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We have booked a week long vacation and I would like to hear advice on what to do with my cat while I’m away. He’s just turned one years old and is used to having us around all the time, as I work form home.

Should I get a cat sitter to come in? Leave him at someone’s house, take him to a cattery? Not sure what to do, he’s never been home alone for more than a few hours. Any recommendations, advice or words of encouragement are appreciated.



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  1. Ian Spencer Ian Spencer says:

    Yes, get a cat sitter. Message me and I’ll recommend a service for you

  2. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    well he is still young .. only 1 yr old .. I would get a neigbour to come over once a day and give a little play with the cat .. check the litter and food and water then he wont be meowing and meowing … if he was an older cat .. they don’t mind being alone ..

  3. Cozy Kitty Accommodations.

  4. Cozy Kitty Cat Accomodations is amazing. I was terrified to leave my cat there ….was I ever pleased to see how happy he was there. He likes going there ….still surprises me lol check them out they are amazing

  5. We use a sitter for our cat and two parrots and she is amazing!! She stays at our place. I could give you her contact info if you wish.

  6. Hello my name is Kathy. I run a business that caters to people who are going on vacation and need pet care.
    I think that it’s best for the pets to stay in their home while their humans are gone away. I think it is less stress on them. It is good suggestion for you to have someone to come in every 2 days to spend time with your fur baby. However, finding someone whom you trust to do in home care. Be sure to get references.

  7. We have been using The next best thing for the last 4 years-they come to your house and check on your cats.Way less stress than putting your cat in any unfamiliar accommodations

  8. NerdyKitten Pet Sitting has great reviews and takes great care of your animals while you’re away!

  9. We board ours at Cozy Kitty Accommodations Edmonton and they love it! They get lots of socialization and great care, and the staff posts pictures of them on Facebook so we can see what they are up to when they are away.

  10. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    Agree…leave it at home and have someone come in. Cats are creatures of habit and don’t like change. You being away will be a big change to begin with so it’s good to try to minimize their stress.

  11. i cat sit for a friend quite a bit when she goes out of town, i just stay at her place to feed and entertain the cat, works well, you can private message me if you like

  12. I also run pet sitting service and I would echo what others have said. The majority of cats do great at home in their own environment. The odd cat does ok elsewhere, but most are better off at home with a check in daily or every second day.

  13. He’ll be fine. Just have someone stop in every other day to give him fresh water. That’s the beauty of cats, they’re self sufficient.

  14. we had good friends come in at least twice a day to feed them and give them attention.

    We bought an Rv now so we can take them with us.

  15. Please send me a message at NerdyKitten Pet Sitting we’ll figure something out for you!!

  16. I went to mexico two weeks ago for a week. I had to leave my two cats here in Canada, I opted to have a friend stay at my home and care for them and provide them companionship as they are used to that. They were well cared for and I didnt have to stress them out with a car ride. I know both of my girls dislike the car and staying in different homes.

    If you can afford it or find someone to, I would recommend someone to come stay with your kitty as they’re used to the companionship. At the very least leave them at home with someone coming to feed them 🙂 best of luck!

  17. It’s better for him to stay home. But have someone you trust, and he trusts come daily to feed, water and spend time with him. Cats are not as independent as many people people believe. They are social creatures and need all the loves. Good luck.

  18. It’s better to keep the cat in their own environment.. he may be sad but if someone come to feed slash hang out for a bit he will make it at home

  19. Michelle Gee Michelle Gee says:

    Calico hills cat lodge ! Located just out side of Edmonton. I’ll be taking both my Cats there during a week holiday. It’s affordable and they are wonderful.

  20. We leave ours all the time. Just ask the neighbors to pop in and make sure there is water and food

  21. I took mine to a cattery and honestly it wasn’t the best option. He did stressed out a lot . He was very dirty and his hair was failing down. I would said the best thing to do it’s leave with someone, or even better if someone can go to your house!

  22. Susanne Gale Susanne Gale says:

    If u do not have someone the cat knows and is comfortable with, HIRE a reputable cat sitter and pay for the service. This cat is a precious possession and you do not want to upset him. He would be happiest in his own home. Twice a day is recommended as a week is a long time to be left alone. Not only do u want food, water and litter looked after, but someone to soend time with the cat. Do not leave a tv or radio on unless this is what the cat is used to. Our cat is used to a quiet home and would go crazy with a radio or tv playing. Check out NerdyPet as I’ve seen excellent reviews.

  23. Find someone you trust to come in every other day to look after him.
    If you give dry food, and he doesn’t gorge himself then leave a bowl of food and 2 bowls of water.
    Have someone come in to feed, water and play with him.

    Cats are very independent and can safely be left at home without interaction for 3 days. After that it’s best to have someone check on them.

    • Susanne Gale Susanne Gale says:

      I disagree with leaving a cat alone for 3 days. They need human interaction, A cat just left alone does not know if the owner has just abandoned them. Also, what if a cat takes ill…3 days is a long time for a cat with a bladder infection, or with a male cat getting a glockage in his urethra. This is your animal companion. They have feelings.

    • Susanne Gale I have left my two..max 3 days and they have been fine. Cat’s are very independent. I love mine more than people. And I stress when they are alone. However experts say cats are more attached to places than people and do not miss u as much as dogs do.
      But to each their own

    • Big difference in leaving 2cats alone as opposed to 1.

    • Jane Moraiko-Rowland I left my one guy home alone too. Gave him lots of dry food, 3 bowls of water. He was very happy to see us buy otherwise fine. Like I said…to each their own

  24. I would probably just have someone come in

  25. Lynn Zettler Lynn Zettler says:

    I have my daughters cat and dog at my place while she is in NZ. Week 2 of 3. She is fine

  26. Charlie’s Furr Friends Etc. on face book. we have used her numerous times

  27. Cats are happier in their own homes. Hire a pet sitter to come daily or every second day. Leave a radio on.

  28. Vanessa Rem Vanessa Rem says:

    NerdyKitten Pet Sitting has been great with my 4 cats whenever we need someone. She comes to your home.

  29. I have a friend come In. She is awesome

  30. We used cozy kitty boarding services. Our little guy did absolutely fine there. If the kitty is spayed or neutered they are allowed to roam and play with other kitties.

  31. I would have someone come every 2 days.

    But if you need care, and kitty is up to date with shots, there are some fantastic kennels.

  32. Someone to come into your home. Contact While the KAT’S away!

  33. Cats are pretty low maintenance compared to dogs. You could have a friend come in every day and feed water and litter box check and that should be fine. They do best staying in their own environment

  34. Leave him in his own home where he is comfortable . Cats don’t like to move around and be transported and stuff. We get a friend to come by once a day or once every second day to top up food and water and change litter. Leave a radio or something on so it’s not so quiet in the house .

    • We can come to your home where your cat is most comfortable. You decide how many visits they need. We are reasonable and it eliminates your cat’s stress of going to a place they are not familiar with.

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