Breaking a lease due to mould

My house has mould and ice INSIDE on a bedroom wall where we sleep (1 of the many issues with this house). The AHS inspector has already come by and took a lot of notes and will be contacting my landlord. Has anyone been successful at breaking a lease using the AHS report, whether asking the landlord directly or going through the Residential Tenant Board?



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  1. Is it a boardwalk unit? We moved for the same reason although I was no longer on lease..the remediation they did was a joke.

  2. You can definitely get out of the lease for that reason.

  3. A mould problem is a health issue you can bail on your lease anytime in that matter and the landlord couldn’t do nothing about it

  4. Benjamin West maybe educate yourself before saying bull crap. Mold will hurt you. Stupid uneducated comments

  5. I have!! I did have to go through landlord tenant act…I was able to break my lease (I had a lot of pictures) I got my full damage deposit return to me and 1/2 months rent
    Good luck and all the best

  6. Benjamin West oh it does. I am susceptible to mold now because of a previous rental we were in. I can smell that shit and my lungs and throat start to close up.
    We dealt with a landlord for three years over an issue like this and had capital health on our side. Landlord came out and painted over the mold. Two weeks later, I walked in to the office, dropped my keys on the counter and left. They tried to send us to collections for breaking the lease, etc. We showed the order of repair for capital health, the copies of repair requests and even photos. They lost the case.
    But because of that place, I get pneumonia of I’m around mold for a few days.

  7. Benjamin West you are wrong there. Mould can and will affect them in short term. Happened to me with black mould.

  8. Trish Down Trish Down says:

    My landlord was told by me to come pick up the rent so I could show him the mould making us all sick. He chose to go to tenant board and sued me for refusal to pay rent and they honoured his eviction request and I was given no time to counter sue. Mid February, 4 year old and a dog in my care. Be very careful. Landlords can be slimy in Edmonton

    • Jojo Bicks Jojo Bicks says:

      Trish Down this story is bs on so many levels. More to it than that.

    • Trish Down Trish Down says:

      Well it’s the truth. Yes there’s more, but it’s irrelevant. Do you want me to say I called the health board and tell you that they put me off and had me leaving messages for weeks? Or how about the 150 pictures I printed of the crap hole for a case that I wasn’t able to submit in time? 5:30 pm Friday, papers served, 8 am Monday court appointment. No, it truth. I also had to spend two weeks cleaning up previous tenants belongings when I moved in. I took the place because it was the only one who’d rent to me with a dog and a kid. He’s got a history of screwing tenants over. So believe what you want. I still had to move my family out in February because he didn’t want to fix his houses. He had somebody in there less than 3 days after I was out…so he just put the problem on someone else.

  9. I have. Lived in an apt and there was a serious heat problem. It would be ‘fixed’ only to go out again and again. An inspector came at my request who confirmed it was unfit. I gave the landlord two options: put me up in a hotel with kitchen until the problem was fixed OR let me out of my lease effective the end of the month. Cheap landlord happily let me go.

  10. In order to break a legally binding lease youll have to file at the rtdrs and ask for a judgement.

  11. GF Kristie GF Kristie says:

    I have done exactly this…we had the exact same problem. We were able to break our lease legally and was refunded the FULL amount of our damage deposit.

  12. Yes…a house can be condemned if it not up to standards …there were people living in the house next door to us and because the house was un-habitable the AHS condemned the house….the tenants didn’t pay any rent and I believe got their damage back

  13. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    Dont go through RTDRS. There is a good chance yr claim will be denied if u get an officiant who openly favors whomever brings a lawyer.

  14. Dana Collins Dana Collins says:

    My house does the same. We just keep things away from the walls a bit to let air flow. We havent had issues since.

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