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Change my mind re: trans people

Not intending to come across as hateful in this post. Please, change my mind.

I am, and always have been, accepting and supportive of the lgbt+ community.

What bothers me, though, is taxpayers paying for any part of gender reassignment. Hormone treatment, breast reductions or implants etc.

I am a cis female. I am ugly. I feel like a beautiful woman trapped inside an ugly woman’s body. My features are too masculine for my liking. But nobody is going to pay for me to have my jaw chiseled down, or some ribs removed.

Why on earth would taxpayers be expected to pay for someone else to have procedures done so they can look on the outside like they feel on the inside?

Help me understand.



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  1. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    if you want to change from man to woman or woman to man .. it should be on your dollar and no one elses .. why should the government help you out ..this is not life or death .. if you don’t have the surgery that you are going to die .. not health risk ..

  2. If you want change fight for it. Don’t condemn those who had the desire change the system and then did something about it. Get up and away from your keyboard and do something besides cry….

  3. OP, you have been misinformed in several regards. Of the provinces that fund SRS (sex reassignment surgery), they are very specific about the qualifications for SRS, and what will or will not be funded. Facial feminization, “tummy tucks,” rib removals and other procedures designed to enhance features are NOT covered. The applicant must have lived openly as the gender they identify with for at least 12 months, and must have completed 12 months of hormone therapy. Waiting time for a surgery is about 20-30 months. You might feel like a, “beautiful woman in an ugly woman’s body,” but words like, “beautiful,” and, “ugly,” are subjective. They have no clinical basis. Gender dysphoria, or gender identity disorder (GID) has a definite clinical significance and basis. SRS isn’t simply done for vanity, or because you’d prefer to look or live as a different gender. It is performed and funded based on the research and life experiences of trans people that prove these procedures are life-saving measures. Many trans people have their SRS applications rejected regularly. The ones that have been approved will often have a history of gender dyphoria-related depression, multiple suicide attempts and self-harming behaviours. SRS can be the difference between a life of misery and alienation (that possibly ends in suicide) and the chance to live a stable life. Do you know that there are people that lived with GID, who have died seeking black market surgeries, or attempting their own surgeries? That saddens and angers me more than the thought of a minuscule portion of my tax dollars funding life-saving, identity-affirming surgeries for the people in my community and my country who have been proven to need them. Funding has been pulled and reinstated several times over the years for SRS in Canada. It it continuously reinstated after every attempt to pull funding because decades of research and life experiences demonstrate a need for it. I hope my words and the words of others will have some impact on you, OP. Be well.

  4. The fact that tax payers foot the bill for any surgery related to any issue that you may personally have is actually of benefit to you because it opens the door to fight for more. Look at this as an opportunity to make a change otherwise it’s just mindless bitching

  5. Tracy Tracy Tracy Tracy says:

    Also the struggle that Community deals with goes far beyond taking a couple ribs out to getting a nose job because they don’t think they’re beautiful. This is about finally getting to be the person they were meant to be

  6. Tracy Tracy Tracy Tracy says:

    Like apples and oranges

  7. Definitely an interesting point of view I haven’t heard come up yet and I can definitely relate to a lot of these things.

  8. Anytime you say you support someone then add a but to it, you basically remove the fact you said you support trans people.

    The surgeries that are funded are very few to begin with, yet someone can drink and drive which is a choice, hurt themselves in horrible ways, and that’s covered…. Gender affirming surgeries are saving lives, kinda like someone needing open heart surgery. It’s not a choice, it’s a requirement. Hormones aren’t covered cuz they are a medication. People wanna bitch and moan about having to wait for a surgery, but the people performing those surgeries are not doing the ones for gender affirming surgery. So it’s not like they will do a vaginoplasty one day and then shoulder surgeries the next.

  9. Eden Eye Eden Eye says:

    I actually agree with this. People with fertility problems – an actual medical condition – have to pay 10’s of thousands of dollars for treatment. Doesn’t sound fair to be that you can get implants just because you want them.

  10. Because it’s a mental health issue and that’s just as important as physical health. Needs vs wants are two very different things.
    And I doubt you would ever understand how much a transgender person actually needs it, considering you haven’t even stopped to think about what it would feel like trapped in a body that doesn’t feel like it’s yours, or what it could do to the mind!

  11. Myra Maines Myra Maines says:

    Breast cancer survivors don’t always get in for reconstructive surgery either. They’re put on long wait lists.

    They’ve been to hell and back fighting cancer. It takes a toll on them physically and emotionally. They simply want to get back to some normalcy in their lives. They look down and look at their ravaged bodies EVERYDAY.

    Breast Cancer survivors are no less deserving of short wait lists and funding than any other group.

  12. Would be nice if AHS offered a sort of subsidy program for surgeries of any kind that are needed but aren’t covered, like half and half co-pay?

  13. Ric Hard Ric Hard says:

    They waste our tax dollars on so much stupid shit, at least they are helping someone in this case and not being fraudulently offloaded through the back door. Sometimes it’s all about perspective.

  14. I think a lot of people are going down a slippery slope when they say tax payers shouldnt pay for gender reassignment surgeries. Just because it doesnt apply to you doesnt mean it shouldnt be available. Just because you dont need cancer treatment doesnt mean someone else doesnt. This is what our health care is for… so that *YOU* get what you need, and mostly when you need it. Its not your body, you have NO idea how it affects them. Its a HUGE fucking deal to come to the conclusion that surgery is right for them. Its a massive undertaking that takes a lot of contemplation and even therapy. Its not given on a willy-nilly basis to anyone who figures they want a change.

  15. Changing your mind comes from introspection. No one will change your mind if you’re determined to feel a certain way. My question is why would you feel more entitled to human rights than any other person?

  16. Barry Martin Barry Martin says:

    I feel like I’m breaking some sort of law for being a straight male these days.

  17. I wish it was better funded. Non of my son’s transition is/will be covered. He doesn’t even have drug plan to help with the cost of hormones. They will not pay for his surgeries, actually we were just talking yesterday about how much he was going to have to save up to cover his top surgery.

    Now let’s look at the bigger issue regarding trans people. The lack of appropriate medical care period. Did you know that in order to be allowed to even start hormone treatment they have to undergo 2 yrs of therapy and be Dx with a mental health issue first. And did you know the wait list to be seen by an appropriate mental health worker is years long? Finding medical doctors to actually then prescribe and monitor the meds, to do the surgeries etc is even harder. The top person from edmonton just resigned, and his wait list was 4yrs long before he resigned. There is no other care in edmonton yet, Calgary is also over burdened. Those in outlying communities have zero access.

    So just to be allowed to be themselves medically they have to wait years to get into therapy, spend 2trs in therapy to get a referral to a dr and then wait years again to begin the process, and in the case if the butchering top surgeries that have happened, wait years again for corrective surgery.

    They are extremely limited in access to any treatment, these things are not being handed out freely and easily

    As for therapy, if you sit on the wait list to see the therapist that is funded it is the same as anyone else trying to be seen in mental health. Nothing is being taken by trans people from you.

    None of my son’s treatment has come easily or free. Just like any treatment I want for my ugly ass self does not come easily or free. The bigger difference is I don’t have to fight for my right to be me and be forced to undergo therapy and be Dx with a mental illness just to begin treatment in the first place.

  18. Hormone treatment isn’t covered and it can be horribly expensive.

    SRS is covered, but only a limited number of surgeries a year. There’s a several year wait list and there are costs out of pocket for room/food/travel since the only place to have it done is Quebec right now.

    Breast removal and hysto is covered for trans men, it’s approx a year or two wait for those surgeries.

    For breast removal, there is the option to pay out of pocket to have it done faster.

    Keep in mind, in order to access all of this, one has to see a gender therapist and be recognized as trans and go through psychological evaluation

    For SRS, you have to see two mental health professionals who have to agree that SRS is the best choice for you. So if they decide you aren’t “worthy” you’re shit outta luck for SRS

  19. Nicole Smith Nicole Smith says:

    People CHOOSE to smoke and put shit chemicals in their body that we all KNOW are detrimentally horrible yet when they get lung cancer, we pay for that treatment.

    People CHOOSE to drive vehicles, motorcycles, skateboards etc. Then when they crash, we pay for their treatment.

    People drink alcohol. When they need liver transplants, we pay for that treatment.

    Just because you cant SEEEEE a physical ailment in someone does not mean they are not detrimentally suffering a life threatening condition on the inside.

  20. Alexis Musik Alexis Musik says:

    I had breast reduction 30 years ago. It helped my back and my confidence. I didn’t pay either! What’s your thoughts on that?

  21. Pam Taggart Pam Taggart says:

    I would rather my money went to someone being healthy and happy than drugs and alcohol but I don’t really get to choose.

  22. While I feel like no one should have to “change your mind” on why it’s necessary to care about others and allow them access to the same spaces as everyone else, I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt and hope your opinion comes from a place of misinformation. So here goes:

    The fact of the matter is that these procedures are already strictly limited by the government as to how many people can access surgeries with approved funding in the first place, so please don’t misconstrue it as though you are personally shelling out thousands of dollars; you’re not. There is only ONE public clinic in all of Canada. And if you were to ask any one of the surgeons/team of doctors who works closely with these individuals they would all tell you these surgeries are not cosmetic, but considered life saving.
    According to the Canadian Suicide Prevention organization, trans folks are up to 43% more likely than any other demographic to attempt suicide.

    Also, as far as where taxes go, I personally don’t appreciate the Government buying a multi-BILLION dollar pipeline on my account, but yet here we are! I’d rather put my money towards others receiving the adequate care they need, as ALL individuals who are deserving of respect and access to healthcare services.

    Edit: (source)

  23. Welp this is going to be a dumpster fire of people who either dont understand or don’t want to understand. It’s quite a bit different. A lot of misconceptions (or ignorance) in here. Only certain things are covered. There’s a lot more to being a man or woman than tits or a dick. Cosmetic stuff isn’t covered. Hormones aren’t covered. The reason any of this is even a thing is because worldwide doctors have said it’s medically necessary it’s NOT cosmetic. I don’t expect many people here to actually be interested though, most have preconceived notions that they don’t want to be challenged on.

  24. Arthur Sk Arthur Sk says:

    Welcome to political healthcare

  25. Meh…. I had a breast reduction and a tummy tuck and the government paid for it

  26. Nicola Robak Nicola Robak says:

    hear hear taxpayers should not be footing the bill for these surgeries these people need mental health care not taxpayer funded surgery

  27. I don’t comment here often but today is personal…
    How many times have you tried to kill yourself because your ugly?
    What’s the stats on ugly people attempting suicide because of their looks?
    Have you tried cutting off your ugly parts?

    Not loving yourself is not body disphoria!

    Over 40% of trans teens have attempted suicide. That’s just teens!

    People with body disphoria (not trans) try to remove their body parts they feel are not theirs!

    Your self esteem is telling you your ugly. Trans people’s brains are born in the wrong gender.

    Gender reassignment surgery saves lives!!!!

    People who do not understand or have basic education about trans people are the reason it is not safe for my child to go out alone.

    Have a transgender child and tell me you feel it is elective!

  28. Ashley Cragg Ashley Cragg says:

    Because it’s a birth defect. They are born with the genitals of the wrong gender. If your child was born with both you’d have one removed. It’s mentally not good for their health. How would you feel if you had a wang?

    Sorry you’re ugly though…..

  29. Feeling ugly or having saggy skin is different than the need for gender surgeries. Its just sad some can’t tell the difference… Whats even more sad is the whole if they get something I should too crap, and because I didn’t they shouldn’t… Sounds like a toddlers mentality to me. How about to use your energy to try to change the system so you can get your manly chin chiseled or have your saggy skin removed.

  30. Oh my. Apparently all the people commenting are perfect, healthy, and stunningly beautiful. They have obviously never dealt with not being attractive by society’s standards if they don’t think that ugly, fat, “imperfect” people don’t get bullied and face ALL the same issues…

    Also, on a side note, infertility treatments are also not covered or funded by government. Ask anyone who has gone through that if it didn’t impact their mental health and then have this same argument. I dare ya.

  31. I too am ugly and would like change the way I look a bit ..been that way my whole life, I feel ur frustration but I don’t think all procedures for trans are free either

  32. I have a trans friend who is having to save up to his breasts removed. It’s NOT offered up for free

  33. Exactly. Sorry but if want surgery to change who you are then you pay for it. My tax dollars should NOT be paying for someone else’s transformation

  34. I’m guessing with some of these hateful posts your mind won’t be changed. I guess just be thankful you don’t have have to deal with all the hate they do

  35. Trans surgery isn’t cosmetic, or a preference. There is a deeper mental health effect in people who are living in the wrong body, and the wrong gender. Depression, isolation and anxiety is the tip of the iceberg with trans people. I’m happy to contribute to *everyone’s* physical and mental health.

  36. I don’t think it should be covered. Just like any plastic surgery we have to pay out of pocket, so should they.

  37. Tina Adam Tina Adam says:

    Actually if you cried hard enough , tax payers do pay for it. Have it affect your mental health for years and you will get it covered. I’m not talking a yearly check up boohoo I’m talking weekly councelling (sometimes more), perhaps the inability to date, suicide attempts, documented eating disorders, if you’re young failing grades, have it affect you FOR YEARS document everything with those weekly visits to doctors, hospitals etc try EVERY treatment they give you (whole heartedly otherwise they will know) and then your procedure will be covered.

  38. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    Really does the tax payer cover Rovers bill when he gets his balls removed ,nope ! So why are they expecting us as taxpayers to pay for their nip and tuck !

  39. Aaron Frank Aaron Frank says:

    Completely agree with the OP. I was 300lbs lost it all now I have skin that sags, yet AHS won’t cover my tummy tuck.

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