Cedar Publishing – Scam!

I want to make the public aware of an international scam company that operates out of Edmonton.

The name is Cedar Publishing. Today, they claim they publish books for authors.

Last week it was magazines and sold adds.

Before that it was ad design.

They change their company often to keep away from the public that is on to them.


What they do is send bills, preying on large businesses, in hopes that the company will just pay it.

I operate an owner/operator business so they tried to send me a bill. When I refused to pay cause I didn’t order the add they played a fake phone call that implies someone at my “company” agreed to the add. Only, I am the only person that works for my company.

This company then went on to harrses me for over a year. Calling me every single day calling me names threatening to send me to collections. They also horrible names like a few beat that doesn’t pay bills, shitty business owner, one even went as far as to call me ugly. Just horrible people.

Needless to say I didn’t pay and they eventually went away (and no collections).

Police are aware of them but due to the fact that this scam affects business internationally, and most victims dont even know They are victims, there is not much they can do. Yet.

If you are or know someone who has been harrased or sent fake bills too, contact police. They have an open file.

Sometimes they actually do publish these fake magazines (child find, nurses association ect) so they can say they printed an add.

The book publishing thing is a cover up for the same scam.

Stay away and please report it as you see it.

They, and the horrible owner, have been getting away with this for too long.



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