Christmas Ideas for the Real World

I should have posted sooner. Too many parents are freaking out and over spending yet again and will end up buying toys that will soon be forgotten.
Did you know that children are actually more creative when they have fewer toys? Did you know they sleep better in rooms that are not cluttered?
How many parents have piles of toys already and want to buy more? Why? It’s mostly just over packaged junk anyhow and hurts the planet your kids will grow up on.

Buy smarter not more. Give your kids a card promising a trip to the zoo, lake, or Drumheller. Give them experiences. Have your kids ever been out of the city? Experiences are more memorable than plastic gifts.



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  1. Dean Gascon Dean Gascon says:

    Sometimes it The time with the parents that kids want.Memories are the best gift of all and a child’s smile.

  2. Erin Johnson Erin Johnson says:

    1. Something to read.
    2. Something to wear.
    3. Something they need.
    4. Something they want.

    Who needs more than That?

  3. In countries where commercials are not allowed to target kids I imagine kids want less stuff… and don’t beg parents to buy so much crap.

    • Erin Julien Erin Julien says:

      You’re so right about that. My son doesn’t watch cable TV (we like Netflix/you tube) and he doesn’t ever ask for much of anything because he doesn’t see any ads for toys.

  4. this is Canada in 2017
    Not 1985.. times change.

  5. Kerry Dechka Kerry Dechka says:

    Opening a summer time trip isn’t exactly fun on Christmas morning. I have such fond memories of my Christmas’ and getting a gift was exciting; however, my mom and dad did it smart. Xmas eve were always Jammie’s, Christmas morning was our stockings and one main gift and items we required for the year (like clothing she would have bought anyway, but made it fun by wrapping it). I just told my mom the other day the stockings were the best part and what I remember most. There was not a lot of expense put into this, but it was the creativity my mom had knowing what each of us would love to get made it memorable.

    • You can go to the zoo in the winter. I am not sure if Fort Edmonton is open then too.. you can go to “the lake” for ice fishing, skating.. Drumheller would be fine in the winter too.. the museum is open year round and fewer crowds plus the heat won’t kill you if you go for a hike.

  6. For older kids I think this is a great idea. Young ones don’t understand “here’s a piece of paper promising something we are going to do in x days/weeks/months”

  7. Marie says:

    Sound sensible post. Agree. Also promises the entire family/or single parent(s) with their child(ren) … an outing together as a family. The gift of family enjoying/doing/going out somewhere together … will likely be fondly remembered in years to come, brought up by someone saying “remember when…?”
    Material junk can’t even compare.

  8. There is also the idea where children can still get toys for Christmas, but to teach them that not all kids are so lucky to have toys, so have them purge their old toys to donate.
    Kids get toys, bedrooms are not cluttered. Kids are taught to think of others. Win-win for everyone.

  9. There was a study done a little while ago. It found that more gifts at Christmas and birthdays caused children to become stressed. They become overwhelmed.
    Less is more.

  10. Ashley Cragg Ashley Cragg says:

    ❤️❤️ I did this this year. Scaled waaaaaay back. Got her 2 things she really wanted. And then art supplies and a coupon book for things like a manicure date, afternoon at treehouse, dress up lunch at a nice restaurant…. I actually feel really good about spending less this year. Especially since last years hatchimal was only played with for like 5 minutes haha

  11. I agree, I get my kids what they need, i wont spend tons of money on gifts that will be forgotten. I only get them things that i wouldve bought anyways only because I dont believe in wasting money just because its a holiday. It has turned into a commercialistic holiday and not atime of love and togetherness

  12. Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

    Do what works for you, why do you care how I spend my money.

  13. Appliance boxes were the best!

  14. I have developed instant adoration for the posts where strangers teach parents how to raise their kids and what to give them for Xmas. Thank you, OP, for knowing my child better than I do.

  15. How about you mind your own business and let people do what they choose with their own kids.


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