Car accident info wanted

On Feb 17th we were in an intense accident with a black Chrysler 300 in the area of 111st and 23ave. The driver fled the scene prior to police showing up but there is no doubt in my mind the vehicle was NOT stolen. (We have reason to believe he fled because he had been drinking. Because of some things that occurred shortly after the accident we do NOT believe the vehicle had been stolen.)we know the driver was not the registered owner, initially we were told the registered owner was a female and was hesitant on sharing the information of the person that had her vehicle. But a week later we were told she ended up filing her vehicle as having been stolen. We would like help trying to identify the owner and/or driver of this vehicle. I want to make sure these people know first hand how much this accident had affected an entire family. Insurance can deal witih the legalities…but this is all we can think to do to try identifying the DRIVER of the vehicle that night. The driver was a Caucasian male, average height and weight wearing what looked like a cardhardt jacket. He had his working tools in the trunk of the car, do definitely in the trades) He was injured during the accident – and I would assume those injuries wouldn’t have been easy to hide the initial few weeks.

If you know of someone who had a black Chrysler 300 prior to feb 17th, 2018 please comment so we can be in touch. Or..if you know of someone who may fit the description who had access to a black Chrysler 300 (girlfriend or sisters vehicle?) then please comment so we can be in touch. We Are looking to pass this information on to the appropriate people.

Picture shown may not be the actual vehicle involved in the collision on feb 17th. The damage would be very similar to what is shown. This vehicle would NOT be fixable, damage was extensive and air bags deployed.



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