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Cheap Cigarettes?…

Where can i by myself some cheap cigarettes?

I only got 15 dollars until the 20th i was told this web site will help me with that stuff.



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  1. If one pack lasts a week for the op, I’d say that’s pretty incredible!

  2. Where do you live? So I can smack you upside your small, rattling head! Get a second job to afford the smokes that will be most likely the reason for your death, or quit! Dummy!

  3. Do your best and make the best decision for yourself at this time

  4. Ashley Madge Ashley Madge says:

    15 a carton in ontario

  5. Also dollar store has gum/ hard candy to get u thru craving till payday if that helps.

  6. Graham Frost Graham Frost says:

    A 20 pack of pall mall XL are $10.78 a pack at Daly grove mini mart.

  7. Child tax isn’t for cigarettes

  8. I got a pack of Canadian for 5 dollars from someone downtown he said he sells them for 5 all time

  9. Sheila Gough Sheila Gough says:

    neighbors convenience store in millwoods, just off 34 street and about 25 ave

  10. Stop smoking if you’re so poor! Find a free smoking cessation group!

  11. Just quit smoking is disgusting and expensive and you clearly can’t afford the habit

  12. Just quit you’ll save a lot of money while you’re at it

  13. Hahahhaha dumbass troll.

  14. I suppose I’m lucky at 6$ a pack

  15. Phillip Morris smokes are 13.45

  16. Quit smoking start vaping!! 20 bucks a week no prob!!

  17. Martin Food Store
    10134 156 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 2P9
    (780) 944-1568

  18. Find a friend with a treaty card lol and drive to enoch

  19. Brock Hart Brock Hart says:

    Time to stop being a fiend and quit

  20. Tiff Wapass Tiff Wapass says:

    Paul mall at Safeway gas station are like 11.00

  21. Quit smoking, start vaping. Cheaper and a 60ml bottle lasts days. Better alternative.

  22. When you get paid, buy a vape. It’s way cheaper and after the first 3 days getting used to it, you won’t want to go back to cigarettes. For now though, pick butts and buy a 20 pack.

  23. Kara Fehr Kara Fehr says:

    Domo usually has cheapest price for cigarettes.

  24. Quit smoking, start vaping

  25. Look around in ashtrays

  26. Lots of ashtrays, lots of butts.

  27. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    Maybe ppl shouldn’t tell him/ her what to do with their money or weather they should quit

    Believe me none of that is your business

  28. Carmen Shaw Carmen Shaw says:

    Quit smoking, save tons of money

  29. Nemi Rai Nemi Rai says:

    If you can’t afford your habit, you shouldn’t do it.

  30. Maybe don’t smoke until then. If you only have $15 till the 20th food might be smarter to spend your last $15 on…

  31. There’s this little store by the CI west that sells cheap smokes.

  32. Small convenience stores tend to sell for less.

  33. Pouch of Drum tobacco & rollies.

  34. James Musat James Musat says:

    It’s an undercover police operation.

  35. Kevin Blais Kevin Blais says:

    LOL, cops be tryin to catch people

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