Check in with with your daughter!

If your preteen/young teen daughter crosses at the push cross walk 38ave/millwoods rd east to catch bus in AM she was almost hit by a truck about 8am, as it raced through the flashing 30 lights.

She did bang into the passenger side, truck kept going. I stopped biy she said she was ok & didnt want to use my phone.

She was really shaken up. Long blonde hair, jean jacket. Hope she’s ok. Contact me through here if you need a witness for anything.



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  1. Glad you helped the girl… sadly you never thought to give her your number…

    • or she didn’t want it. Sounds like she was not wanting any help

    • Maybe… we will never know…

    • Or it’s possible no one had a pen on them… either way… I’d call RCMP and let them know…. my brother was hit when he was 9… I’ll always be grateful for the man that stuck his information in his pocket. He came to my house and we took him to the hospital (he was visibly injured but refused to stick around due to shock)… we contacted the man that saw it happen and he had already phoned police… the hit and run driver was DUI… and charged.

  2. Thank you for being an awesome person! I hope the family who needs this info finds it!

  3. Glad your daughter is okay, but just because you are at a crosswalk with lights, it’s always good to look and make eye contact with the cars before you step off of the curb.

    • Diana Roach Diana Roach says:

      True. But sometimes jerks pull out from behind the line of cars that have stopped to pass them on the left ( i have seen it too many times and that action has killed a few people in Edmonton) impossible for person to see them coming

  4. Contact police as a witness. If the girl was hurt and reported it later, there might be a file open and you could help again by coming forward.

  5. Jenna Flamen Jenna Flamen says:

    She could have felt some shock. Of what had just happened or thought it was her fault and not want trouble

  6. I hope you got a license plate and reported this asshole. Seriously drivers other peoples lives are just as important as yours. Slow down


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