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Child Support

Most of you who are owed child support will be happy to hear this. My ex had not done his taxes in 8 years. He can’t get any of the federal or provincial benefits that are being offered for the corona virus without having them done.

He finally got them done. This means I will finally get paid up. Just thought I’d share a ray of hope to all the single parents out there, who are waiting on support. 😀😀😀



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  1. Idiots. says:

    These two just pissed cause they in the same boat

    • IdiotMoms says:

      Nah, I read everything. I am of the belief the poster is the “idiot” and “capital L loser” . To me it sounds like someone is profiting off children and during a time the government has taken on the responsibility to ALL people during a pandemic. That delinquent bank account probably looks good but how are the children developing? What kid of person profits of children besides child predators?

      Check out some research and stats on fatherless children. Nobody should be concerned momma got herself a new phone, a new car and some new shoes.

      • IdiotMoms says:

        Fatherless children are a good predictor for:
        Poverty, homelessness, runaways, suicide and mental disorders, drop out rates, sexual abuse and abuse, addiction and substance abuse, violence and criminal acts, rape etc.
        Mighty fine work, moms profiting off their children.

      • IdiotMoms says:

        ….delinquent’s bank account.

  2. SinglemomsStink says:

    I just have to shake my head over this mom. Capital L Loser.

  3. ProbablyAnotherLazyFatso says:

    You sound like a very nice person. That’s actually a joke. COVID-19 is flying around and your ex has obviously been struggling; probably got railroaded by one of the provincial pedophile judges in family court, and your concern is money. Do you actually see your ex as a father and your kids as children? Let me answer that so you don’t have to be embarrassed: no you don’t, you see “baby daddy” (demented, trendy white trash talk) as a cash machine and your kids as dollar signs.
    So pathetic. Typical trashy, fatso, useless female in Edmonton. I hope you don’t get a dollar and your kids suffer because YOU are a egotistical, self entitled, yet useless mom. Get a life and a real job, loser. Kids are kids not a source of income, they are a life long committment of personal sacrifice, you twisted, muffin topped, lazy, ugly albertan.

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