Century park driving school dishonesty

I called century park driving school and asked about driving courses. I found out all the prices and what it included and said I was requesting their instructor ‘Sharon’ for my in car sessions. The owner said I couldn’t have sharon as she was “retired and no longer teaching”.

I decided to check into a few other schools to find a female I structorblike I had wanted.

I became furious a few calls later when I actually did find the instructor ‘Sharon’ and that she was STILL teaching and she was NOT retired like the century park driving school had said. They outright lied!!!!! Is that how you run all areas of your school? Makes me wonder about your honesty in every other areas of what you d or what you say.

I found out that Sharon has opened her own driving school. It is Sharon’s Driving School Ltd. She is still teaching. She is not retired.

Still so shocked at people that outright lie through their teeth.


Shame on you – owner of century park driving school. Start telling the truth to ones you deal with. Dishonesty is a very unattractive characteristic to have.

I would not deal with century park driving school or their business of any kinds that they are involved in.



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  1. Sarah Anne Sarah Anne says:

    Most businesses won’t give out contact information or their employees (current as well as past) for privacy reasons. Also, you never know what the terms were that she left that employer. Who knows, maybe she did tell them she was retiring. Also, they are a business. Giving you someone else’s information takes away from their business. This doesn’t make lying right but it’s not like “Sharon” still works for that same company.
    I feel like this is a bit of a stretched reason to slam s business with. Just my opinion!

  2. I agree with Sarah.
    Op needs to chill the fuck out.

  3. You sound whiney…its driving school not rocket science….who cares about the instructor.

  4. Why would a business give you information that would take business away from them. It’s a common practice. Tons of businesses lie. Most you just don’t know about.
    Examples :of a hairstylists leaves a salon. Most businesses aren’t going to tell you where they went.

    • Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

      you are right there Denise .. use to go the a hotel for breakfast every Sunday . .favorite waitress quit and moved on but they would not say where she moved to .. .. a company does not want to give you that information as they will lose your business..I stopped going there after awhile .. was not the same ..

  5. I’m more shocked that you’re shocked that people lie!!!

  6. Please don’t drive

  7. Maybe that`s what Sharon told Century when she left; that she was retiring. They didn`t lie to you, she couldn`t be your instructor if she no longer worked there.

  8. Jill Morin Jill Morin says:

    There’s a pretty good chance that Sharon told the company that she was retiring.
    At my job, we tell people that a past employee has retired, when he had an alternate reason for leaving, and he may or may not be working. It’s just a more polite way of addressed the situation without disclosing his personal information

  9. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    Obviously they are going to lie if she has her own school now. Like wtf do you expect. That’s their competition. Of course they are going to lie about it. They know you want her specifically so they will lie to try and keep your business…..

  10. Sandra Wells Sandra Wells says:

    Whoa! You are totally in the wrong for calling out this driving school and posting it online! You don’t know what she told them when she left! Shame on you! You have your instructor, so what’s the beef?

  11. Maybe Sharon told them she was retiring and then decided to open her own school.

  12. Brad Daniels Brad Daniels says:

    So if you go into home depot do you think they’re going to tell you about Lowe’s when they have the same product to offer you? That’s not the way business works

  13. Elaine says:

    They lied. I took driving lessons from sharon last year when she was teaching at century park. She was doing lessons for her school that she had just opened when I was doing my in car sessions. The owner of century park knew she had her own school. As she was changing from her sign off the car, to the century park sign off the car.
    When my little brother was ready for driving school- we went to Sharon’s driving school for him.

    I had spread my lessons out over a five month span of time. Sharon had her own school that whole time and was still doing some students for century park too as well.
    She was building up her business and getting established while still working for century park.

    They def knew she was NOT retired.
    They def knew she was STILL teaching.

    All it really takes to find out- if you’re that curious—- call sharon at her school at Sharon’s driving school Ltd.

    Not too hard to dial ten numbers to find out. Lol.

    I myself personally- would be cautious in joining a school that dishonesty isn’t a big deal to them.

  14. Wow this was worthy of a facebook post. Slander a business who you haven’t done business with. gotta love the internets where your identity is anonymous.

  15. Thank you
    Melissa Nameembra for tagging me about this post.

    I’m sharon. I did work at century park full time until I started processes of starting my school. And then I did part time at century park, and a couple other schools, while I was still doing time at my own driving school.
    I didn’t retire or quit teaching. I’m focused on my school fully.

    I’m still friends with century and will refer students to century park and other schools too, if the students are outside my boundaries for teaching that I cater to, or that I’m booked and can’t get a student in with the timeframes they have requested to be completed by. Or they have limited English and would do well with an instructor that speaks their language.

    I wish century park and every other school in the city great success.

    There is more than enough students for all the schools.

  16. Maybe she never told her former employer that she was opening her own school. As well, they have no obligation to refer you to what has become their competitor.


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