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Hello Everyone!!

First I like to say, I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather we’re having and will have an amazing weekend.
Secondly, I have a friend that needs help!
On April. 4th, my friend started her day off as normally as we all do. Later on that day, she experienced unbearable ache to her back and top legs. The doctor she first seen, thought she had sciatica but while at the doctors, her left leg became severely weak. They had setted up an MRI at the RAH for the following morning because the weakness was not a symptom and they couldn’t figured out why. The next morning when she awoke, she was from the waist down, paralysed. Absolutely no movements, unable to get up off the floor where she had fell. Ambulance had to be called as I could not help her get up. The RAH had done the MRI and diagnosed her with Transverse Myelitis 🙁 This is inflammation of the spinal cord on her T11 on both sides I believe. She is still hospitalized right now and on a long road of recovery. Her Neurologist said he has no prognosis at all for her as they tested her for everything to find the cause of this and nothing showed up and for the fact that it hit her so quickly and severe in less than 24 hours, they believe only partial recovery will be seen. My friend has been a hard worker all her life, raising 2 kids all on her own, financially and physically with no help. She had a career of helping a lot of people. She works as a HCA, was attending her practicum at the UAH for Unit Clerk when all this happened to her. She only had 3 weeks left. A GoFundMe page has been set up because she is going to need a lot of help. Help with getting a ramp installed/built, a higher toilet, changes made within her home, wheelchair, assistance with buying food for her kids as she has no income coming in now. There is I’m sure, many other things that she needs money/help with but these are the things that are crossing my mind right now. Her life has been flipped up side down with no family here but her 2 kids that are in school. I am hoping everyone can share this post and contribute as much as they can to help her and her kids until things get better, I’m hoping and figured out.
The GoFundMe page is:
To those that share and contribute, thank you in advance from me (Melissa), my friend (Karen) and her 2 loving kids.



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