Car sales people!….ARGH!

So I’ve been trying to find a new car. Bad experience with Sherwood park chev trying to upsell the car plus add extras to make more money. I didn’t buy. Then I go to Westgate Chev- even worse. Teresa Anderson took my deposit for a new car switched it (without my permission) to a used car. Then put a sold sign on the used car before I even test drove it. I decided to buy it after test driving cars for one week. So one week to test drive and then I decided to purchase. I put the deposit down, did the credit check and signed the bill of sale. I was waiting to hear back from the bank for the loan. 2 days later (2 weeks total)….
… this was too long for Teresa Anderson and she threatened to put the car back up for sale, saying I wasn’t committed enough. (I thought signing the bill of sale was commitment, plus deposit) . I called the CEO that agreed that the MOST IMPORTANT thing was a fast sale (not customer servlce or satisfaction). He suggested that i post a review in the website (basically didn’t care). Once I posted, Teresa got her friends to give her good reviews (you could tell because Teresa was new there and they said that they bought several cars). Anyways Westgate Chev deleted all the reviews because they didn’t like what I had to say. I work two jobs, my dad is in the hospital and my credit numbers were stolen and someone was charging to my credit cards. I work two high stress jobs and I was dealing with suicidal clients. Teresa just kept saying “didn’t you have a break in the last 2 days?” – no I didn’t. I’m dealing wirh suicidal kids. You would think that after two celebrities killed themselves this last week that people would be more aware, concerned. Westgate Chev thinks a fast sale is the most important thing. I couldn’t buy from them after this. PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN CARS. What’s wrong with this world? Why is 2 weeks too long to purchase a car? Why are car sales people so demanding when the economy is so bad? I don’t get it and I didn’t buy the car and its still there. Wtf?



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