Call it off!

Someone is planning a wedding, and I wish they would call it off. I love her, she doesn’t deserve him.
She has cheated, lied, stole, and thinks she has everyone fooled. She is going to hurt him, like she did her other husband.
She has lied about everything, to him, and his family, and they completely believe her nonsense.

I’veTold her she needs to stop. She needs to get a job, and start helping herself, rather than relying on him, and manipulating him to get what she wants.

She has never had a “brain injury” like she claims.
Never lived places she says she has, and no, she was not in an abusive relationship. She has manipulated each person in his family.

She cheated on him in the beginning, cheated with kissing someone else, and she continues to play games while her fiancé is at work.

She throws fits and tantrums to get her way, and people feel sorry for her. She posts selfie after selfie to build herself up. She doesn’tive in a reality based world. She is sick, and needs help.


She needs help. She doesn’t live in a world of reality. She has no idea what is real anymore, too much drugs,.

I told her as much, and she and I are not close anymore. The wedding is approaching and she has no idea how to pay for it, she plans to use years to get his family, or brother, to pay. She won’t stop. I hope she gets help… I care for her as a person.
I would go to them, but I don’t know them personally. She is not the person you believe her to be.
If, and I pray you do read this, and can put the puzzle together. Please don’t allow this wedding. She has destroyed so many people, hurt families before.

I’m sorry i’m not stronger to stop this from hurting you



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