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Cigarette Delivery

Do you provide delivery services? i need cigarettes and my car won’t start. Looking for a carton of DuMaurier King Signature.

Thank you.



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  1. Jennifer Semeniuk says:

    Well hello! I saw “gas” and “smokes”! If anyone had mentioned the serial touching love Doctor worshipful bro Ron Latch we would definitely have fire!…and then someone would have to contact Paul Semeniuk, his thin blue line EPS bros are posted here already as well.
    Any body for a massage?

  2. CST. Heinz Schilling says:

    Shalom it’s cuntstable Heinz Schilling of the Edmonton Pervert Services. If this is a post about stolen smokes, I’m in! I love stealing gas so smokes could be more lucrative. Trust me folks, I’m another good guy of the EPS.
    Just a big shoutout to everyone showing their support for masonic-jewry – it’s what made canada the best in the world!
    My personal favourite freemason of all time is kiddybomber Fjotolf Hansen, Anders Behring Breivik. He is an exemplary example of the jewish workman, from the lodge symbolic of the jewish kingdom and serving the master of the chair who represents the jewish king. He has done it all as it pertains the craft: hate propaganda and islamophobia, creepy and predatorial behaviours, targeting and sacrificing innocent children and youth and even wrote the zionist manifesto which may even be a greater work than the Talmud!

    Anyway, back to cigarettes. I will take as many cartons with the five finger discount as I can, keep it on the D L. Any reservation smokes? I can take those too and sell back to those savages. Oh, EPS is hiring: if you have permanent residency, a high school diploma and behavioural problems, we WANT YOU!

  3. FreakyOccultistDiddlingCanada says:

    William Lyon MacKenzie King’s apron was taken away. His associations to masons and his presence at masonic rites and on documents are known as well. It is also well known he fancied the occult and prostitutes, children and seances. He also wrote about freemason’s abduction and murder of people. Canada is such a grand lodge of depravity.
    I will take a pack of smokes also please.

  4. Charlie M. says:

    How come the judges and justices “ad” is no longer accepting a democratic voice? I literally had “probably the greatest judge in Canada’s history” according to Oxford Journal of Legal Studies!!!! He was even appointed by freaky freaky freak freemason bro William Lyon Mackenzie King!
    Supreme Court JewJustice IVAN RAND was the greatest ever! He was also on of Canada’s greatest zionists ever from which a fellow jew even referred to him as an “intolerant bigot”. The pedophile, zionist, racist, ethnic cleansing, masonic-jew IVAN RAND also was way ahead of his times in applying the politic of law (anglo-hebrew masonic-jewry) to white people he also hated and wished to exterminate, like French Canadians, Catholics, Jews and Canadians who weren’t of British stock! It is obvious if there were more Ivan Rands around that Canada would be a much more stable, united, strong, free and advanced than it already is!
    White anglo-hebrew God, bless white, anglo-british-jew Canada, Christian and Jewish Zionism, racism, genocide, pedophilia and little Israel and UK in our courts, parliament, legislatures and city halls! White anglo-hebrew God save the Queen of the UGLE.

  5. Sgt Mike Elliott says:

    I don’t know about everyone else but I’m smoking! Promoted to staff sergeant with my competence and inclusive policies. The EPS is properly promoting and discharging people obviously.
    I also created the white genocide police association mantra with help from judeo-Merica! I am, in many ways, a hero.

    I know people might think this is racist or white supremacist but it’s not it’s about protecting jobs and marginalized people like white people and cops.
    White genocide mantra: “anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white” -JewFreemason Bob Whitaker

    So I came up with a fair Police Association mantra: “….the [anti-racist] task force is just using racism to promote its own version of anti-racism”.

    As one can see even multiculturalism is a foreword for white genocide and that is why I am an inbred caper.

    Now that I’ve posted and the public knows they are in good hands I just want to give a big shoutout to my thin blue line bros of the white and blue neo-conservative, christian and jew zionist EPS. Keep defacing the Canadian flag even bros, you are such true Canadians and Edmonton’s finest!
    Brad Andrews
    Brad LeBritton
    Brad Skuba
    Curtis Hoople

    Oh I see somehow our wanna be white and wearing blue Hongmen already recently made shoutout so a big shoutout to the our hongmen:
    Rob Chan
    Terence Mak
    Tony Chin
    Matt Li
    Jin Lee
    Lisa Mah

  6. Sgt-UCP Director Ryan Becker says:

    Hey it’s Ryan Becker and I am joining the conversation after seeing RCMP getting themselves involved in the “searching for this lady” and “vaginal rejuvenation” posts. I was a sarge with the Royal Cryptic Masonic Ponysoldiers and then I did what any uneducated cop could do, politics and sand/gravel! Thank White, anglo, rabbi, masonic, pedophile God that I am not only UCP northern director and CEO of Knelsen Sand and Gravel, but also for Ann Knelsen’s $8000 UCP donation to give albertans a transparent democracy.
    Anyways, call me an insider, I can get you your smokes buddy!
    What you need to do is go see the ex-minister of No-Knock canvassing, Tyler the lodge kurva Shandro and inquire about the new AHS jet! Seeing this jet was purchased (with public funds) off the philanthropist and worshipful bro Jake Fehr after his $5200 UCP donation, after philanthropist and worshipful bro Louis Fradette of alberta business loans helped worshipful bro Fehr purchase CanWest Air, AHS should be able to deliver your cigarettes for you! Just put in the request.
    You should stop smoking anyways, alcohol, cocaine, oxy, crude-bitumen-asphalt-tar sands, hydrocarbons, polluted groundwater and sulphur are all much better for you.