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Heads up anyone who is or was working for PURIFY OFFICE CLEANING SERVICES, BSI CLEANING SERVICES INC, BSI SERVICES, BSI CLEANING SERVICE. The address for “PURIFIY CLEANING SERVICES” is 10305 Jasper ave. People running these companies are S. O., and K. K., they are also known for using fake names like “Patricia and Chris” I’m sure their are more names that they use to hide who they are.

They are currently being sued from a number of sub contractors who they have ripped off and scammed. Their system works like this, they keep starting up different cleaning companies and as soon as someone files legal action against them, they claim bankruptcy and close that company and start up a new one. If you look at their address they are all on Jasper Ave but they are all Post Office Boxes, not an actual place of business.

They don’t want anyone to know where their office is probably because they would have threats and harrasment on them daily. I urge everyone to come forward and stop these ignorant people from hurting more sub contractors. We currently have a lawsuit going and need more victims to come foreword, it might not seem like their will be justice but if we all stick together its harder to try and dismiss us as a single claim.

We as sub contractors work hard for our money an we expect to be paid !!!! Please share and repost on Facebook, twitter ect.



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  1. Jay says:

    It’s Steven and Katherine King
    These are the names of the scammers.
    I will personally be tracking there contracts and letting the people know what they actually do. This is a criminal organization stealing money from honest hard working people.


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