Come on now…

The Internet is the place where your fears go to be annihilated!!!

I recently posted in hopes of some advice in relation to my 4 year old. Just a few responses:

1. I am NOT a social worker. I just put a general explanation of my job description so you would understand I work with kids regularly, so I see many different examples of behviours.
2. I told tou about reading books not to imply I get my parenting skills from books. I have always worked with kids and loved kids, hence my choice of profession. But research and strategies is something that is required where I work. Not to mention…educating yourself in relation to ANYTHING should never be looked down upon.
3. I use common sense, I’ve got loads of experience with kids, I have a HUGE family around me for supports and advice. The Internet is not my only source.
4. I appreciate the recommendations in relation to getting him checked out by a doctor, and also for the GlenRose. There may indeed be underlying issues!
5. I didn’t say he’s never had a spanking. He has! But he doesn’t fear them! They don’t work on him! And I feel like I’d end up having to escalate violence to show him whose tougher? I don’t feel comfortable with that kind of punitive behaviour.
6. I really just wanted some advice…if you’ve had challenging preschoolers…do they straighten out with consistency or do I have a bigger problem on my hands, here?
7. For those that said; you’re doing ok…don’t blame yourself. Keep at it! Thank you! I appreciate the support and the positive energy. The world needs more of you!



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