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Christmas Woes

This year has been by far the worse year I can imagine. My dad passed away in January and my mom has got diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. She has just a month or two left and, that is being generous. Single mom of three and just got laid off from a job that I’ve been at for 15 years. Money is tight, food is limited and Christmas might be a thing in this house.

Now, this post isn’t asking for any form of cash, gifts or items. It’s simply stating that, this year has been a bad year for many. Standing in the line at Sobeys the other day grabbing my usual groceries when my kids asked for chips. Now chips aren’t really expensive but, when your limited funds it means alot. Tried telling them politely that we couldn’t get it this time but next time. My kids are aware of my situation and just agreed. No arguements no nothing. Like any parent, well you feel bad when you can’t give your children stuff. Looking at my coffee, figured and said. You know what. Mom will get coffee another time. I pushed my cart aside. Let the man behind me go.ahead and we went to put the coffee away. On our way back.we grabbed their chips and stood back in line. After unloading the groceries, the cashier began ringing my stuff in. The total came up to $65. Instead of asking me for money, she swiped a gift card and then, passed me the card. Confused I was like , what is this. Long story story. The man behind me left a $200 gift card for me to use. He told the cashier that the fact that I was putting away my coffee, reminded him of when his mom.was struggling. That he never wanted to see anyone struggle.

Beyond grateful for his kind gesture. When your at the lowest point of your life, all you need is that one random act of kindness to boast you back up. I remember sitting in the csn crying. My eldest, she said. See mom even Santa sends elves to help our parents too.

His name is Chris Wagner, and the location was millwoods. You don’t know me but, you have uplifted my spirits by doing this. It’s just not about the gift but, because your random act of kindness told me that I can get through this trying time. Your kindness will be repaid but paying it forward.

Merry Christmas everyone



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story & experience of yours. Blessings to you & your’s. <3 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    heartwarming, be happy, share the meaning with your kids, they will love you for it.

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