Construction zones and bad drivers

So I drive west on the yellow head every morning, there is a construction zone that is 60k, fair enough speed is say.

Feels like I’m one of the few that actually do the speed limit there, people go flying by me at like I’m standing still.

I’m not saying I’m perfect with my speeds… but there’s a time and place for it. Stay safe out there



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  1. Jody Mitoma says:

    Don’t tell me to stay safe out there. Don’t ever tell me what to do.

  2. omg yes I have noticed this too!
    except I must say that this week its been frustrating that the speed is still posted at 60 even though there isn’t a single worker present….

  3. I realized this too! Don’t worry about it. Stay in one of the right lanes and let them get 2x the regular fine.

  4. When I become mayor, all construction projects will be financed through construction zone speeding.

  5. My theory is they can speed see your tickets / lic get home ill go
    The speed I’m not goun to go faster to make u feel better it’s construction

  6. Kyrie Herman Kyrie Herman says:

    Me too!! I feel like I’m the only one. I’ve almost been rear ended a few times with people trying to pass me.

  7. Rick Murch Rick Murch says:

    I slowed down to 60 for the first week when workers were present. But really… when the city is slowing down 40,000 people per day and doing ABSOLUTELY no work and no workers present….. It’s hard to understand the justification to slow down.. They even completely blocked the right lane wasting 30 minutes of my time one morning… again, with NOTHING being done, and no workers there. Safety isn’t the issue as no one is there so over time… I’ve just increased my speed to match the rest of the traffic.

  8. Alison Boddy Alison Boddy says:

    Okay peeps…’s summer in Edmonton which obviously means construction EVERYWHERE. I live in the area where the future LRT will be and it’s a nightmare! Chill out and you will get to where you are going… least you’re not at a standstill for 20 minutes because a train is across your lanes of traffic and ISN’T moving! This happens to me all the time.

    • Rick Murch Rick Murch says:

      You’re right… construction is EVERYWHERE…. but why leave signs up and slow the single largest artery into the city when the city has completed the work weeks ago? It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

    • Tony johansen says:

      I agree with Rick. Especially when a project is done and they dont remove the barricades in a timely matter. I know this really pissed off Mandel when he was mayor, but nothing was resovled. Im all for safety, but also for sensibility.

  9. Lisa Waller Lisa Waller says:

    I had someone tailgate me then throw something at my vehicle for slowing down in that construction zone. Some people are just ignorant.

  10. My fiancé was saying the same thing yesterday.

  11. According to 511 alberta there is NO construction on Yellowhead trail… I’m confused as to what you guys are talking about…


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