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I am one who uses the discounted bus passes as I’m on aish. But since they included more people to have access to the discounted bus pass program, I see more and more posts about people selling bus passes. How many people buy a bus pass and two days into the month “don’t need it anymore”. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt the first time but its usually the same people. Its people like them who abuse the system and the ones who truly need it end up getting thrown under the bus, no pun intended. I wish they would give slightly different bus passes or have a marking on it saying it was bought at discount so these people stop trying to make a buck by abusing the system. Then if they’re caught selling them, especially online, the will have a name and their services should be terminated. Or give something similar to a upass where it has your photo and only you can use it. You need your leisure access card which has your photo on it to access the bus pass program to begin with. I know I fraught tooth and nail to access the services I currently am, and it makes me SICK seeing people abuse it. I know no matter what people will always try to play the system. Sad.



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  1. Madelyn Lamont says:

    There is a mark on the back, I believe it is an “S” just like yours has the “A”. When I see people selling them, I always ask to see the back, too. you can email ETS with the names of people suspected of re-selling bus passes and they will investigate and discontinue the person(s) doing so. I agree. The people who need the programs should get them and people who abuse the program should be cut off!


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