Boycott Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre

Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre is the worst mall in the province. They have a number of serious problems they refuse to acknowledge and the seething contempt of an entire community.

They’re hosting an event for some new store they’re opening. Don’t go. Read what is being said about this mall:

– Worst mall in the city hands down

– Most depressing place I’ve been in a long time

– This place drains my energy everytime I walk in.

– This is one of the worst shopping centres I have ever been to. Most of the stores look like garbage.

– The shopping security guys beat up my friend so badly they needed an ambulance.

– The security here is not very great. Very unprofessional.

– Very sketchy mall. Never see security when you do they are kicking people out with excess force. I don’t feel safe here

– Boycott this mall. Come for the dead mall. Stay for the security guards beating up customers. The guy didn’t do anything wrong and they just wouldn’t stop punching him.

– It looks like they took the rudest people from every single mall and put them all in one mall called Bonnie Doon

– Very bad security.

– Pretty boring mall with not much to offer and their security guards walk around with a chip on their shoulder. I once witnessed these cowboys throw a teenager to the ground

– Never change Also lots bad guys around

– This mall is a dive. The entire place smells like a cheap shipping container from the orient.

– BOYCOTT THIS PLACE Can I pick zero stars? This malls security force are a real piece of work. They recently assaulted a guy in front of me to the level that he was admitted to the hospital.

– If you are looking to get harassed by homeless and security go to this scummy mall

– Racist security people. Pushing a native guy and calling him bad names is not right. Don’t shop here.

– Outrageous security guards. Boycott this mall!!

– The security here broke my glasses on purpose and laughed at me and threaten to hit me if I didn’t leave.

– I witnessed security engage in an over the top and excessive false arrest on my last visit here. They assaulted a shopper, throwing him to the ground and continued to beat him for what seemed like an eternity. All while shouting numerous racist and homophobic slurs.

– Repeated calls to boycott this mall have been made as a result of the ongoing actions of its security guards which include overly violent take downs, racial profiling, and disrespectful behaviour to mall patrons and neighbours.


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