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Bye bye roaming kitties

I trapped an urban exploring cat in my yard after it had been pooping in my lawn and garden for far too long. I don’t know which neighbour it belongs to.

If the cat is living outside it should be able to survive in the woods far away from my house right? Maybe somewhere like the Lois Hole Centennial Park where it can properly be wild and free like it’s owners want it to be?

What do you do about your ignorant neighbour’s cats?



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  1. I’m not a fan of irresponsible pet owners. But intentionally harming an animal is about as low as you can get. I hope you get reported to the police. This person should not get to hide behind anonymity

  2. Sandy Crook Sandy Crook says:

    Can we say assholes..

  3. For anyone defending the cats, it’s a city bylaw that they are not allowed to roam without a leash or control. You tards defending it are not only breaking the law you’re allowing your cats to be eaten by coyotes, which, btw, were found by a recent study to be the NUMBER ONE cause of cat deaths in the city.
    Fuck you and your fucking “fur babies”.

  4. Shoutout Edmonton are you going to bring this forward to the proper authorities?

  5. Stop being so mean hearted and just take it to Animal Care & Control Centre – Edmonton, let them handle it.

  6. This is a criminial offence, also the person who allowed this post should be informed you will be criminally charged if this happens for not reporting it.

  7. Lindsay Dawn Lindsay Dawn says:

    Can I blind fold you after knocking you out with propephal drive you 1000 km from home dump you in a desert?!? Cause that sounds more fun than a harmless, unknowing kitty

  8. Para Robbie Para Robbie says:

    Jody mitoma I want the name of this person. I will deal with them.
    Not fucking around here pm me the name and any other details

  9. Steve Friske Steve Friske says:

    Jody Mitoma not sure if you looked at this one buddy but its pretty fucked up, hopefully just a troll but a shitty person doing some harmful stuff either way.

  10. I am sure you could be charged with theft and animal abuse. I hope you think twice.

  11. Cody Ryan Cody Ryan says:

    I don’t care how you justify it. You’re a piece of shit. How is it so horribly affecting your life to have a cat in your yard from time to time? Leave it be and move on.

  12. You trapped this animal who is a member of someone’s family – what an animal YOU are. If you must then take it to the humane society and the family will be warned not to let it out again. Cats love to be outside, everyone I know that has cats tries to keep them indoors but sometimes they sneak out and they are quick and hard to catch once they do. You’ve given that animal a death sentence by taking it away from its home, probably to be eaten by coyotes, meanwhile a family with children are probably terrified and crying for their family pet. You are a psychopath if you think your disgusting behaviour is justified.

  13. Dianne Bober Dianne Bober says:

    The cat may be a pet that is allowed outdoors. Never take a cat out to the woods and let it loose. By doing that you are likely giving it a death sentence. Please take it to the Humane Society or Animal Control

  14. Get a life… Seriously… If you got nothing better to do but trap a cat and drive it far away somewhere then I would start to judge your mental health it’s not the cats fault…

  15. To many people, their cats are their kids, maybe they can’t have actual children and they’re trying to fill that parent void they’re missing in their life, ask yourself this, if your kid happens to be playing on someones yard or had to run around to get his or her ball out of the yard and your neighbor took them and put them in the woods, is that cool with you?

  16. Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

    You’re disgusting.

  17. Lina Elliott Lina Elliott says:

    Cayenne peppers works awesome as a deterrent.

  18. Maybe if people kept there cats indoors or on a leash then people wouldn’t have to worry about this.

  19. Pick up a google. If cat is registered it can shit all over your lawn if it wants. No fines. Someone find out who this OP is though so I can go shit on his lawn.

  20. Ali C-f Ali C-f says:

    Poster, I hope you get mauled and dragged out far into a ditch/ woods (where ever your unfamiliar with) by a wild animal the next time you stop to take a pee on the side of the road, or a crap in a bush. That’s some wild animals home/back yard I’m sure they don’t appreciate it.
    You are an A-hole! Sure it may have been an annoyance but you did nothing to help your situation. There were other ways but you decided to be an ass!

  21. I get over it – because my neighbours cats keep the mice that spread hantavirus away – stealing someone’s pet is beyond ignorant & not all cats are meant to be indoors.

  22. Edmonton does nothing regarding the foxes and coyotes in the city limits. (In other words, the ferral cat population IS being dealt with.)

  23. Victor Eff Victor Eff says:

    I never understood the hatred some people have for cats.

  24. Shame on you! It’s not the animal’s fault, it’s the owners!You did an awful thing to a poor animal that can’t survive easily on its own! It belongs to someone who shelters it, loves it and PUTS FOOD IN ITS DISH!!!
    Now it’s cold, alone, hungry and scared! Use your head next time and call animal control or 311!

  25. Honestly if you do that I hope the neighbour that owns it kicks the shit out of you and your neurotic ass

  26. If someone took my cat because I let it outside I will kick their fucking door in and make them wish they hadn’t

  27. Amanda Pike Amanda Pike says:

    It’s actually the law that stray animals go to animal care and control for claiming. By allowing this poster to blatantly break the law, this page is guilty by association. Please report the OP and remove this post. It is so uneducated, immature, and unnecessary. Our city has shitty laws, but the animal bylaw does help in this case.

  28. I’m super sick of my neighbour’s cats pooping in my garden and making my yard stink. There were no less than 10 poops on our driveway this winter. It’s disgusting. But I would never do anything to the cats; it’s not their fault. Frustrating as it is, the mature thing to do is talk to the offending neighbour and leave it at that.

  29. Karen Tasker Karen Tasker says:

    I guess you have not noticed how many more mice have shown up since they made cats stay inside. They disrupted the cycle I
    Of life.

  30. My cat is neutered, chipped and licensed. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat. In the last two weeks he’s brought about 10 mice home. I like to think he’s helping our neighbors by keeping the rodent population down, I’d rather he be killing them then us trapping them from inside my house. He likes to stay out at night and inside all day. We’d be devastated if he disappeared. Talk to your neighbors. It’s called being an adult.

  31. Brad Daniels Brad Daniels says:

    It’s probably made a deer friend and rides around on it’s back right meow

  32. Take her to animal control so she can get home. Just cuz you hate animals doesnt mean you can be a cruel heartless cow.

  33. Poster sounds like a special person. Cats running around can be an annoyance some also run away must have been a person like you that strung spooky up and hung him ripping his neck wide open. Good move to bait your neighbours cat and dump it I sure hope you don’t have pets or children for that matter. Good Lord

  34. Lmao! All these people here who are butt hurt….. KEEP UR RODENTS INDOORS! I dont let my dog shit on ur lawn! I dont want ur flee infested, garbage digging cat in my yard! I have 2 small kids n I caught one of them with a cat turd in hand! Now when i see glowing eyes I usually launch something from my blue box at it! If i see them again then i let my dog out! They dont come back after that ☺️ you might like ur cat but no one else does!

  35. Olivia Heck Olivia Heck says:

    U sick fuck. Let’s send your stupid ass to the woods.

  36. Doreen Hernandez Thank you ! I also enjoy visits from furry friends. I also have a garden that gets pooped in but I understand their animals & I honestly prefer animals to people. Because animals live and let live, where people inflict pain for the slightest inconvenience.

  37. Let me at this Motherf-cker! That is the most evil thing a person can do! By all means trap the cat, but bring it in to animal control! It is someones pet! How would you feel if someone just came and took your dog and dumped the dog on the opposite end of the city?

  38. My cat has escaped and roamed out she sure I hell doesnt need to be trapped and let loose. That’s why we have them tattoo and licensed and micro chipped like they should be.

  39. Troy Aucoin Troy Aucoin says:

    Take it to china town where someone can at least enjoy the cat!!

  40. Do you need a hug. Fn pinhead.

  41. You don’t trap and release into the wild. Trap and take it to Animal care and control center….PLEASE?!

  42. I came home late one night and found a cat in the visitor parking area of my apartment complex where it wasn’t safe for a black cat to be roaming at night. I caught her, and brought her up to my apartment, where she was welcomed by my own two cats, and had food and warmth. I then posted a message on Kijiji, about the area in which I’d found her, without giving too many specifics because I didn’t want anyone but her family to get her back. Within three days, her family had contacted me, and came to get her back. They were very grateful to have their beloved pet back. Maybe consider something like that, and tell the owners that you don’t want the cat on your property…if you do like you’ve posted, you’re a real asshole.

  43. Jody Mitoma, please report this person to Bylaw. Poster, how brave of you to post on here. What goes around, comes around. Karma to you, buddy.

  44. “Hello, Animal Control, I’d like to report a crime”
    “Sure, tell me all the details”
    “Well it was on Facebook…”


  45. Shawn Silva Shawn Silva says:

    One has to wonder what ill things you must have suffered or what philosophys you hold within to feel angry enough towards someone’s pet to react like this. Please enlighten us on better understanding why you would choose this reaction and then maybe we can find a better solution.

  46. Brock Hart Brock Hart says:

    That’s part of some ones family you sick fuck

  47. OP sounds like a fucking asshole.

  48. Any stray cats in my area get food, and pets. Theres plenty of people on my road that keep them safe and fed- myself included. I love my animal friendly road haha

  49. Shout out admin… please report this OP to animal control… What they did was horribly wrong.

  50. It’s just a cat. And it could have been some kids only companion. You are a terrible person. There are places you can take cats when you are unsure of who the owner is. Or you could have posted a pic of the cat on here to attempt to find its owner. It’s going to get eaten by coyetes out there. This seriously pisses me off.

  51. Dog owners in my area often let their dogs crap on my lawn and the boulevard. They do not always pick it up.
    Am i allowed to trap the dog and the owner, and send them the other side of the city? No.
    Do i end up picking up the crap and muttering under my breath? Yes.

    Don’t be a twat and trap and sentence a cat to death in the wild. Just pick up the crap and move on with your life.

    I hope this is someone just baiting for a response.

  52. I had an asshole like OP trap my cat and dump it outside the city. It was tattooed and collared and 2years later he was turned in. Semi feral but as soon as he saw me back to a lapcat. if OP wants a face to face meeting I would be happy to enlighten them by dragging them in a cage to a remote location.

  53. Loser. Take your anger out on the irresponsible owners and not some poor animal. IF you actually did this you need to be reported and not hide behind Shout Out anonymity. People who are cruel to animals are capable of cruelty to any vulnerable being.

  54. Maybe it’s one of the cats on lost pets, I hope it isn’t because you pretty much ensured they stay lost now…..

    I wish aholes would just stop thinking of themselves.

  55. The only ignorant person is the OP

  56. And by the way, cats don’t “go” on lawns….they bury their stuff…they are not dogs

  57. Too chicken shit to sign your name ?

  58. Holly Foisy Holly Foisy says:

    You take the cats to animal care and control, PERIOD. Most cats are indoor/outdoor, which mean they are let outside yes but do have the skills to survive on their own, they don’t know how to hunt, or how to be safe from predators and some cats are actually lost cats who got out (and cats are very crafty and fast, some will pop open window screens or sneak past when your not looking, every tried to chase a cat? yep you arent going to catch them lol). I would also suggest seeing if you can find who owns the cats and tell them to keep them indoors or get a catio/cat fencing. You can also get deterrents that will keep them off your property as well. And is a much better solution then just dumping the cats cause guess what there are alot of cats out their sadly far too many people in Edmonton think its ok to let their cats roam. And its not. It’s not safe and its not fair to people who have to deal with the problems that can come from these cats on their property whether it be destroying their plants, or terrorizing the cats indoors, it’s not right.

  59. Alana Boutin Alana Boutin says:

    Certainly shows your unstable mind set and lack of empathy for a living being. Get some help

  60. And right there you should be charged with animal cruelty! You are a complete waste of skin to do that to an innocent animal! Why don’t I take you out in the woods, deep deep in the woods, like 60km in and drop your pathetic ass off! How would you feel then? Funny how you have to hide behind a screen and post anonymously and make yourself feel all big and mighty. You are a loser and should be treated exactly the same way you just treated that cat!

  61. Wtf is wrong with you!? I’m reporting you! This is a pet not a f%*#^ raccoon!
    Have some compassion you barbaric ape!

  62. You are a dick. Hope karma bites you in the assholes

  63. It was rabbits and dogs that pooped on your yard.Cats are discreet and bury it.Maybe you should just bring all the rabbits to lois hole park too, since you’re so smart.You sound like cruella deville.

  64. If you are going to trap a cat, then you take it to the Humane Society where it can be properly looked after and/or rehomed. You DO NOT abandon an animal in a forest or unknown area somewhere. EVER. And if you have cat problems in your yard, a simple solution is a little cayenne pepper and they won’t come back. I agree people are ignorant about letting their animals roam, however you do not need to harm the animal. It’s not their fault.

  65. Uh no the cat/cats will die either of starvation or by being eaten. Cats must be licenced so you can bring them into the humane society or a vet to scan for a microchip

    • Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

      Stephanie Roberge cause everyone who allows their cat to roam free follows the law right. It is also required to NOT allow animals to wander free yet here we are……..I am willing to bet the owner didn’t tattoo or chip it. They dont care about the loose animals bylaw so why license it?

    • Purdy Travis true but that isn’t the cats fault. Bringing it into the humane society will give it a chance to be adopted by a more responsible owner

  66. Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

    Shoot the ground beside them with bb from a sling shot. They jump a minimum 12″ and run like mad everytime.

  67. Well it will probably get eaten by coyotes out there… congratulations

  68. I don’t get why people care so much about “poop in the garden”. And enough to trap and dump the cat seems extreme.

    • Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

      I don’t think the pooping and spraying is the biggest issue, (even the howling at night ) although it is annoying .. especially if you’re a gardener.
      My neighbor had to replace her hot tub cover because of cats jumping on it. They (the stray cats) had it in shreds in the first year. $1,200 to replace it. Also people with bird feeders, flowers and. Vegetable gardens do not appreciate cats. But it’s not the poor cats, it’s the owners who make bad neighbors when they allow their cats to roam. Humanely trapping and a trip to ACC is fair to everyone.

    • I dont know, i love cats. the more the merrier to me LOL. I’m always ready for a cat party. I do see the good points here though. If roaming kitties are causing damage to property and costing homeowners big money then it is a problem.

  69. Accidents can happen. Just report it. Why go as far as to trap it and be malicious? If you have that kinda time, get a hobby.

  70. What the fuck? If it bothers you that much take it to the SPCA so the cat can be safe?

  71. Please dont dispose of this cat. Call animal control. They should issue a warning or fine if cat is microchips. Put out mothballs in your yard. Should keep them away.

  72. Please report this person to animal control

  73. This guy pooped in my yard once. But I’m too scared to ask him to clean it …Knut Johansen once played Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun…and won. When the president presses the big red button , Knut’s cell phone rings

  74. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    This is the best way to cure a roaming cat problem. Works like a charm.

  75. Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

    Perhaps you can look into some kind of cat/animal deterrent….. they are on the market.

  76. Wtf is wrong with you?!

  77. Megan Riggs Megan Riggs says:

    I curse you with mice!!

  78. Jody Mitoma this person needs to be reported to bylaw

  79. Any cat this is on your property should be taken to Animal Control…you just gave this cat a death sentence….rot in hell asshole

  80. Edmonton Humane Society

    Animal Care & Control Centre – Edmonton

  81. I think u deserve a beating. What a goof

  82. If I ever found out who you are I would make it my lifes mission to take a big shit on your doorstep EVERY SINGLE DAY. Because… well FUCK YOU ASSHOLE 🙂

  83. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    If it goes to the humane society it will be returned to its actual owner.
    I know with dogs theres no question. If I find a dog it goes to the shelter.
    Someone may be screaming in my face that the dog belongs to them and I’d still go to the shelter.
    If the person is the animals legitimate owner they shouldn’t have a problem with it.

    If you found a child would you call the police or hand them off to the first person to claim them?

    Do the right thing.

  84. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    Call 311. I don’t think they pick up cats anymore though.
    You have to take them in.
    Be careful, there have been rabies infected cats surfacing in Alberta.
    I think they’ve found between 6 and 10 so far.
    Saw the notice at the Veterinarian yesterday.

  85. Do you also trap birds or mice that poop in your yard?

  86. Good job! If you even try to take it to the humane society they will charge you!

    • Kari Munroe Kari Munroe says:

      Sabrina Nicole Why would they charge them?

    • Kari Munroe i wish I knew! I found three kittens and took them in ….. maybe they thought I was the owner?? they wanted to charge me $200. So I took them to my cousins acreage where they live happily.

    • surrendering an animal to the spca costs money but bringing a lost pet to the city doesn’t. They are two separate offices in the same building.

    • Laura J Paquette ah yes but that mattered none. They wanted $200. Period.

    • Sabrina That is great the cats you found were able to go to an acreage But to say good job to someone carelessly DUMPING a cat, that’s not the same thing as your situation.
      It’s not a good job to dump someone’s pet whom may not have the ability to survive PLUS its the owners who should be punished not the animal who doesnt know better.
      Call bylaw or animal control. Drop it off to the pound.

    • Jolene Winters Yes, you’re right. I totally miss read the post!!!! Sorry!!!! I’ve been fostering and rescuing animals for years so I do not condone that

    • Sabrina Nicole they probably thought they were your kittens. It doesn’t cost anything to take a found cat in.

    • Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

      Im not sure the poster dumped it.
      Sounds like they were just throwing the idea out there.
      Any way. That’s not cool.
      After the cat violates your petunias it will go home.
      Drop it in the park and it will become coyote food, or it will survive on bird life.
      Either way, trap it and turn it in

    • Thea Sack Thea Sack says:

      No, they don’t. I have tsken two found animals to the humane society. If you have kept the pet for weeks/months, they consider it yours and charge you to turn it over. If you turn it over right away they don’t.

    • Holly Foisy Holly Foisy says:

      They do not charge any fees to take a cat to animal care and control or the EHS as long as you state its stray cats, not yours.

  87. Aly Khan Aly Khan says:

    Your a piece of shit, I hope someone traps you and fucking dumps you in the woods.

  88. If you think just dropping the cat off somewhere in the woods is okay then you need a labotomy and or a good ass kicking

  89. If cats are roaming and you just catch and dump them somewhere, you are half the problem!!!
    Call bylaw or take it to the Humaine Society.

  90. Ricky Dato I do. Doesn’t bother me.

  91. Ricky Dato I do. Doesn’t bother me.

  92. Ricky Dato Ricky Dato says:

    Doreen Hernandez I’m guessing you also don’t grow anything in your yard?

  93. Not the cats fault. I would simply turn him into the humane society or call bylaw on the owners.
    What else can you do really ?

  94. Ricky Dato Ricky Dato says:

    I don’t see the problem with this people can’t take responsibility of their own pet, so now it falls to the neighborhood? Lol the pound is just killing them off cause people won’t adopt they just buy a new one. So honestly giving the cat a chance at freedom isn’t bad idea. Also cats are crafty it’ll be totally fine.

    • Ricky Dato this is a stupid way of looking at it. Should I put you in a Bush without anything and expect you to survive. Fucks sakes grow a heart and try to see it from the animals perspective. This cat is going to look for it’s normal routine of going back inside and cuddling with family and getting fed. Now it will sit there alone and cold all because of a little shit in the yard!!! Seriously. The mature thing would be call the owners out or call buy law. ORRR get over it. Are you going to start killing birds because they poop. Or dogs because they poop. Seriously WHO THE FUCK CARES AND WHO GOES TO THIS EXTREME.

  95. Mike Goeree Mike Goeree says:

    Wow! You’re just a big piece of shit aren’t you? I hope something terrible happens to you of something you care about!

  96. Eden Eye Eden Eye says:

    When I was 10 years old my cat disappeared and I was heartbroken for years. I never found out what happened to him. He was my only friend. My whole family was devastated. Our neighbour had a cat trap and we believe he did what you just did or are planning to do. Just know that you are likely causing a family and children to be heartbroken and live in a state of unknown. Never knowing what happened to their beloved cat. You are causing people to grieve. A pet is a family member and it is not an easy loss. Best to take it to the humane society so the family can go get it back and be warned not to let it roam freely again.

    • Thea Sack Thea Sack says:

      Or so that the cat can be re-homed with a family who looks after it better.

    • Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

      Keep you cat in your own yard and no issues. My cat has been harness and leash trained since she was 3 months old. Dont tell me it can’t be done.

    • Shawn Silva Shawn Silva says:

      Why is the cat roaming freely such a devastating inconvenience to you folks… what damage is it causing you that you feel capturing it and moving it to some remote place is a humanly decent response? Do you not see better ways to resolve the issue or discuss it.

    • Our previous cat was an outdoor cat and we kept her inside at night in the garage. She was way friendlier out there than she was being an indoor cat. Hubby’s mom was looking after her when we went on vacay and she squeaked out just as we left. She went missing and our kids were devastated. A few other cats went missing around that time as well. We would have taken her with us, but we were going to be down in the states for a few days. It hurts not knowing what happened to her.

  97. You don’t do that. Seriously. I was young kid when someone did that to my cat. Broke my heart. Take it to to spca if you have to. Don’t drop it off in the middle of nowhere. That’s cruel

  98. Kari Munroe Kari Munroe says:

    Talk to your neighbors, find out whose cat it is.
    Be an adult.
    Or take it to the Edm Humane Society, it likely has a chip that can be scanned to find out who the owner is.
    It’s disturbing that there are people like you out there. Complete lack of compassion for a living animal. Shame on you.

  99. Well aren’t you a proud twat
    I hope you’re a mouse or bird in your next miserable life… Over and over again

  100. You cannot just steal someone’s cat because you are mad at it. By all means trap it if it is in your yare, and then hand it over to animal control. Which is what you are required to do. Dumping of animals is illegal. Stealing someone’s pet is illegal. You are just looking for trouble if what you are saying is true.

  101. Doreen Hernandez my Tia is indoors as well. She was pawing at the first sign of Nikko the other day.

  102. Although I can understand your frustration and I am a cat owner who chooses to keep in inside so as not to have it tortured, hit by a car or killed by a coyote…taking your anger and frustration out on the cat is probably not the best answer. The cat is only doing what it knows and if the owner isn’t being responsible, showing the cat “whose boss” isn’t really teaching anyone anything other than your an asshole.

  103. Annette Sando Desgagne my wee Simon is indoor only but he gets visits from outdoor kitties. He waits for his buddies all day. So sweet!

  104. Shay Renay Shay Renay says:

    I understand how cats roaming around in your yard can be frustrating but you dont just dump the cat. What you did was absolutely terrible. The humane society and shelters are around for a reason.

    • Ricky Dato Ricky Dato says:

      Shay Renay they just kill the cat cause thy have no room tho, so is it better to let t live the life it can or just uthinize the bastard… I think as its already been outside and this is such a huge problem in cities with people getting pets they can’t afford or keep . It’ll be fine bud no need to freak out, btw pls don’t vote Justin Trudeau again. 😀

    • It’s actually illegal to do that. It considered theft and animal cruelty.

    • Lisa Hacker Lisa Hacker says:

      Its also against the law to let a cat roam off ur property. Polneed to start putting harnesses on their cats a d train them to walk on it like dogs do. My 3 cats are trained to do it and never go outside unless it’s on a,leash being walked by myself or my hubby

    • Holly Foisy Holly Foisy says:

      Its against the law for your cat to roam on property where it’s not wanted but not against the law to allow it to roam..

    • Jeanette Robinson the shoutout is in the city of Edmonton

    • Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

      Jeanette Robinson from the Edmonton Cat bylaws: If you have an unwanted cat on your property, politely ask your neighbour to keep their cat on their own property. If you do not know who the owner is or if speaking with your neighbour did not solve the problem, you may want to make your property less inviting to the animal.
      Another option is to humanely trap the cat and turn it over to the City.
      It is illegal to put an animal in distress, so you will need to check the trap frequently and will have to provide food, water and shelter for the trapped cat until it is turned over to the City. The cat must also not be injured by the method you use to trap and transport it.

    • Sarah Alice Blabey thank you I realize that. My question was more towards it being illegal to roam. Technically not illegal but it is grown upon.

    • Lyn Hessels yes I’m aware of this. There for it is not illegal to trap a pet and take it to the Edmonton pound. It IS illegal to dump the animal in unknown territory leaving it to fend for themselves. This is considered abuse and neglect and theft. Seeing as a pet is considered property.

    • Lisa Hacker while I totally understand what you are saying there is a flip side….I have had cats dumped on me that would have otherwise been put down but due to being an outdoor cat previously no amount of tactics would keep them in….top that off, it is not always successful trying to train a previously free roaming adult cat on harness and lead…..I swear that they were Houdini’s…… didn’t matter how tight…and I mean damned near to the point of abuse….the harness was they were gone!…..I even tried rigging it where the harness and collar were attached giving me time to capture him if he slipped off….but he would just break his collar…..after awhile you do your best but it’s not always so cut and dry…..let’s try to judge less ……there will always be irresponsible pet owners but not all owners are just because their cats free roaming.

    • Lisa Hacker I’m working on this goal, any tips to help the cats adjust to it? They just flop over and begin passively resisting.

  105. It’s actually illegal to take found pets anywhere OTHER than to the ACC or humane society. I hope Shoutout can trace you and report you for animal abandonment

  106. What a sorry excuse for a human being you are

  107. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    For all of you criticizing this person who wants to trap it, consider this: Last year we had a terrible cat problem. A brood of kittens was born under my shed – second round of cats for the year so it was around August … 2 were pecked to death by magpies, and 2 more froze to death under the shed as we had an early winter. We have coyotes in our area as well so I saw a few cat carcasses. Bottom line – if you love cats or hate them , trap the strays and take them to the pound so they can be cared for, and if they belong an irresponsible owner who doesn’t care to get them neutered AND lets them wander, make the owner accountable not the poor cats, they just do what they do.

  108. Take it to the humane society. Don’t dump it to be some one else problem. These cat should not be roaming free.

  109. Did u bait it with food? Then trap it. By the sounds of it. I’m glad it was shitting in ur garden

  110. If you take the cat far away from it’s home and release it, you are sentencing it to a slow death.
    Take it to Edmonton Animal Control, you sick fuck.

  111. This OP needs to be reported to animal control!

  112. Rob McBain Rob McBain says:

    You are a peice of grabage mother fr

  113. Leah Ross Leah Ross says:

    That’s called animal abuse. Call a rescue. You’re a horrible person.

  114. There’s spray you can use around your yard to keep cars at bay. Release the cat and try that.

  115. Cats need to be kept contained!

  116. Cassie House Cassie House says:

    Take it to animal control. They’ll fine the owner and hopefully it will stop. Don’t be a dick about it

  117. I certainly WOULDNT dump it somewhere! Please find out where it lives and let them know that you’re bothered by their cat. It’s not the fault of the animal, be kind and give the owners a chance to contain the cat or remedy the situation

  118. Coffee grounds in the garden will stop them from popping. You, OP, are a cunt.

  119. Amber Dawn Amber Dawn says:

    Altho I don’t agree with cats running free – this is horrible.

  120. Chelle Bee Chelle Bee says:

    Cats are being killed within city limits by coyotes …

  121. You trapped someone’s cat what’s wrong with you

  122. Lois Sunley Lois Sunley says:

    live and let live …. find out who owns it or take it to EHS so the owners have a chance to find it … this animal is someones pet and as such a member of their family would you appreciate someone picking up a child of yours and dumping it in the country so it doesn’t bother them?

  123. Gord Rinas Gord Rinas says:

    why would you post this..if real
    the cat is more mature than you

  124. Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

    If this post was real, that’s pretty fucked up. Call the city to take it

  125. Faye Segaran Faye Segaran says:

    Take them to animal control … trapping and releasing a tame cat where it can’t survive is the same as killing it which is not cool

  126. What the hell is rong with you? Call bylaw and they can deal with it not your dumb ass

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