My cat is lost– please help find her

Can you put a post up about my missing cat Libby

It’s 34 weeks and still missing
We are putting up more missing Libby posters tomorrow.
Posters keep getting ripped down like someone is holding her hostage and not returning her to us
Libby my cat has been missing for 34 weeks.
It is strongly believed that someone has her and is not returning her or taking her to the vet to be scanned for her microchip or taken to animal care & control — doing this would allow Libby to be returned to her family safely.

We’ve been endlessly searching for Libby, invested hundreds and hundreds of dollars into printing and advertising.
Posted on every lost pet page we can find. Kijjii ads, and many more ways.
Posters keep getting taken down.
It’s near 1,000 posters up so far.

Libby where are you?
Praying whoever has you — will do the right thing and reunite you with your family.

Please- please return Libby.
Take to any vet, spca or animal care & control.


We miss her.
We want her back



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  1. That’s why you should keep them inside.

    • what’s the point of this? The OP is desperately looking for their cat. You have NO idea what happened… the cat may have escaped when someone opened the door. Why do you people have to judge others? Bully much?

    • She did escape. This cat was in an amazing home. Has always been an indoor cat. Shes desperate to find her furbaby

    • I do feel so bad for you OP and I also think you are entirely correct in thinking someone has taken her. I’ve seen your posters up now for ages as you live in an area near me. We also had a cat just taken in by someone and after 5 months of searching, he just showed up at our back door one day looking very well fed and kept. We can only assume he’d gotten out of their house and came home. Sadly, several months later, he disappeared again for good. This was almost 2 years ago and I still hold out hope that he’ll escape again and come home. I do hope you’re cat will find her way home to you too. I can’t imagine what possesses some people to just keep someone elses cat without even trying to find their owner!

    • Wow judge much? Did you ever figure her cat escaped the house? They’re little ninjas when they desperately want outside.! Ours is an indoor cat and he still tries to get out.
      How about showing a little empathy?!

    • Pennie Wright cats remind me of my grandson….if they want something or to do something they are going to do it LOL

    • hope you find her 🙂

    • Haha exactly! I just don’t think people should make judgements like this lady did. Yes there are a lot of cats outside, but maybe help her try to find her pet by sharing the post, instead of making assumptions.

    • ppl piss me off….someone stole a friend of mines cat for whatever reason and her friends were ….oh it is just a cat get over it 🙁

    • Exactly! My cat in an inside cat and the minute we open the door he tries to escape! Sometimes he does cuz my arms are full! But I did buy a harness and he’s allowed in the back yard on it and back inside after. Christine Gagnaux you were o point totally unnecessary

    • Im sorry to hear that, I feel for her. 80 % of cats people let outside and they disappear. That is sad also.

  2. Even indoor animals escape their homes occasionally! Try not to judge and just help her find her cat.

  3. Adam Orion Adam Orion says:

    Uhm…I’m not trying to be the most insensitive person ever but…there are a TON of coyotes that live in this city…if your cat is an indoor cat and has been missing for 34 weeks (almost 8 months), I think you probably need to accept the fact that your cat is gone :(. I’m so sorry :(.

  4. For the record.. if you find a cat you cannot assume it’s yours and just keep it, you have to report finding it to the proper local shelter – otherwise it is theft.

  5. I lost my cat for almost six months..I Tried one last effort and offered a reward…she was returned the next day, no questions asked. I just got lucky….

  6. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    have you put this baby on the city lost pet site? from there it is usually picked up by petlinks or something such as that.

  7. Ive heard people say that putting her litter box outside works.

  8. What area is this in?

  9. There are cats for adoption for 15 dollars at all pet smarts and the humane society . Maybe you can replace the love for a new love


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