Christmas 🎄 🎁 gifts

This year instead of getting angry at the people that buy children’s gifts at Walmart prices and sell them for ridiculous prices I am buying a stupid “fingerling” and the other two that are projected to be top toys at christmas right now. I will be giving them to one of the toy drives that sell and donate proceeds apropriatly.

This crap happens every single year and I realize people will now buy to sell later for their own greed but it was worth the shot putting this shout out out there for others that want to do good at Christmas or maybe just buy their child a popular gift ahead of time.

Happy Halloween 👻



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  1. Tina Duncan Tina Duncan says:

    If a fingerling is so dumb why are you buying it? Maybe you should teach your child that Christmas isn’t about the latest toys and take them to volunteer at the HOPE mission. Let them see children that have nothing and teach them values.

    • Shanda Leigh Shanda Leigh says:

      Just saying how do you know this person doesn’t already do that… instead of bashing her for saying she is going to donate an expensive and much wanted toy to a children’s charity either keep your opinion to yourself or just say hey your doing a great thing for someone else’s family who may not get a great Christmas, good for you. She isn’t buying them for her kids….

    • Do you do that with your children?

  2. Most of my household gifts were done by end of August. Just need a few gift cards (as those are easy to either lose or spend) and my gifts

  3. What’s a fingerling?

  4. You are wonderful….I love to see stuff like this

  5. What are those new spinners called…..fidget spinners? Save-On-Foods on Gateway/Calgary Trail has tons on sale for $2.99. LOL

  6. Kim Davis Kim Davis says:

    Speaking of Christmas, toy drives and Wal Mart, Wal Mart has a ton of toys on clearance right now.

  7. sometimes the best gift is one that is hand made, be it cloth, wood, or food… it’s what comes from the heart that matters, not the price tag…

  8. Jenna Unrau Jenna Unrau says:

    Holy shit thank god!! Its one thing to go to say, a garage sale, and re sell shit for a profit from there (not classy)
    But when you start adding children into the mix, that automatically makes you a piece of shit!

  9. Kerry Lynn Kerry Lynn says:

    I’ve already seen women in a mom group talking about Costco having the hatchamals out (last week).

  10. Supply and demand, it’s the way the world works! If you don’t wish to overpay then don’t. Ffs


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