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Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre is awful

Bonnie Doon is freakin’ awful. Just scummy management there.

They want to plunge the neighborhood into 30 years of construction after they pissed on it by destroying a once pleasant place to shop. No way. No how.

I’m boycotting Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre and you should too. Also, the fake 5 star reviews they posted on their Google Maps listing is a real treat.



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  1. And simply avoiding the place is not an option?

  2. Aaron Morin Aaron Morin says:

    That place was great to skip school back in the day plus glo bowling. I thought shopping malls died off with Nickelback disease?

  3. You sound like you’re fun at parties…..

  4. Ellie Marie Ellie Marie says:

    Remember when Kingsway was just as dumpy… the roof collapsed and they renovated the whole mall. Ya me too.

  5. Malls are dying. I work with a guy who does marketing etc for kingsway and over 20 years…amazon…Ebay…shop local. Malls are dying. The format is old. Evolution.

  6. I love this mall personally. It’s small but the businesses in there are good.

  7. Do you think mall management had a say in the LRT line causing that construction?

  8. Billie Lang Billie Lang says:

    Well it won’t be a mall in the future so there ya go. And stores leave when no one is there to buy stuff. You should have shopped more.

  9. I would like to know how exactly the mall management is destroying the mall??? I think this person is mad because Tony Romans closed. I know that they have come up to a huge plan that will take time to complete and it total changes the area, but the whole mall concept is become less and less workable. Lots of retails are skipping the brick and mortar shop front for the cheaper online shop. As well with the city buying some of the the parking lot for the LRT (not to mention that there is a potential 2nd LRT project in the furture), they have also lost 3 of their biggest retailer (Sears, Target, and Zellers) The only big retailers that they have left is Safeway and Shoppers. It looks like they are working with Safeway, Shoppers, and Liquor Depot.

  10. I didn’t know anyone under 60 shopped there

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