Break In

This was posted in our communications today at my condo on Hooke Road and Victoria Trail………just a heads up of criminals working the area. They managed to hack our intercom.

Good Day Everyone,

I just wanted to update you on some recent events that took place. On December 16 at aproximately 5:00 PM, two gentlemen attempted to get into the parkade. Thanks to the heavy duty door astragals, their attempt failed. However, they were able to get into the building from the front door using knowledge they had of the intercom system. With the team work between myself and the Board President, the intercom system is now secure against this type of breach.

This is a friendly reminder to keep your eyes and ears open as crime does happen at all hours of the day. Attached are screen shots of these two gentlemen, if you reccogize these people, please report any information you may have to me.




13 Responses

  1. People like this don’t deserve the name “gentlemen”!

  2. Sabby Janice Sabby Janice says:

    Marissa Eisenbart

  3. Kathrine Hollo Randy Tower so close to you guys!

  4. Marion Clark Marion Clark says:

    This is my building at the Ravines, what idiots, there are signs everywhere stating we have cameras.

  5. Nicky Marie Nicky Marie says:

    David – this is what I was telling you about

  6. I have my bike stolen from my underground parkade aswell.

  7. It’s an everywhere problem. Especially this time of year. My old condo parkade in summer side was broken into and multiple cars and storage units broken into. Happened last year too. One lady was upset that her car that was full of Xmas presents was broken into and stolen. That’s why it’s always a good idea to keep the car as clear as possible! Not just a north side problem anymore.


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