Candlelight Vigil and Light Brigade

Help support us in getting an unbiased health assessment for Lucy at Edmonton’s Valley Zoo. Please read/research/educate yourselves before commenting—this is a request made with kindness, but an important one. We often hear from negative/angry commenters that she’s “fine” and to leave her alone. If you spend some time to read/research/educate yourselves you might have a change of heart.

If you would like more information, a good place to start is here: Check out this most recent viral image that has been making waves of one of Lucy’s keepers hanging from her trunk and pressing the business end of a bullhook into her mouth. Research a bullhook if you don’t yet know why these are so terrifying for elephants.

If you wish to support Lucy, please join us for a candlelight vigil and light brigade on May 21 at 9:00 pm. More info can be found here.



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  1. Its been said over and over again, moving Luzy would kill her. Plz stop and leave Luzy alone. Put yourself into Luzy’s shoes, you will see she is happy and thriving! If you change that you will kill her, do you want Luzy’s blood on your hands? Would you plz think about what’s best for Luzy for a change instead of creating a negative situation!

  2. A while ago I heard about her.. I did some research, and wrote this

  3. I personally plan to advocate as long as it takes for Lucy to be made well and then once she’s healthy, to be moved to a sanctuary. By leaving her alone, we are letting her languish and suffer in a prison, dying early with terrible arthritis and alone.

  4. Alexis, I appreciate that you care about her. I really hope you’ll check out this site: as it has a ton of info from experts about what needs to happen for Lucy to be healthy, safe and happy. That’s all any of us wants. <3 It's too cold, too alone, too small for her here in Edmonton. Check out this video as well….. warning… I SOBBED while watching it! It's about the Toronto elephants moving, but they also speak quite a bit about Lucy.

  5. Gwen Baskin Gwen Baskin says:

    We care about Lucy too, that’s why we want her to have a better life. She deserves it!

  6. Elephants twice her age and with sores and severe illnesses have been moved and have made amazing recoveries. Leave her here and she dies. Move her and she can live as long as most humans. She’s depressed right now. She has no companion since Samantha was sold and she sways and shows the signs that captive elephants do when they are depressed. She can be with other Asian elephants. Doesn’t she deserve that? Doesn’t she get to retire? The whole world is watching, Edmonton!!

  7. Advocates for Lucy are simply asking for a second opinion by an impartial third party species expert. The costs are covered and world renowned experts are willing to come. What would be the harm in letting them examine Lucy? She has an undiagnosed breathing problem that the zoo claims will prevent her from being safely moved. If her best interests are at the forefront, why would she be denied expert help? The one expert the zoo is relying on has examined her many times and can’t figure it out. He also doesn’t have the best reputation in the elephant community. He is well known to be biased towards zoos and circuses too. Lucy deserves to be evaluated by someone well respected with no financial motivation.

    There is an offer on the table from Zoocheck to cover the costs to bring in a team of experts for Lucy. The zoo can help select the experts, she just needs to be evaluated by someone qualified and impartial. If the team agrees with the zoo this will finally go away. We will just advocate to improve her condition here in that case. It’s pathetic that this elephant not only lives alone, but in a tiny barren enclosure without access to even a pool or pond. Asian elephants need to swim, Lucy has never had that chance in her 39 years here. The zoo could find millions to renovate the entrance but Lucy can’t have even simple comforts? Why is this okay with people in this city?

    I have worked with elephants in a sanctuary and know that the zoo is lying about Lucy. First of all she isn’t old, that’s a blatant lie. Secondly older and sicker elephants are transported all the time. I saw it for myself. If you take the time to follow elephant sanctuaries you will be amazed at the transformations in these elephants. A little research will tell you that you are being misled and you will realize that this poor elephant has been suffering here and there is still time to save her.

    Please just look closer. I can back up my statements here. If you would like more information please message me. I am leading the local group trying to help Lucy.

  8. You fools have lost respect due to your lying repeatedly! Seriously, move on to another cause and do Lucy a favor and STFU for good!

  9. Alexis Musik We feel heartbroken about Lucy too. The problem is you are believing the lies from the zoo just as many others do and Lucy is suffering because of it. Ask yourself why there are so many of us who keep speaking out? We have looked closer and it’s horrible how everyone is being misled. Worst of all it will lead to Lucy’s premature death. Do you realize that zoo elephants die 20-30 years earlier then they should? They usually die by mid forties. Most sanctuary elephants are 50-80 years old.

    If you would take the time to listen I can provide you information that would change your mind. I just got back from working in an elephant sanctuary. I saw first hand how truly old elephants can be safely relocated to a sanctuary. I saw a 79 year old elephant make a 40 hour road trip and is now thriving with other elephants. She was alone her whole life too. I can share photos and video. This elephant was almost twice as old as Lucy. She was skin and bones and full of abscesses. Lucy is not old, another lie told by the zoo and she is in better health than many elephants being moved around the world. For Lucy’s sake look closer. Most of the elephants in sanctuaries were moved when they were older and sicker than Lucy.

    I also have looked into Lucy’s situation closely. I have obtained her medical records and was shocked to see only ONE elephant vet has stated Lucy cannot be safely moved. He is a zoo and circus vet and was paid by the zoo to give an opinion. We just want someone impartial to render an opinion. World renowned experts have offered to come and all costs are covered but the zoo won’t allow them in. Why wouldn’t they since they can’t figure out what’s wrong with Lucy’s breathing? What would be so wrong with her getting a second opinion. Doesn’t she deserve that? Please send me a PM if you want to learn the other side. I really appreciate that you care so much about Lucy <3

  10. Brenda Szasz says:

    Some of us, the people who want the best for Lucy, have been lucky enough to go to see wild healthy elephants. If you’ve only ever seen Lucy, then she is your standard for how an elephant looks and acts. And it is WRONG. Lucy SHOULD be in the prime of life at her age. She SHOULD be surrounded by her mother, aunties, cousins, children and grandchildren. She’s actually not even old enough to be the matriarch, but she would have learned enough by now to be one. And she could have had babies for another 20 years in those ideal conditions. She can never have a baby now – but she COULD have friends and the freedom to do what she wants when she wants.
    She could bask in the warm sun laying on soft grass, swim in a lake, enjoy mudholes and slathering herself with mud and dusting with sand, eat ONLY fresh greens and branches of hundreds of different kinds, and she would trumpet and rumble and have a blast. Have you ever heard Lucy trumpet? Have you ever seen her roll in the mud ? Because you sure haven’t seen her rolling in snow – it would NOT feel good to her.
    She is leading a terrible life for an elephant. Her life could be so much better, if people would only take the time to learn what an elephant needs to be happy.

  11. Please, please allow an independent assessment of Lucy. She is not fine, she is not ok – that is obvious to the naked eye. She CAN be moved; eles older than Lucy are moved all the time. This is just an excuse. Lucy needs to be in a sanctuary, living her days in love and comfort, not bullhooks and isolation. At least let Lucy have her handmade coat; why in the world would her wearing not be allowed? Have a heart, let Lucy be examined by an independent expert. What are you afraid of if that occurs? It won’t cost the zoo a penny – if you have Lucy’s best interest at heart, then please accept Zoocheck’s generous offer. Help this girl, as she can’t speak for herself.

  12. Pam Bryan Pam Bryan says:

    I’ll be there supporting the effort to get an impartial second medical opinion for Lucy and helping to educate our citizens who have been lied to by the zoo for too long

    • Annette Whillier says:

      Awesome news Pam Bryan. I would be there as well, if I didn’t live in GP and could make it down there. I will be posting my own picture for her holding a Candle.

  13. The photo you provided is photoshopped!! Nice try but ppl are not stupid! Plz stop this nonsense and move on!

  14. Well said, Mary-Ann Holm. ❤


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