Christmas stress

(Srry for any spelling and grammr mess up. Not my strongest point. I do suck at it. But my phine us also damaged making it hard to type.)

I Use to live xmas. But since having a child. My family been on my ass to out there for xmas (mom and bitchy aunty). Pretty much saying they will disown me if i dont come. I just turn 22 and have a rough patch with my mom. (Dads out of the picture) i feel like crap around her.

I dont drive and they live in veg and the house is messy af nit the best for kids and no where to sleep when they want us to stay..i just Cristmas with my own lil family. (Mom dad and baby) sick of bei g pressured to plz everyone and get Stress and Anxiety over. I just want to stay home.

(As i said i dont drive and they always expect me to go there but never come here..)



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    • Marie says:

      Chris Dumais – I “ditto” this, your first reply on OP’s post.
      Stay home OP … plain & simple. End of Story ~
      End of Story here for you OP, and End of Story for all the others crying boo-hoo-hoo and wallowing in self-pity … Just stay home 🙂 !

  1. Look my advice is to do what works for you. You don’t owe anyone the obligation of visiting, especially if they can’t be bothered to come see you.

  2. You’re an adult. If you don’t want to do something don’t do it.

    It’s not rocket science.

  3. Politely tell them you’re going to spend Christmas at home. If they “disown” you over something like that they are not worth worrying about in the first place. People shouldn’t invite people unless they are actually prepared to accommodate them (have a place to sleep)

  4. Kelley Ware Kelley Ware says:

    Honestly if that’s how your mom acts, I’m not sure her disowning you is bad.

  5. They’re being manipulative and unfair. Enjoy the holidays with your little family, and tell them you’ll see them in the New Year. You don’t even have to explain WHY you don’t want to go. Just tell them “that won’t work for us this year, hopefully we can see each other in the New Year” (if you want).

  6. LOL, stay home. There’s four bonuses to that 1. You (not so subtly) call them out on their own selfishness and 2. You get what you want which is a clean home, warm bed and time with your child and 3. you teach them that you’re an adult now and can make your own decisions 4. You can look at this as a opportunity to start your own traditions with the family you are forging. If your mother disowns you because of this then that’s HER problem not yours. This isn’t a problem, they issued you a challenge. This is a control issue, its abusive and it’s her bullshit to own. You should let go of this guilt. Be happy for the sake of being happy. It’s ok to say no.

  7. My advice to you is…. You do YOU… if they ‘disown’ you, that’s their problem and their loss and not yours, from the sound of it. They need to grow up. I realize that its hard, being a young mom..but as you get older, you will see, it will get easier to do your own thing and not worry about pleasing others and what others think. You’re a mom now, you have a family…time to start making your own traditions. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

  8. Everyone else has already said what I would write. It’s YOUR life, YOUR, family. If they would like to come for a visit consider inviting them over for a tea or a dinner that you’re comfortable making.


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