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Bruins fans saved the day

Last night around 6pm on Whyte ave there were two men that approached another man and cornered him into a wall by the 7/11.

It seemed to be a completely random attack because out of nowhere one of the men punched him in the face and he fell to the ground. Once he was on the ground the same man that punched him then kicked him in the face and he wasn’t moving.

I so badly wanted to say or do something but as a woman and university student I couldn’t risk having been hurt myself. As everyone stood and watched two guys wearing bruins hats and jerseys and bruins flags ran up screaming at the men and chased the one man off and got the victim back up to his feet and protected him so the other assailant didn’t try to do anything else to the poor man that was attacked. these two men jumped into action when everyone else looked onward and did nothing.

Not all hero’s wear capes and it honestly restored my faith in humanity a little bit. Glad he was kept safe and moved away from the situation, good for you two gentlemen for stopping the attack and helping out, there are not enough of you in this world.



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  1. Thx for stepping up!! ❤️

  2. Karen Marie Karen Marie says:

    Joanne Belisle, give your head a shake!!!! She couldn’t call 911???? She couldn’t yell from across the street, take pictures, videos or ask others to intervene??? Fuck off

  3. Karen Marie , teens vs 2 grown men. Think about and give your head a shake.

  4. You should have called 911…
    Bring a student is a shit poor excuse,!! Your as useless as the others just watching

  5. Garry Johnson how do you know she didn’t do anything? You were there? Maybe she did call the cops.

  6. Umm for people who have never had a good ass kicking, when you witness grown adults doing something like that, sometimes panic sets in and its hard to think clearly because your brain is not thinking properly. “Right” and “wrong” kind of goes out the window, your in a state of shock. Your not like “hmm maybe i should just watch?” Your more like “oh my god someone is getting hurt oh my god oh my god” and you freeze.
    If youve been successful before at defusing a violent situation then your brain might act differently. If youve even been around violence or took training, your brain might respond differently too.
    When your there its different, its easy saying “well you shoulda”.

  7. Katie Alice Katie Alice says:

    You should have done something, doesn’t matter who you are. Nobody deserves to be hurt. Sweet sentiment though.

  8. Kari Munroe Kari Munroe says:

    Awesome shoutout!! Good for those guys, steppin up!!

  9. Just because she didn’t mention, doesn’t mean she didn’t call. Hopefuly she did.

  10. Tyler Seguin Tyler Seguin says:

    The two guys on the left were the ones being attacked. Ones visiting from New Brunswick and the other fellow is his friend from South Korea and they wanted a picture. There’s no room for that bullying shit here in Canada boys, we got your backs.

  11. re: “I so badly wanted to say or do something but as a woman and university student I couldn’t risk having been hurt myself.” Cowardice by any other name….

    • That’s a jerk thing to say! This coming from a person sitting protected by his keyboard. Honestly she did the right thing by not getting involved or could have been hurt!

    • Thomas Glover, a completely bullshit response. As soon as an attack is more than one on one, the attacker proved themselves to be the coward! Was she supposed to risk her own life. At least she can be a witness if these guys get caught. And I agree with her statement if not all heroes wear capes. Something you obviously know nothing about given your comment. Hopefully someone got the attack on camera so they can be brought to justice.

    • Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

      Thomas Glover not everyone is cut out to be a super hero. At least she is giving credit to those who can and do go beyond the average. Feel free to put on a Cape and step up.

    • One female against 2 males…. Hmmm how the heck do you think thats going to play out? Thomas … Maybe if she was a dude she could of said or done something. Goodness.

    • She could have done something but she didn’t

    • Thomas Glover I stepped in to save a girl getting beat. They turned on me and gave me lickin’ and not the kind I enjoy!
      It’s not wise for a woman to step in if she has no clue how to defend herself staying back is wise. Next time I’ll call the cops and let them deal with it.

    • Garry Johnson how do you know she didn’t do anything? You were there? Maybe she did call the cops.

  12. Tyler Seguin Tyler Seguin says:

    Colton hahaha bro this was us!

  13. The worst part about this stuff is as much as people want to help they don’t want to risk something happening to them .. and it seems like that is what happens a lot .. person who jumps in to be the Good Samaritan is the one who gets hurt

  14. And you should be writhing a police report not a Facebook confession. The longer you wait the less you remember about the attackers.

  15. I don’t know what “being a university student” has to do with anything, but why didn’t you call 911?

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