I’m the same. I have a hearing deficiency as it is and accents or deep tones are really hard for me to make sense of.

It would really be nice if people would stop assuming that you’re a racist when you shy away from foreign doctors, and just accept the fact that some people would just like to be able to understand their doc, and make sure they’re being understood too.



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  1. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    Excellent point. My husband is also hearing impaired. Not only is it difficult for him to understand people (especially on the phone) but he also relies on clear pronunciation to understand people in face to face conversations. When he speaks with a person who has a strong accent – especially on the phone, he just can’t understand them. It’s got nothing to do with racism. When he does explain to people he wants an English speaking person – he always explains why though.

  2. Amanda Rose Amanda Rose says:

    yes! for once people need to put away the racist card!

  3. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    Ive had issues understanding lots of people too. I just try harder.. its not always that bad, learn something that doesnt always come easy, and try acceptance in your life lol

  4. if I have a hard time understanding someone because of my hearing I have no problem explaining my issue and ask to have them write things down for me. It becomes a non issue.

  5. Skye Brown Skye Brown says:

    Im the same. I dont know how many times my kids have to translate for me. I generally dont have an issue once i explain the problem.

  6. Brian Booth Brian Booth says:

    I chose a white doctor who’s first language is English for the fact that I got dicked around by 3 previous doctors that immigrated here and I have a medical condition that went undiagnosed for a year because of incompetence by the 3 previous doctors. Met my current doctor and had a meeting with a specialist and was diagnosed properly within 3 days of first meeting him.

  7. I have no hearing issues and I cant stand stand seeing a doctor I can’t understand, I wont do it.
    I dont judge you I completely understand

  8. No, if you want to move to Canada learn to ducking speak English or gtfo.

  9. I really hope you heard them speak before making an assumption that they even have an accent…

  10. Angie Ransom Angie Ransom says:

    I’m hard of hearing. To the point I have metal screwed into my skull for a processor to clip to,so I can hear. (Kinda like a conclear implant,but for hard of hearing people. It’s called a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid.)
    My actual ears are pretty bad for hearing anything.
    I’ve gone to Drs with an accent with no processor on(cuz in the rush I forgot to connect it to my skull). Looking at em totally confused,cuz they’re speaking softly and fast and I can’t read their lips.(accents make that hard).
    Soooooo I just EXPLAIN to the dr that s/he’s talking to a patient that can’t hear him/her. That I’m hard of hearing.
    Know what happens?
    They speak up,they slow their speech and they make sure you’re able to understand what they’re trying to say. I’ve even had Drs write down things I just couldn’t catch.
    One sentence fixes the whole problem….”I’m sorry,I’m hard of hearing,can you please speak up and speak slower so I can understand what you’re saying?” And BOOM…..situation fixed. 🙂

  11. I just grew up where there wasnt really anyone with accents so naturally Its a hell of a time understanding any of them lol, its not racist its takig initiative to better your life

  12. Susan Taylor Susan Taylor says:

    It’s fine if you explain this to the clerk, politely, and reasonably. But don’t tell me “I want a white doctor who speaks English” because I will give you the Scottish doctor with the thickest accent you’ve ever heard, and he’s harder to understand than the Middle-Eastern doctors. Ps//my mother is in her 80s, English isn’t her first language, and she can understand foreign doctors just fine. Besides, they are ALL Canadians now.

  13. I have the same problem with super-fast-talkers, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

  14. I am hard of hearing and do get some people thinking I’m rude. Also definitely understand the difficulty with accents.


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