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Cbd for 13 years old migraines

My daughter deals with migraines, she’s only 13 years old. I’m running out of ideas on how to help her.

I have used all the home remedies, and we have been to the doctors and hospitals… I was just wondering about CBD for migraine on Kids…. Has anyone used it on their kid? Is there a doctor that is cannabis friendly? I just don’t want to walk in the retail stores, I wam hoping to see a doctor to get an opinion.

So if you have had any experience or if you know a doctor, I would appreciate the advice. Thanks,



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  1. MigrainesStink says:

    Is your child getting enough sleep, water and nutrition? Is your child exposed to a stressful environment or experienced trauma? Are there possibly triggers from food, like chocolate or ketchup? Does your child watch a lot of TV/monitors, play alot of video games (esp. VR) and/or uses mobile devices a lot? Is your child parented by those devices? Does children’s advil not sufficiently work? All valid questions before CBD.

    Anyway, if you were to just go ahead and give your child CBD, you are right on hillbilly Alberta standards. Alberta loves its child abuse and neglect, unsupervised children, exposing children to harmful people and environments, even sexual abuse and conditioning children for early onset of alcoholism and addiction. Not saying you’re like that but society obviously wouldn’t care either way, cops have the IQ of the stripes on their pants (and can also be distracted by innocent coloured folk or free steroids) and I happen to know of judges who rape teenagers, abuse children, put import European beer into sippy cups and even rub their little wienies at masonic shrines. It’s probably all good!
    You can always contact Health Canada to be certain; they are always helpful with a health minister who sends the public into shopping frenzy. What has your family doctor (if still practicing or allowed to practice in AB! Lol and has nurses who actually want a pay cut!) said about the issue? You do have a family doctor, right? They are significant in the continuity of care of a patient.

    Satire about hillbilly Alberta aside, I hope you find something that works for your child and can manage the migraines. You can always try health link 811. The nurses are amazing, helpful, caring, productive, attentive, responsible, honourable, aware, intelligent, educated, experienced, skilled, talented and basically everything else the government of Alberta is not. Give it a try, they may be able to refer you to a specialist or a practitioner in cannaboids?

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