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We just moved to Edmonton in September. We had a horrible real estate agent; clueless liar. We bought a condo. We were lied to about what the condo fees covered.

Anyway….our freaking street and parking lot still haven’t been plowed. When I emailed the management company I was told “I have emailed the Board to get their input on plowing the roadway. I will let you know.”


After record snow amounts I get “I’ll let you know.”

Anyone know of any action I can take against this scamming board?



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  1. These also weren’t record amounts of snow. It’s actually been a super light year for snow.

  2. Laura Brown Laura Brown says:

    You have access to the condo documents prior to removing conditions. It is YOUR responsibility to read them and understand them. Biggest purchase of your life and you expected someone else to do the thinking for you. Not your realtor’s fault

  3. I think you should have educated yourself about condo’s and how they work, before your purchase. The management company works for the condo, and the condo board leads the condo. So the management company would have to refer to the condo board if you would like the parking lot shoveled. There is an expenses related to shoveling and removing the snow as well as potential liabilities with not removing it. The condo board weights the options and then makes the appropriate action. If you have issues with the “scamming” condo board then go to the meetings and share your thoughts, maybe join the board. See the big picture instead of closing your eyes and screaming when things don’t go your way. Or you could just go out and shovel the parking lot yourself. But if you push for small things like after one snowfall the parking lot should cleared then don’t be mad when the condo fees go up, and it becomes difficult to sell your condo in the future.

  4. They don’t have to plow. It’s a decision made by the board. I can’t believe you are blaming your realtor. It’s your responsibility to read condo docs before a purchase.

  5. Ken Eohek Ken Eohek says:

    Report him to the self governing body in Calgary – RECA – go onto the RECA website to find out how you can deal with your clueless Real-estate Agent


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