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Cheap family lawyer

Looking for a cheap family lawyer. Need to get full custody of my kids.

They are very unhappy with shared custody arrangement as their father is mentally and emotionally abusive.



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  1. Been There says:

    Katie Noel (lawyer) works with Legal Aid and a very good lawyer.

  2. CantFoolMe says:

    I call BS and stupidity, all of it.
    You probably have malicious parent syndrome and are trying to alienate the father. Maybe you even have a worse pathology like a personality disorder. Maybe you can’t get over him so you need the children to harm him, maybe you’re so self absorbed that you need control and don’t care about the harm you’re doing to the children.
    Anyway explain emotional and mental abuse, and provide some examples and evidence of. Also explain how the children are better off with one parent. I’m not buying it one bit, think your allegations are weak and believe you have motives other than actually looking out for the children. But all you have to do is make claim and in your statement of claim file whatever horseshit, conjecture, false accusations you want, without any evidence, and giddy up, you’re good to go. This is alberta, children’s lives don’t matter, fathers are dead beats, evidence is irrelevant, opinion is fact, fact is opinion, precedence does not matter, rule of law does not exist, and provincial court judges are child predators who prefer fatherless children and broken upbringings. It’s all kosher in AB. Boobs and a pouty face will get you far but lawyers lie for a living so recruiting one will help your case as well. so make sure you pay a lawyer for docket court to help destroy YOUR, your exes and your CHILDREN’S lives.

    • Badmoms says:

      Yaaaaaaa…..probably got dumped and this is her payback, hurt kids to try to hurt the ex.
      I would not be surprised if she has psychological issues and addiction problems.