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Bridal party troubles

Question for you ladies…

I am having a small wedding. Two ladies in my bridal party, my little sister (unmarried) and my best friend (married). Is it weird to make them my matron of honour and a maid of honour? Anyone have experience with two MOH?

They’re both very important and I want them to be equally involved. Thanks!



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  1. Its your wedding! Do what you think is best. I don’t think there are any rules.

  2. Don’t use a label like that then – just refer to them as the bridal party, or honour attendants, or posse, or partners in crime, the salsa and guac to your tortilla.

    Seriously. It’s just a label. It’ll be perfect whatever you choose.

  3. Traditionally it would
    be a maid/matron of honour and then bridesmaids. However, it is your day, do it as YOU wish. Talk to future hubby and see what he thinks. Weddings can be stressful, do what makes YOU happy. And by the way, I do mean you and future hubby/wife when I say YOU. Enjoy your day and I wish you both all the happiness in your future together.

  4. Cassie House Cassie House says:

    Do what works for you. I’m having a guy and a friend who is gender fluid stand with me and my husband is having a girl on his side. On top of that I have 3 and he has 4. Nothing about my wedding is traditional because we’re not traditional.

  5. It’s your wedding, do what you want. I’m having 2 maids of honour at mine. 2 equally important females in my life. Why should “traditional” or the idea of tradition stop you from what you want?

  6. A little different, but my husband has two brothers, and for our wedding they were both “Best Man”. We also split the wedding duties with one ‘standing’ at the ceremony (signed papers/handed rings); the other did the speech/toast at the reception.

  7. It’s your wedding and you can do whatever you want. There are no rules.

  8. I have heard of man of honor and best woman as well as all of the above and no one. It is for you and him to decide how you want the ceremony and who plays a role.

  9. In my sister’s wedding party…we were all unmarried.

  10. I wouldn’t think anything of it. Ones married, the other isn’t. That’s the “proper” titles for them. When I was getting married I had only 1 bridesmaid and I said “this is my maid of honour” and my aunt said “is she a maid or matron?” And when my cousin got married she had a maid and matron.

  11. I only had 2 and I just called them my maids of honor and made it equal.

  12. Your wedding, do it your way. I wanted to do something untraditional at my wedding but was talked out of it. Regret that I did not stand my ground

  13. They can both be equally of honour. Sum it up to two bridesmaids and that’s that.

  14. This is how I did mine and my daughter was a junior bridesmaid.

  15. Erin Johnson Erin Johnson says:

    I had 2 Maid of honours and a Junior Bridesmaid. It gives both a place of honour.

  16. Liz Large Liz Large says:

    I had 2 moh. A Sask one an Alberta one. It’s up to you. No wedding is traditional or original. Bride isn’t even a virgin so do your wedding how you want.

  17. No rules, your wedding. I would just say two maid of honours! Equal

  18. Its your wedding! Do what you think is best. I don’t think there are any rules.

  19. Your wedding your day you decide

  20. Its your wedding so do it your way!!! But yes it’s perfectly acceptable to have a matron and maid of honour or even two maids or matrons!!

  21. Its just a title. Make them Warmaidens of Honor instead! sounds more badass

  22. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    You wedding is your day. Do it your way. And no, I wouldn’t say it would be weird. Just have hubby have x2 best man/men

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