Be considerate: turn your car stereo down!

Am I the only one who turns their stereo down when I pull into a residential neighbourhood? Especially at night, it’s just polite!

There’s been so many nights I’ve laid awake in bed forced to listen to someone’s booming bassline coming from a truck or car idling on the street.

The other night it was literally shaking my second floor bedroom window! I’m all about enjoying my tunes when I’m driving down the freeway but when you’re surrounded by houses you don’t need the volume cranked to 100.



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  1. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    Yes. Lately I feel like that’s all I have been hearing is some jerk off late at night riding around my neighbour hood with their music so loud it constantly sounds like it’s around my house and I go to look…. nothing……. besides… how is blaring music good for your ears? Like no wonder people are deaf. If I can hear your music outside of your car…. it’s probably to loud. Especially if it shakes my house….

  2. Have 2 in my area. So inconsiderate. They have no respect for their neighbors. I’ve had pictures on my wall shake from the racket! With summer coming, it may get worse!

  3. Oh, but they need the neighbourhood to know how cool they are!

  4. I always turn down once I get off main roads

  5. The stuff people complain about my goodness.
    It’s MUSIC. Not like guns are going off and you need to fear for your life.
    If it’s your neighbor, let them know it bothers you.
    I leave my music up if I want to. Though if I’m pulling up and waiting for someone I turn it down. I don’t have a bumping stereo but if I did, I’d still listen to my tunes cruising through the city. Just because I turn down a side street I don’t turn down my music..

    • If it’s 3am and someone is blaring window shaking music while driving down residential areas and idling with their windows down, its SUPER rude.

    • At 3am if someone is sitting idle by your home Blasting music call them in for a noise complaint.
      Sounds like poster is complaining about people driving by with music on.
      And we don’t all work nor sleep the same hours so one driving by with music loud may have just gotten off work and that is their unwind time..
      I fully get being unhappy if they care outside your home but then Go ask them to turn it down..

    • So Jolene doesn’t give a damn about anybody except herself. That’s good to know. If your music is loud enough to shake 2nd floor Windows, you can’t hear sirens. Guess what. That’s illegal ad well as being rude as hell.

    • Hahaha yep Stacey Benson, you know me so well.
      You haven’t a Clue!
      I’m just not an up tight person whom thinks everyone needs to conform to MY ways.

    • If you knew me personally you would know I am actually thoes things.
      Complaining about music is So trivial.
      Respect, kindness and consideration should be used in all situations, not just the ones you deam need it.
      It’s as though we live in a world where everyone is trying to please everyone and yet no one is ever happy.
      I fully agree there are assholes who drive around being assholes but music at midnight as o e drives by really shouldn’t be upsetting people enough to complain here about it IMO.

    • Jolene Winters think about the person who gets up at 2, 3 or 4 AM. They don’t need to be woken up earlier and lose out in their sleep because some ignorant, thoughtless person is blaring their music.
      I don’t know about you, but I like to get every last minute of sleep. Also I have difficulty going back to sleep when woken up like this.
      Thoughtfulness goes beyond yourself. Empathy is trying to put yourself in another persons situation.

    • They’re not saying as you drive by…. it’s idling for 20-30 damn minutes it’s irritating as f

    • What about snow plows, sirens, the wind, birds or dogs?
      All these things make noise in the night or early am.
      Yes, I too get bothered but not enough to think I’m more entitled to my sleep and I ought to complain about it.
      I’m not a jerk to my neighbour’s and tech my child to be respectful as well.
      My issue was proven here, self entitlement!
      People feeling the need to complain just to complain.
      There are folks who live where bombs are going off and are woken by gun fire and here we complain about no blow driving by at night with his tunes pumping… so trivial.

    • And Natalie A Chesser those are the folks you call in!

    • Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

      Jolene Winters this might be a trivial lack of consideration but this is how it starts they are not complaining about small things but this is where one takes a inch then they all take a mile next thing it is guns and bombs …

    • i think you need better windows

    • For some it’s not music, especially at 3am. There are people with heart conditions who are effected by the bass from these loud stereos. To you Jolene Winters, the things people defend, my goodness it’s NOT music!

    • Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

      In theory letting your neighbour know would be nice if you knew what neighbour. I have yet to see buddy who blared their music so loud I hear them as if they were parked in front of my house but they aren’t…. and it’s usually like after 11 when noise restrictions are set

    • Everyone complaining, maybe call the non emergency line and ask what can be done.
      The POLICE should be monitoring noise as they do for motorbikes that care too loud, cars that have the mufflers off. Shouting here isn’t going to get the message through to the jerks. If there are so many folks cruising after hours that you all need to “gang up” and act like I’m the bad guy, actually do something about it! If it’s a regular insurance wait for them, get there licence plate. Like geeze you Really think these people are going to read your complaints and change there ways?

  6. Lori Balmer Lori Balmer says:

    This is how I know my nephew is outside lol

  7. I agree! Have some courtesy

  8. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    Paintball gun with the rubber balls

  9. I love my music loud if it’s just me
    Highway or not
    Uptight Suberia or not
    You all need more rhythm n blues in your step n less Jesus
    Lol I mean your older am I right
    How are you still able to hear

    Lol teasing
    But honestly this argument is never gonna go away no matter what season or generation your in
    So like it n get with the dancin or get ear plugs

  10. After 10pm I turn down in residential areas. Don’t want to wake babies or those parents finally getting sleep. I also don’t want a noise ticket but that can come after 11pm.

  11. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    And its usually not good music in my opinion…..ever

  12. Travis Hugh Travis Hugh says:

    Bothers me a lot less than the small dicks with ridiculously loud mufflers.

  13. suck it up, we have more important things in our lives to worry about

  14. Nichole Sophia Zemanek

  15. Brad Daniels Brad Daniels says:

    Drive by with the volume up and I couldn’t care less but if you’re sitting outside in the parking lot you can bet I’m going to put my spotlight on you until you get the damn point

  16. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    The second worst is going into Hughes to wash your car and some truck trash decides that it’s going to be a party while he’s washing his truck and CRANKS the volume – grrrrrr!

  17. Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

    How else are they going to keep their OG highschool status though?


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