Class 5 Advanced GDL Test

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I need to take my class 5 Adv GDL test to upgrade my license but I haven’t had a great experience with the 3 road instructors I dealt with for my previous class 7 and 5GDL tests; they seemed to disregard common sense and practicality when providing road tests. Seems to me like they are vague with their definitions for their requests and very specific with how they want to grade during tests (and if they are having a good day or not). Everything in theory is set or hypothetical, while in reality you take actions in the moment.

For example: Parallel parking. Nothing extraordinary, except when they ask you to do it on a reduced space with a pile of snow and ice creating a slope on the sidewalk, which in reality that would be why people don’t want to park there. This isn’t a matter of “well, maybe you stink as a driver” because everyday there’s someone out there that makes me think how the hell did they get a drivers license.

So I would like to read your experiences and opinions on these questions I want to ask my next instructor, although I fear if I do it will trigger them. I don’t want to be paying for more tests because they didn’t like me. 🙂

I believe I got these questions from reading requirements from the driver’s guide handbook and some registries websites.



Speed. What is “slightly below the limit”? 5km/h, 10km/h?

What do you qualify as “slow-driving”? How much under the limit in each limit zone? What is slow-driving in a 50,60,70,100 zone?

Jaywalkers. “Avoid stopping unnecessarily for potential jaywalkers”. Describe a potential jaywalker. How do I as a driver design who is a potential jaywalker and what if I slow down to avoid them but cause a potetial hazard to the driver behind me?

“…The appropriate speed is determined by road conditions and visibility obstructions” – What is the appropriate speed for the current conditions (especially during winter)?

What is defined as “unnecessarily cautious”?

“Driving in the middle of a marked roadway for extended distances” – What are extended distances? 10 meters, 1 block, 2 blocks?

I hope to read your comments !



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  1. If you think driving instructors are to hard…..just watch Canada’s worse driver….they all got a license…like really….how hard is it for you?

  2. I feel if these things are hanging you up this bad maybe driving isn’t for you.

    I hear edmontons transit system is fabulous lol

  3. I have nothing to say except that I agree with you on the parralel parking thing. I was asked to do it behind a super expensive SUV in the middle of winter with hard icy snow piled up on the road. It stressed me out so bad that nerves got the best of me and I failed the rest of the test. I got another fail for not stopping before turning right at an amber light; I’ve yet to see anyone actually do this on Edmonton streets, “in real life”

    I had terrible test anxiety, but booked my 3rd and final (successful) attempt in St Albert during the summer; the examiner was wonderful and I was at ease from the moment I met her. Good luck. 🙂

  4. 1. Slightly below the limit is 2-3km/h lower then posted
    2.anything more than 10 under the limit is slow driving
    3.a jaywalk is anyone not using a crosswalk
    4. Use your judgement
    5. Being way to careful
    6. Don’t ever drive in the middle of a marked roadway

    Honestly every question you asked is common sense

  5. I feel like some things depend on the evaluator. My son got points taken off for going the suggested speed limit in an off ramp because I had told him to watch for that and the instructor said he was going too slow. So when my daughter went for hers, she kept this in mind and went faster then the suggested speed limit on the off ramp and got points taken off for going too fast!! When she said what had happened to her brother, the instructor had no answer.

    • Marie says:

      Similar in sense, but different … when my son had points taken off for slowing down at ‘side-street’ intersections even though the signs were in his favor. I had cautioned him to do that ‘slow down a bit’ for I have seen others run their sign many times before on residential side-streets. As a matter of fact, my son had been with me one day to see exactly what I was getting at.
      His evaluator asked him why he was slowing down … he simply said, ‘my mom suggested I do’ … evaluator said, ‘well you don’t, you have the right of way.’ So basically, what we both got from that is the evaluator/s don’t care if one gets T-boned at an intersection because someone else runs their sign.
      Go figure !?? Bloody idiots!!

  6. Marie says:

    Things have change dramatically from 40ish yrs ago when I got my license.
    I don’t know about now, but remember when doing my road test (only had to do one those days… no such thing as graduated steps)
    … the instructor I had tried to trip me up a few times to see if I knew different and/or was paying attention.

    Anyhow, if I was taking my road test today and some arrogant instructor told or asked me to parallel park in a spot that had a hard icy snow pile up/slant or super tight squeeze between two other vehicles – I would simply say to the instructor, something along the lines of; ‘with all due respect sir/ma’am… I don’t plan on parking up against conditions like that in the future… I’d rather drive a little distance further on up to a spot with less obstruction(s), if you don’t mind’ — — — but that would be me.
    I don’t believe it is written anywhere that a person’s passing is dependent on the exact spot an instructor picks … especially if the conditions are bad (they know it and you know it), and you would never try to park in something like that anyway. But who knows … ?

    Also, back in the day, my road-test person picked a decent spot for me to parallel park.

    Sounds like there are/may be some questionable instructors out there these days that shouldn’t be doing that job.

  7. This is Edmonton, so here is a short list to fit in with everyone else on the road it seems:
    1. When merging onto freeway or highway, do not bother using the run on / merge lane to get up to congruent speed with traffic. Force your way in at least 20km under the speed limit, before slowly getting up to speed. Screw the poor suckers behind you who had to stop because you can’t enter a highway/freeway.
    2. Keep to the left lane, forget about faster moving traffic. Your jam is on the radio, and you won’t be bullied by someone who just wants to get by. While you’re at it, make sure you’re speed matching other slower traffic in the right lane, that way your rolling road block can keep that massive line of cars behind you, and a stress free clear road ahead.
    3. Anytime you see someone accelerate to get ahead and begin signalling, floor it. That guy/gal can get in behind, or take their next turn off.
    4. If you see a pedestrian waiting to cross the street, glance around to make it look like you don’t see them. Be careful they don’t step out, but if they do, honk and yell at them. Otherwise ignore them, you won’t be delayed by some old lady who would take forever to cross, you are much too important to wait for her.
    5. When making a left turn at an intersection, don’t pull ahead and let cross turners see the traffic behind you. Sit there until the light turns yellow, then you can be the only one who gets to make the light. Remember, you are special.
    6. Handicapped stalls in front of stores are optional. You will just be a minute. In lieu of this, take two regular stalls, keep that paint job safe. Now every lot is a Costco lot.

    I’m sure there is a lot more I am forgetting at the moment, but this should be a decent starting point.

  8. Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

    do yourself a favour and pay for a two hour pre exam practice session next time lol lol all your questions will be answered… ya know – the ones you asked here that youre expected to know before you get tested lol

  9. Cameron Lenz Cameron Lenz says:

    bribe them ……… just keep extra 100 or 200 cash if you failed 2 times this would pay off in the long run, every one is driffrent, by that i mean everyone has their price money make the world go round , the worst that can happen they say dont come back, you say good day and hope the next one goes cheaper.

  10. Ann Shilka Ann Shilka says:

    My question is why are you driving in the center of a marked roadway? Any distance is too far. Stay in your lane.


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