Century Park

In case there is any confusion at century park…..this is a NO STOPPING sign.

You giving me the finger for laying on my horn because your holding up traffic to let people out of your car does not change the fact the road is 1 lane in each direction and there are a ton of NO STOPPING signs!!!!



5 Responses

  1. Is this the biggest problem in your life? I would say not. Re-evaluate. If you’re flipping out over someone stopping and then taking it further by posting this insignificant BS online, something else is bothering you..

    Address that!

    • I know. Saw lots of this yesterday. Posting Anonymously to someone who will likely never read it solves nothing. People have doing this kind of stuff for a long time. That not likely to change.

  2. Adam Dee Adam Dee says:

    “Those just mean no stopping for everyone else. I’ll only be stopping for a minute.” —O.P.

  3. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    To all of you complaining about this blame the ones you voted for !

  4. James Risk James Risk says:

    And one bus lane designated for parking and drop offs. But if they are talking about the road leading back in behind the station where the park n ride spots are… that is only one lane each direction. And God forbid anyone delay them from getting to the Starbucks there.

    I’m also not sure I’ve seen any no stopping signs there. Because you know, It makes a lot of sense to have no stopping signs in an area with crosswalks and a lot of human traffic in between the park and ride area and the terminal.


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