Chill the F Out 😡

To the old guy in the Red Truck, plate BRX 8308, who decided to call me a fucking bitch, cow, and number of other obscenities while my child was in the car…relax you old asshole.

You make your right hand turn, I’ll make my left. As you’re in a truck and I’m in a car, I’m sure you have ample room and don’t actually require the two lanes you were taking up.

Good thing guys like you make “North Side” live up to its low class standards. Thanks buddy. Class act.



8 Responses

  1. Ruth Beter Ruth Beter says:

    Just ignore people like that, they probably wont see your rant and you don’t want to spark road rage, i know its frustrating but there will always be people like him our there, don’t worry he knew what he was exactly doing just to get you going, don’t let him win, smile and drive on

  2. Old guy and low class North enders…hmmm now whose showing class. Lmao.

  3. Sue Dubya Sue Dubya says:

    There are low-class Edmontonians in all neighbourhoods in this city. North-end, south side, west end, east end, downtown. Choose your words carefully, sista! Something tells me I have more class in my North-end little finger than you have in your entire body. >:-(

  4. Renee Huff Renee Huff says:

    Well, if you weren’t driving like shit, he wouldn’t have felt the need to flip out on you for your driving habits. There’s ALWAYS two sides to every story, and you’ve left out A LOT of information on what you where doing wrong. OH, and PLEASE post your liscense plate number too so that the general public has a better idea of your driving skills when we see you in public.

  5. Wow how ignorant! Low class standards? Look in the mirror. That is low class

  6. Haha north side the best
    Can’t handle it stay the fuck on the other side of the river

  7. At least people in the north side can drive the farther south you get the worse the drivers are haha

  8. And you calling him an ‘asshole’ puts you in what class?


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