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Common Law Tax Question

My common law & I got together 2014, in that time we bought a house & property then after living together for 2 years we split up due to his infidelity which I might add he denies to this day. Anyway I ended up moving out & signed the house & property over to him as I felt it was only fair as he made the down payment & all I did was basically pay rent at least that’s how I looked at it, so I walked away which I thought was forever.

Well think again. In that time he continually pursued me until I finally gave in & moved back in a year ago, all In all we were separated a year. So now here’s my question; would I have a leg to stand on if I went to see a lawyer to see if I’m entitled to anything?

The reason for the change of heart is a leopard doesn’t change his spots & even though he denies til he’s blue in the face I find things out is of place around the house & things he says which leads me to believe he’s back at it call it the gut feeling also he’s doing things to me that he did the first time. Anyway I would just like to know if I have any rights or options to my situation or if I’m sol. Please don’t be too harsh on me I’m an emotional wreck as it is.



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  1. I don’t think you would get a nickle. Cut the cord and move on since you sighed the property over to him you are screwed. Lawyers fees would cost you more than its is worth and you probably get nothing in the end. But it is best to consult a lawyer. Some lawyers give you 2 hours free consultation. Best of luck to you.

  2. Terry Jones Terry Jones says:

    I’ve been there myself, I have LegalShield, so I just called my lawfirm and they let me know what my rights were. I dont have to pay for my consultations, love the services that I get and it is so affordable. I’ve help all families so they can have a lawfirm a phone call away. #terrymjones

  3. You’re not “common law” and less you file taxes together and have lived together for three years creating an inter-dependent relationship.

  4. If you have been living common law you technically have right to half
    The onus is on you to prove that you put into the relationship.

    I went through it
    You should have a lawyer or at least try mediation first
    But don’t let him under mine you
    You have rights
    If he says you don’t he’s lying

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  7. You’re best contacting a lawyer. If you signed your rights away the first time I’m guessing the situation would be viewed the second time as you moving into his property as you are no longer on the house contract. Also I don’t think the court would consider your year apart as separation since you’re not bound by a civil union like marriage. You essentially went your seperate ways then got back together.

    Really all I could see them doing is dividing anything obtained during the second relationship portion 50/50. You’d have no right to the property.

  8. I read you post again and it really doesn’t make sense. You say you signed your rights over to him for the house. That means you both signed on the title. Legally you both owned the house at the time. Are you gullible? Who cares if he put down the down payment and then you made the mortgage payment. In the end you paid just as much as he paid for the down payment. You have to be together for 3 years to be considered in a adult interdependent relationship. You stated that you were only in a relationship for 2 years before you split. I would seek legal advise as it is a complicated matter.

  9. Shelley Dee Shelley Dee says:

    You have to prove adult interdependent relationship

  10. Doug James Doug James says:

    Lol what a sucker!!

  11. Vicki Lynn Vicki Lynn says:

    Don’t go back lol

  12. Arcand Dee Arcand Dee says:

    Yes you are it’s called constructive trust. Contact a lawyer

  13. Wayne Rothe Wayne Rothe says:

    Don’t take advice from Internet lawyers.

  14. Nope unless you have kids

  15. Sounds more like you wanted to seek revenge by coming back and taking what you regrettably gave him. Don’t be that person.

  16. Get to a lawyer ASAP . You have rights.

  17. You have rights . Look at my situation. She has the house free and clear $479,000 she got paid out $50,000. When she had the kids I was hounded days before child support was due. Now I live in a $23,000 trailer and have my kids and I’m told to F off. Yes you have rights.

  18. Nicole Keats Nicole Keats says:

    I’m confused… is this about taxes? Or like separation/Divorce legalities?

  19. Karen Hynes Karen Hynes says:

    As common law you have rights. Did you file common law taxes together this year as that would be proff.

  20. There can be no relationship or peace without trust. Interesting that’s you went back because of pressure and not because you wanted to. Talk to a lawyer and leave.

  21. You could.
    See a lawyer.
    However, you need to weigh the market value of the property versus court costs, it will be a very minimal pay out to you.

    And…You dont trust him! Why would you even go back?

  22. Call a lawyer explain and ask

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