Company going bankrupt

My husband lost his job in the summer. The company just closed the doors without warning. Ei has no ROE and now its tax season.

How does he get a T4? The labour board is involved. The company is denying the claim.

Is there away to find out who the trustee is ? Anyone had this happen ?



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  1. Did he keep his payroll receipts or are they online? They might have issued all t4 online instead of mailing.

  2. He lost his job in the summer?? Roe government would already have..something is not right in this post

  3. I had this happen a few years ago. The company closed suddenly, owing 120 employees roughly between 200 and 350 thousand dollars. We all went through Employment Standards Alberta. We got nothing money ways, we did however get ROEs and then nevedr did get our T-4s. for that year.

  4. Use your pay stubs if you don’t get a T4.

  5. If he kept all his pay stubs he doesn’t need a t4 I had something similar happen years ago

  6. They’re mandated,by law, to give you a T4 by Feb 28.
    Doesn’t matter in the ROE

    Has nothing to do with the company.

    They’ll get hit before you are.

  7. Angela Budd Angela Budd says:

    ALL T4’S are available online by end of Feb I believe. If you haven’t…sign up for an account through

  8. I didn’t get two last year. I used my last pay check with each company. I kept all my paychecks from these companies for a reason. I knew it was coming. I filed in Feb last year and so far, the government hasn’t asked. I’m not sure if they will. That’s just what I did. Not sure if it’s right!

  9. Call the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy or you can search Bankruptcy and Insolvency records online. Each search is $8

  10. There is recourse through the CRA, and EI for missing or incorrect documentation when the issuer is being uncooperative

  11. I wonder what company this is? My 2 son’s were working at this place and the similar situation. They closed the doors never paid what was owed. Never gave pay stubs and the labour board is trying to assist them with help. I was telling them the other day to phone CRA to.ask what to do. My one son said he spoke to another employee who said they found out that the company is denying employees after march but they shut down in August. It’s so strange. The company was a small manufacturing shop. Hmmm


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