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Come on guys!!!

Found a smouldering cigarette on a walking trail today!

If the skies arent enough evidence of how serious the fire situation is then you are something dumb!



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  1. I agree that throwing a lot cigarette on the ground is completely irresponsible…. lumping ALL smokers together and saying we don’t care about the environment is ridiculous….. there’s smokers and non smokers that can care less about the environment and there’s smokers and non smokers that care very much….

  2. James says:

    Carry around a pocket ashtray at least ffs

  3. David Wilson David Wilson says:

    Smokers don’t care about the environment.

    • David Wilson I have to disagree… I’m a smoker and I always put my butts out and discard them… I think it’s fair to say some smokers don’t care about the environment and in turn some non smokers don’t care about the environment…. you can’t lump
      Is all together that’s very unfair!!!!

    • Morgan says:

      That’s an unintelligent and ignorant statement.

  4. Well this comment should garner me some heat LOL!

    I don’t expect much from smokers — a filthy habit

  5. Good for you, Chris! I don’t know you, but I’m rooting for you!

  6. Why assume it’s a guy and not some girl?

  7. Pls butt out… smoke responsibly. Thx

  8. Tina Landry-Slade lol there’s no such thing as popcorn lung. Don’t believe everything you see on Facebook.

  9. Preston Gavel popcorn lung is just as if not more deadly linked to vaping. Good time to quit: I will need to take my own advice

  10. Chris Chamaschuk Been about 3 weeks for me.

  11. Chris Chamaschuk awesome you are doing great!

  12. OP probably put his butt on the ground for a good photo opportunity

  13. I watched Burning Butts being flicked from 2 car windows within 30 secs. Maybe the nicotine causes brain damage IDK.

  14. Jason Villen Jason Villen says:

    If there’s a flood and u can’t swim those beautiful cig. Butts can be turned into a floating aparatus

  15. The ignorance of some people.

  16. Bunch of douche bags….

  17. Chad Ohman Chad Ohman says:

    I watched four construction workers cross in front of me coming out of the Canadian Tire in St. Albert and one of them flicked his lit butt on the ground. Like come on.

  18. Total nonsense water bottles, portable ashtrays in your car come on people be responsible.

  19. That’s a special kind of stupid.

  20. Chris Chamaschuk good for you !!! Keep it up !!!!!

  21. Dave M. Kool Dave M. Kool says:

    If I see someone do this, I’ll make them eat it. No internet tough guy bullshit, I will just pick up their butt and shove it in their mouth.

    I’m fucking fed up, I have nothing to lose and I don’t give a shit anymore, the province is burning most likely because of some other idiot doing the same thing, so fuck them and fuck anyone else who’s stupid enough to do this right now.

  22. Megan Riggs Megan Riggs says:

    I haven’t had a smoke in 11 days

    • Going on 3+ years myself, give it some time and you’ll lose all the feelings associated with it. Then you’ll be free to focus all that wasted time on other things.

    • Megan Riggs good for you its hard!!! I just celebrated my 1yr smoke free… never looking back I feel sooo much better.. its freaking hard though!

    • Siobhan Taylor, it gets so easy… You won’t be even thinking of it much longer. Pretty soon you’ll forget all about it. The addiction loses it’s grip on you and you’ll find yourself filling the time with other things.

  23. Debbie Ward Debbie Ward says:

    How utterly insane is that??.Man, how bloody ignorant can someone be.

  24. If it comes out of the pack, put cigarette butt back in the pack

  25. I was swimming in our lake , 3 adult men playing in the water with a smoke in their mouth . Ask him where is he planning on discarding it , started yelling at me to mind my own business , he was obviously a tourist. So I yelled at him told him I live here and we want our water clean . Everybody started clapping , that was in the water , the young men left . I’m a smoker , would never smoke in or near my lake , I go in my car !!!!

  26. Cindy Dato Cindy Dato says:

    We have construction in our neighborhood, and most of the guys have a cigarette hanging from there finger’s. I wonder where they are putting them?

  27. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Water bottles too! They can start fires..

    In fact don’t throw anything out! Trails are meant to be enjoyed,not polluted

  28. Idiot smokers again. Should be banned unless in own home. No need to smoke in car. Just as bad as texting.

  29. They say you can’t fix stupid not a bit of common sense

  30. Yesterday I watched a guy driving a pickup with one of those stickers of the province with a heart over Fort McMurray flick a butt out of his window…idiots.

  31. Ron Klatt Ron Klatt says:

    People don’t wanna take that shit serious? Kill your fucken selves with that shit but don’t take the rest of us with you.

  32. That sucks! One time I saw a pedestrian flick a cigarette into the middle of the road still lit up and everything. When the pedestrian light turned green, I walked toward the cigarette, stamped it down, picked it up while shaking my heard, to take it to the trash can on the sidewalk across the street. The dude got embarrassed as he chased me to take the cigarette of my hands and said “let me take care of that”. No need for other people to see you before you clean up your act! So frustrating! For now, thanks for being diligent about spotting these careless jerks!

  33. If you must smoke, butt out responsibly, PLEASE

  34. Should take it to EPS/EFD. Maybe they’ll have it analyzed for DNA and see if the idiot is in the data bank, then charge it with littering.

  35. Maya Dines Maya Dines says:

    Maybe we should start taking evidence to police. If the charges are serious they would think twice before throwing anything out

  36. I think we should find the person and use a fire extinguisher on them to get the point across

  37. Smoke responibly people for the love of our planet and humanity

  38. You gotta be some kind of fucken idiot to do that!!! Flicking them out the window of a vehicle is extra stupid!!!

  39. Graham Frost Graham Frost says:

    Oh relax you butthole. Edmonton isn’t going to burn down.

  40. Pat Scott Pat Scott says:

    Really cigarette butt some kind of stupid

  41. Robin Potter Robin Potter says:

    As a smoke I want to bslap the person who did this. If your gonna smoke, do so responsibly. Yah pinching and holding onto the butt sucks and stinks but it saves lives!

  42. Come on people wise up. Grab a brain.

  43. FFS they should DNA it and charge people that are this dumb

  44. Tom Edward Tom Edward says:

    Yep that’s pretty fucking dumb

  45. I was behind a guy in a grey Mazda cx5 who threw his smouldering nutr out the window. What an idiot!!!!

  46. I’m a smoker and I’m appalled!

  47. Cindy Loo Cindy Loo says:

    Also the cars driving by! USE THE FREAKIN ASHTRAY!

  48. Marg Belyk Marg Belyk says:

    I am a smoker and would NEVER ado this but grab a brain idiot

  49. Pick it up, wrap in tissue and bring to police. They can grab DNA sample from it and send a warning or charge them.

  50. I am a smoker and yes this is fucking stupid!!! Smarten the fuck guys…

  51. AW Smith AW Smith says:

    This drives me fucking batty. My neighbor flicks his whenever he gets out of his vehicle and it usually lands under my car, still smoldering. Give your head a good shake ppl!

  52. Yup I agree. I’m a smoker and it baffles me how many times I see people flick a cigarette out the window of their vehicle in a day. I have this wonderful ashtray that fits in my cup holder that works marvellously.

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