ground floor suite?

  32. Stacy Cripps Stacy Cripps says:

    I had my downstairs neighbour shove a note under my door telling me that my kids woke her up at 930. They were in bed. Before that they were making too much noise at 6pm. The management laughed at the note saying quiet time is 11pm and her complaints were ridiculous. She’s just threatening me and not bringing it to the manager. Not Boardwalk though.

    • Stacy Cripps it’s against the law for other tenants to knock on your door. That is pretty much a threat and them taking situations in their own hands. I called landlord tenant act and they told me it’s against the law for tenants to knock on your door. I can’t remember the whole reason why but it is against the law for tenants to approach other tenants that is what your managers and landlords are for

    • Stacy Cripps Stacy Cripps says:

      Laurietta Lynne Lenny that’s why the manager told me to keep the paper for my records.

    • Stacy Cripps me too I always always keep all my paper work right from the lease to complaints to notices for fixing things I have had 3 house shut down for health reasons and one apartment shut down too for bad service

  33. Well, the first question is – were your children bothering other tenants, and if so, what did you do about it?

    It doesn’t matter that they knew you had children, tenants have the legal right to enjoy their living space.

    • Amanda Hallick move to a building that doesnt accept kids then. This kind of noise comes with apt living. It is what it is. Similar to living in a smoking building and complaining about smoke…just dont make sense.

    • Jordan Koopmans that’s not fair. Each tenant has a responsibility to be reasonable when it comes to their neighbours.

      If I had a dog would you defend me when it wont stop barking? Even if it’s a pet friendly building theres a limit to what’s acceptable.

      That goes for kids too.

    • Jordan Koopmans nope – you have kids, it’s your responsibility to ensure the noise level is kept to an acceptable level.

    • Charlene Piche so kids playing is unacceptable? I could understand if they are screaming at the top of their lungs all damn day then yeah it falls on them. My kids know inside and outside voices, but sometimes the outside voices come out inside. But I assume it’s more footsteps from them running and the occasional yell/crying. Which is acceptable. My neighbors have dogs that dont shut up, but I dont go over there bitching…because they have the right to have dogs. It is what it is. Chances are this is all happening during the day/evening. Which is in the time frame where you can make noise opposed to it being past 10pm I’d challenge boardwalk. Tenants have rights. Use em.

    • Jordan Koopmans right agreed

    • Jordan Koopmans there is actually a city bylaw that says apartment building management cannot discriminate against families with children. So, saying “just move to another apartment then” is pointless because she could have the same issue no matter where she goes. Still her responsibility to corral her goblins. And 4 kids is a lot for any apartment. Like, if you can afford to raise 4 kids you should be able to afford to rent a house/townhouse for them. Give the neighbours some respect.

  34. Michael says:

    Give me a call Mike with Tenant Defence Services Inc. 587 520 0263 I can help you out with this.

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