Check Your Just Energy Bill

Just Energy is my current provider for electricity and gas since 2014. I’ve been a loyal customer~ until now. I will admit since 2014, I’ve not compared my bill to other providers. My fault. I’ve been complacent.

I asked 2 friends what they pay for kWh and GJ.

I was shocked. I’ve been paying for electricity 8.69c kWh and gas 5.99 GJ ~ compared to 1.xx/ either kWh or GJ- Highest they’ve paid is 3.xx.

Needless to say I will be using other providers; Epcor and Direct Energy.

I know life is busy~ take a moment and view your energy bill and ‘compare’… you may be surprised.


A lesson learned..



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  1. Liz Johnson Liz Johnson says:

    Isn’t just energy those door to door scammers?

    • I don’t know but my husband let a direct energy person in a year ago and they wouldn’t leave, threatened to break things and yelled at us then slammed our door so hard the walls shook when they left.
      Needless to say he learned to step out onto the porch to talk to people.

  2. Lisa Wood Lisa Wood says:

    I would stay away from Direct Energy, too, as there have been many stories of them ripping off customers. Check out Sponsor Energy. They will give part of their profits to a charity (chosen from a set list) of your choosing.

    • But if they didn’t give any of their profits to charity, they could charge less… You really think that companies that give to charity charge as little as they would if they didn’t give to charity? No. They charge what they need to get their bottom line plus the amount they give to charity. In the end the customer is paying 100% of the money that goes to charity. The donation is embedded in the cost so that the company loses nothing. They just sit back and look good while you, the customer, do all the giving.

    • And they get the tax break.

    • Lisa Wood Lisa Wood says:

      Michael P. Keaton or maybe instead of slamming them right away, look them up, give them a call, and compare their rates…I’m paying less than I was with Direct Energy and Epcor.

    • That’s all fine and dandy. All I’m saying is that a company giving to charity doesn’t make me want to subscribe to their services any more than any other and that a company that gives to charity isn’t doing so selflessly. They’re doing so to bolster the public’s perception of them and for the tax breaks.

    • Ashley Cragg Ashley Cragg says:

      Direct energy and epcor are cheapest no matter what. They are the default providers and the only ones who don’t charge an extra $1 per as a provider fee.

    • Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

      Krista L. Zimmerman has a point. They get the tax break from your donation. I would much rather get my own tax break from my own donations….

    • ‘Don’t use them because they give back to the community and get a tax break for it.’ Do you know how ridiculous you sound? Not to mention douchey and selfish.

    • Direct Energy is not the cheapest… they are the worst. I had nothing but issues with them not sending me a bill, etc. I’m with ATCO Energy now and couldn’t be happier.

    • Marie says:

      Michael P. Keaton — excellent observation. In the end/at the end of the day; ‘It’s all Business.!”
      You obviously read between the lines/can see through a lot of the bullshit that’s out there!
      I agree!

    • Maya Dines Maya Dines says:

      Terry L. Morphy, gas or power?

  3. I was paying 5.89 kWh for electricity for at least 5 years finally I called Epcor and asked them what the rate has been at for 2 years to find out it’s never been over 4.00 in 2 years. I changed to a flex rate and my bill was cut in half. I’ve never had a bill this cheap in years. Definitely need to look at your bills and shop around.

  4. Rem Lea Rem Lea says:

    Dont lock in with anybody. Stay regulated. If you have locked in, get out when you can or when the savings benefits outweigh the penalty to break contract. They get you on the premise that youll be protected when market regulated rates increase. The problem with that is that NG has been cheap for many years and isnt likely to increase anytime soon. Electricity has been relatively flat on average for a long time too, but harder to predict. And if you feel like market rates are going to skyrocket, then by all means, lock in but dont expect to pay the regulated rates. Just shop around and do your homework first.

  5. Cody Ryan Cody Ryan says:

    Yes, you really have to do your homework or any utility company will try and screw you over. They are also using scare tactics right now to try and get everyone to lock in at the current price. So be aware of that.

  6. Be aware you will have one hell of a time trying to leave your “contract”

  7. Same thing happened to me changed to Epcor and my bills are so much lower

  8. Tina Conlin Tina Conlin says:

    I use Epcor and just looked at my bill I’m paying 3.33/kWh….is there a provider that’s lower?

  9. Direct Energy Deregulated Service or Essential Services is the contract based one (like Just Energy) stay away from them also!!

  10. Ty Moss Ty Moss says:

    Direct energy is a nightmare. Absolute nightmare.

  11. Just wait. Our gas bills are going to in January..again

  12. Marie says:

    I’ve written before in someone else’s similar post… decisions, decisions, choices, choices…

    Wrote: “Keep it Simple!”
    Epcor and DERS (Direct Energy aka old Atco)

    It’s much nicer nowadays since they’ve prohibited those annoying door-to-door ‘direct sales punksters’ from knocking and pestering us all throughout the year.

    It has always been blatantly obvious that to have changed from my original providers meant only higher prices somewhere hidden obscurely along the way.
    Obvious that their need to send out young troops to compete for the business in trying to get you to switch with their ‘song and dance’ sales pitch … meant only middle-men sales commissions to add in and pay plus probably other surprises along the way.

    I’m old fashioned in more ways than one – when it comes to certain changes.

    Good for you for switching back !!!

  13. Pam Newcombe Pam Newcombe says:

    Always get your utilities from the company that’s in charge of distribution. In the city for power water and sewer it’s epcor (edmonton power corporation) and for gas its atco. Theyll be the lowest price cause then your not paying middlemen companies to basically just do paperwork.


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